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D2R Best 2.5 M'avina's Bowazon Build - Is M'Avina's Set Build Godly In Diablo 2 Resurrected?
9/20/2022 4:52:21 PM

Today we're looking at the D2R 2.5 M'avina's set build to see if is it Godly or is it garbage. This is not going to be a full complete perfectionist type build guide for each individual type, but thanks to Sweet Phill who tests this out. Next, we break down the stats and gear you need to make the best M'avina's build in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 2.5.


D2R Patch 2.5 M'avina's Bowazon Build Guide - Stats, Gear & Skills Of Diablo 2 Resurrected Mavina's Build

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, prefer acquiring M'avina's set early in a tough ladder since it's so cheap, maxes your resistances, and you can farm everywhere in the game safely on a freezing/exploding arrow amazon. Multi-shot guided arrow type of deal the freezing arrow type of deal and the fireside as well. Testing each one of those out to see if this build with the full M'avina's set really does work. The cold was so much better than the fire and physical. Because they weren't even close to the kill speed of cold. The full M'avina's gets 20 to cold skills damage and that really helped out the kill speed relative to the other two. 


D2R 2.5 M’avina’s Bowazon Build Stats

Strength - 125

Dexterity - 153

Vitality - 475

Energy - 45

Just enough strength to wear the gear. We put enough dex to use the bow which we need a 153. Dump the rest into vitality. All the resistances are capped out, you actually get a ton of resistances from the gear.


D2R 2.5 M’avina’s Bowazon Build 2.5 Gear

Bows - M’avina’s Caster

The gear is the most important part. The max damage on this is only up to 200, it's not very high really at all to be perfectly honest. It does have a very high attack speed with the 40% increase in faster hit recovery inherently on the bow. At least, you can be firing off arrows really quickly. For the set bonus for this particular piece, 2 to both skills we got a chance to cast Nova on striking.


Helms - M’avina’s True Sight

The diadem has another +25 all res on top of the 50 that the full set has. The set bonus for the piece, +25 for all res, 50% to attack rating, and +1 for all skills to get another skill up there. This one itself adds another 30 increase in faster hit recovery. So a lot of increase attack speed down this set.


Armors - M’avina’s Embrace

It's got the minus requirements. So that this kraken shell set piece doesn't take as much to use. Here we got +2 for passive and magic skills and got more for defense based on character level.


Belts - M’avina’s Tenet

The belt has a faster walk run on it, not a lot of belts have a faster walk run. You get your Mana leech out of the way here on your belt and another 25 to all res on the belt. Your resistances are not going to be a problem while wearing a M’avina’s set.


Gloves - M’avina’s Icy Clutch

On the gloves, we get dexs and strength. Beyond that, you also get cold skill damage which is interesting that definitely would go to helping out those freezing arrows. So the percentage of cold skill damage is right there.


Amulets - Entropy Mark

W got an Amazon crafted amulet which is pretty good. If you didn't get the life leech from the belt, we got more mana leech here. Some of the builds are really Mana intensive so we get +67 mana, 9% mana regenerate, and another 20% all resistance.


Boots - Ghoul Spur

We've got some faster walk-run boots here with magic finds, some lightning res, hit recovery because you want a faster walk around you don't have the enigma and you're not going to be teleporting around. Run is what you're going to be doing.


Rings - Raven Frost, Rune Hold

For the rings, we got a raven frost and then just a rare ring. We got more Mana leech, we got some more dexs, some attack rating it's stuff like that on the ring.


D2R 2.5 M’avina’s Bowazon Build Skills Trees

Javelin and Spear: None

Passive and Magic: 13 Inner Sight, 13 Slow Missiles, 14 Decoy, 23 Valkyrie, 13 Dodge, 13 Avoid, 13 Evade, 13 Penetrate, 32 Pierce

Bow and Crossbow: 33 Cold Arrow, 33 Ice Arrow, 33 Freezing Arrow

For this Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 M’avina’s Amazon build, we're maxing out the cold freezing arrow. Its synergies are pretty basic, with Javelin spear skills. You don't do anything with that. We went ahead and maxed out pierce because we want that freezing arrow to go through as many monsters as it can. Hitting them all and freezing them and feeling as much damage to as many different monsters as you can. we pretty much went one-point wonders on everything else and put the rest of the remaining points into Valkyrie just so we have that super powerful meat shield.


Is M'avina's Set Good In Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 2? 

You will lose so much power by not having the full set. The full M'avina's set bonuses plus 3 to Amazon skills, 100 to attack rating, 100 defense, 20 to strength, 30 to dex, and a huge 52 to all res. Actually, you get 100 magic finds on the full set bonus as well. These are actually a bunch of really good like full set bonuses for it, including the bow, the helmet, the diadem, the armor, the belt, and the gloves. 



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