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Best Lost Ark Honor Shard Unas Dailies - Prepare For Brelshaza Shards Coming In December
11/11/2022 4:14:24 PM

In this guide, we are going to be talking about Unas dailies as last month they got a lot of attention with the new fastest greater leapstone one with the new makokonight market that we got. But today we're going to be talking about the fastest honor shard dailies in Lost Ark. 


Best Lost Ark Honor Shard Unas Dailies - Prepare For Brelshaza Shards Coming In December  

In the long run, it's better to start stocking up on honor shards before you get to the brow gear, so that you will have a whole stockpile of honor shards waiting to go as it does cost a crazy amount in brelshaza gear like in the hundreds of thousands is what you can end up needing. So let's just cut straight to it.

Best Honor Shard Dailies  

  • Mayhem Piles on altar, set bifrost near mobs to easily come back for turn in. (Gives omnium star)

  • Help wanted @ Hot Springs - Very fast and easy (Can use song of return to save bifrost)

  • Crook catcher, set up bifrost where the first lockpicker spawns then other 2 near by (gives island soul and stat increase potion) (shows on minimap now) (Gslinger)

  • Azure gives a little more shards but is a lot slower unless you can figure out the spawn spots.

We got Mayhem Piles on the altar, so you set the bifrost near the mob, so you can easily come back to turn in and this one also gives you an omnium star. So if we go in game, easy way to look for these just go item and you just type in honor shard over here. So you go honor shard search and then Mayhem Piles on the altar. It begins with some other one of you, they'll tell you like the prerequisites purification ceremony, you'll all have to do that first unlock it and that also gives you an omnium star in the long run after 15 days, it gives you an omnium star. You can check that all in the reputation tab, it'll give you omnium star after 15 days of completing it and then after 7 days, you get to Mayhem Piles on the altar.

1. Mayhem Piles on the Altar

The reason why we set the Bifrost is that the Bifrost is any of these areas over here, so probably over there right in the corner there, they have to spawn in, set your bifrost there and then all you do is you teleport straight there and then you kill the mobs and you slide on down and then you've got to turn it in over here on the bridge is where you hand it in. So it's really quick and easy you got to kill a bunch of mobs over there, slide down, go turn it in and then while you're over there, you'll be inputting already for the next one.

2. Help Wanted @ Hot Springs

This one is in Star sand beach, you could just teleport straight there, you don't even have to use a bifrost because you've already bifrosted to the other one in Punika, so you'll already be in the Punika island. You buy Frost there, run straight up, do these two things and then right after you push that up there, you need to turn in like 5 towels or something and then this quest will change over time once you get to the next reputation level, but it's all really quick and easy and really close by. It does give you a little bit less honor shards, but it's really quick and easy.

3. Crook Catcher

Set bifrost through on the runaway Islands, on the mini map, they actually do show up as well. So you can see where they all spawn and on the map as well if you open the map you can actually see where all of these spawn. The safe crackers spawn, so set bifrost over here where this first safe cracker spawns because you can just jump in. The next guy's gonna spawn over there and you wait for him to show up for a little bit. You could actually just jump down and go to him, but if you stand yet actually you'll spawn in a second and you can go ahead and grab him or you could just run around on your minimap.

4. Ruffians in the Ground (extra) 

Go ahead and click on it, this one does give you a little bit more than the Help Wanted at punika one, but it is a little bit more annoying because you have to find and kill these bugs. If you put preemptive strike, you can easily kill them on a support or just any character for that matter. They're fighting the spawn spots, so you gotta run around and try and find the best spot if you wanted. Go up and then do the little event you come back down again. You can see they spawn quite frequently all over the place, just hunt them down and this would be a good replacement as it gives a little bit more, but it does take a little bit longer. So it completely depends on what you want, you want the quick one for a little bit less or do you want to just hunt these down really quickly and get a couple more honor shots, it's totally up to you.


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