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Madden 23 Harvest Part 2 Reveals: Double XP & Additional MUT Rewards (Season XP, Head to Head Seasons, Competitive Pass)
11/17/2022 3:38:34 PM

We have some harvest reveals to get into, but remember the good harvest reveals you know kind of like we're all the Masters and stuff are going to be at those will be tonight.


Solo Battles Update

Due to players not obtaining their incentives for completing games, solo battles are now receiving additional benefits in Madden 23 Ultimate Team. Some players even claimed to have been thrown out of games and given negative points as a result. EA has to step up once more to fix these concerns.

Due to Competitive Pass progress being impacted by this, EA has added the following objectives on the competitive pass for 10 CP each this week:

-Win 4 Solo Battle Games

- Win 8 Solo Battle Games

- Win 16 Solo Battle Games

These objectives are now live and available in game.

Double XP & Additional MUT Rewards

Season XP

-Double XP is something that everyone can get behind, especially when it comes to making up all of the Madden 23 Ultimate Team problems.

-Double season XP on daily objectives will be available on the season field pass for the remainder of season 2.

-Will be implemented on November 16 at 7pm ET when daily objectives refresh.


Head to Head Seasons

-Players will be able to earn an additional trophy pack per super bowl win, in any tier.

-Will be implemented on November 16. @Easports-MUT will message out when the additional trophy pack is live in-game.

-The Double XP is only part of the rewards that are being handed out. You'll also be able to earn additional Trophy Packs in Head-to-Head Seasons. Additional trophy packs per super bowl win will be available to earn now through the middle of December.


Competitive Pass

-Double season XP will be available on the upcoming competitive field pass from November 21 to December 5. Make sure to use this Double XP before time runs out in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

-The reward track on the upcoming competitive field pass will include a fantasy pack consisting of all the former exclusive players on the competitive field pass reward track since launch.



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