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Elden Ring 1.07 Best Arcane Build Guide - Most OP One-Hit Dragon Dancer Build in 1.07 Patch
11/16/2022 2:50:23 PM

In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to break down the New Game+ Dragon Dancer Build, that's an evolution of the Dragon Warrior build and the Arcane Executioner build, takes strategies from both of those builds by combining them together into one extremely powerful build.

Elden Ring 1.07 Best Arcane Build - Meta Dragon Dancer Build Guide

Elden Ring 1.07 Best Arcane Dragon Dancer Build Setup Guide

Weapons Setup

Regalia of Eochaid

Regalia of Eochaid has better Arcane scaling than Marais Executioner's Sword and the Arcane scaling is important because we're going to be using the Dragon Communion Seal in order to cast Dragon spells. So if you can crank Arcane in order to get damage out of your weapon and also get incantation scaling, it's a better pairing than the weapon that has less Arcane scaling.

The dexterity scaling of the Regalia of Eochaid is not that great once you hit about 20 dexterity, any points after 50 Arcane is about the same as one point as dexterity, so almost all the way up to 80 between 50 and 80 Arcane you're going to get the same amount of damage roughly that you'd get from points between 20 and 50 dexterity. So there's like almost no reason to go with dexterity unless you're trying to speed up your cast speed, but by putting points into Arcane you're going to get more damage out of your spells, so there's more of a reason to do that instead of pumping dexterity. So the Eochaid's Dancing Blade weapon skill is almost identical to the one that the Marais Executioner's Sword has, it just doesn't have quite as long of a range because the blade is smaller, but it hits rapidly which then when combined with talismans that boost your attack power - increases your attack power which will then increase the amount of damage that your dragon spells are going to do. 

A similar strategy to the Dragon Warrior build, but instead of using curved swords we're using the Eochaid's Dancing Blade weapon skill in order to build up our attack power instead, so we'll lead with this and then we'll swap into using our Dragon spells.

Dragon Communion Seal

It boosts the damage of dragon spells but also scales with Arcane making it pair perfectly with this Elden Ring weapon. If you were to use a faith seal, you would have to increase your faith very very high and even though we do have some faith in this build, it would take you much longer in order to get higher incantation scaling than we have with this seal.

Armor Setup

  • Head: Mask of Confidence

  • Chest: Exile Armor

  • Arms: Bloodhound Knight Gauntlets

When it comes to armor for this build, using the Mask of Confidence in order to give 3 Arcane you can use the Silver Tear Mask to get 8 Arcane if you want, but it will reduce your physical damage by a bit and we do a lot of physical damage with this build. 

Using a combination of the Exile armor set and The Bloodhounds armor set to save points on endurance, you could go with a heavier armor set and get better protection and better poise and even save yourself a Talisman slot if you want to do that, but you'll have to increase your endurance in order to have higher clip load in order to medium roll, or you can go the route of just simply wearing heavier armor and fat rolling because a lot of boss fights. You simply walk up to bosses hit L2 or charge to L2, and then you hit L1 and the fight's over, so you don't really need to even Dodge as long as you have high enough poise you can go through. So sometimes you can swap things around and you can definitely wear heavy armor and fat roll with this build if you want, or you can take your endurance higher and have a higher equip load and swap out that Talisman if you want.

Talismans Setup

  • Shard of Alexander - In order to increase the damage of Eochaid's Dancing Blade 

  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia & Millicent's Prosthesis - In order to increase the damaging buildup or your attack power when you use Eochaid Dancing Blade if you don't have both of these you can use the Winged sword Insignia and Millicent's Prosthesis that will also give us 5 dexterity which will help us reach the 20 dexterity that we're going for easily too, so that'll save five levels which is really nice.

  • Bull-Goat's Talisman - This will take the armor that we are wearing over 51 Poise breakpoint so you can take through one regular hit from most enemies allowing you to get off Eochaid Dancing Blade easier. 

  • Godfrey Icon - But if you're using heavier armor or you've increased endurance and you would rather save this Talisman slot, if you want to do you can swap this out for something like Godfrey Icon.

  • Flock's Canvas Talisman - Or you can put something like Flock's Canvas Talisman in order to increase your incantation damage with your dragon spells.

Spells & Incantations

Golden VoW

This spell buffs your defense and your damage, as well as your Eochaid's Dancing Blade damage, your regular attack damage, and your spell damage 

Flame Grant Me strength

Since most of the damage you do is physical damage - a lot of the Dragon spells that were used deal physical damage, Flame Grant Me Strength does fire damage so that will affect all those spells which are also fantastic.


It is great to use this spell for groups of enemies because in a lot of boss fights it's hard to get the first cast off and the second cast off because you can chain two in a row if you spam them. Because usually what happens is you'll get hit during the first one and then maybe they hit you while you're casting the second one. Sometimes you can get knocked out of that second animation, you do get hyper armor when using this so that's not always the case. But we find it is a bit easier to use with packs of enemies, it's also more mobile in terms of turning the spell than Dragonmaw is. So if you want to be able to turn the spell a little bit more easily into like a wider group of enemies it works really well there, but you can also use it on tough bosses as well if you happen to have it equipped.


This incantation is the one that you can use on boss fights, because once you trigger the attack power buffs with Eochaid's Dancing Blade damage, usually one cast of this or two casts will kill a boss. It hits like an absolute truck and does a ton of poise damage, it's just fantastic for boss fights particularly boss fights where the enemy isn't like super small or mobile, like if you're fighting a big boss or a big enemy that's not very mobile.

Greyoll's Roar

Greyoll's Roar is a spell that's very situational, it does an AOE Roar that decreases the amount of damage that enemies do to you and also increases the damage they take for 60 seconds. It's a good AOE but it doesn't have the greatest range, if you're looking for range in an AOE you're probably better off with Dragonclaw because you can hit twice so you can go forward and then forward again or use something like an Agheel's Flame or any of the other breath spells like Ekzykes's Decay has better range than this. But it does debuff enemies so if you want to debuff a boss like at the beginning of a boss fight so that it does less damage to you and takes more damage, it's great. Particularly if you're co-opping like in a boss fight that's going to have way more health because you can increase the damage that other players are doing to them as well. 

Ekzykes's Decay 

Ekzykes's Decay is another AOE codal spell that we're using for this build that builds up Scarlet rot. This one was actually nerfed, the Scarlet Rot buildup goes from when went from 110 protect to 65 which means it's going to be harder to set Scarlet rot. However we find this spell usually kills enemies before Scarlet Rot comes into play except on boss fights anyway, so it's not a huge nerf.

Agheel's Flame

Agheel's Flame does fire damage in a conal AOE in front of you, it's going to benefit from Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength, and obviously if you build up your attack power it's going to benefit from that as well. This is a great spell to do fire damage in situations where you need a different damage type or maybe enemies are weak to fire or you're going to get more damage out of it than Ekzykes's Decay will, so there is a lot of cases to use. And you can use the ones that deal magic damage if you want as well, there's no reason you can't throw them in here, you're just not going to get that added damage from Flame Grant Me Strength in some scenarios which is fine because you're not always buffing with Flame Grant Me Strength when you cast these spells. It's primarily in tough boss fight situations or tough uh landscape enemy situations that you're buffing with it, so you can use those if you want to.

Stats (Character Attributes)

  • Vigor: 50

  • Mind: 35

  • Endurance: 10

  • Strength: 12

  • Dexterity: 20

  • Intelligence: 16

  • Faith: 30

  • Arcane: 75

50 Vigor - You don't have the tankiest armor ever but you're not trying to stay in melee range all that often, you usually are just getting off Eochaid's Dancing Blade on an enemy and then casting your spells, or you're just absolutely shredding. You'll want to take this up to 60 eventually because again you aren't using the best protection unless you like to swap out and go the Heavy Armor out or if you get rid of the Bull-Goat's Talisman for like the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, but you do have Golden VoW which helps with protection as well, so it's not super urgent but you will want to get that up to 60 eventually.

35 Mind - You probably want even more mind than this, you are buffing with Golden VoW, and the dragon spells although they have been reduced in Closter are still not cheap particularly if you hold them down with the breast spells that drain your FP. So getting this up to 40 or 50 eventually will also be really good to make this build a little bit easier to use when a little less dependent on FP flasks.

10 Endurance - That's because we aren't using very heavy armor at all and using Bull-Goat's Talisman will keep points out of endurance and still be able to mid-roll. But if you don't mind heavy rolling and using your protection you can leave this or if you want to use heavier armor and still be able to mid-roll, you'll have to increase this by 10 to 15 points depending on what armor pieces you want to use.

12 Strength - Meet the requirements for the Regalia of Eochaid

20 Dexterity - You need 18 dexterity in order to use Regalia of Eochaid and it actually has decent scaling up to 20 dexterity, so you can put those two extra points in there because you're getting like three points or four points of damage per point for those two points.


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