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Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons PvP & PvE - Top 5 Best Weapons for Faith Build in Elden Ring 1.06
9/19/2022 4:50:59 PM
Tag: Gear Guide

There are going to be lots of good weapons in Elden Ring, which one should you equip when creating a faith build? Let’s go over a list of the top 5 Elden Ring best faith weapons for PvP and PvE after the 1.06 patch. 

elden ring best faith weapons

Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons PvP & PvE - Top 5 Best Weapons for Faith Build in Elden Ring 1.06

Check out Youwy's PvE/PvP-based list of the best weapons for Elden Ring faith builds after 1.06. The reason why makes these ER items are overpowered includes the damage they do, faith scaling, unique skill, and more things. We also present the locations and ways to get these faith weapons.  

Top 5 - Envoy's Long Horn 

The number five faith weapon Envoy's Long Horn is a Great Hammer in Elden Ring, it deals strike damage that is good against almost everything you fight, and it also has a high attack rating when upgraded. Its unique skill Bubble Shower is excellent in the game, this weapon is an absolute boss melting machine for how much damage that these bubbles do, you do get nice hyperarmor during the animation, so you can tank a whole bunch of attacks and it only costs 16 FP, you can constantly spam it over and over again against a boss. When the time is correct, you can just melt even the most challenging bosses in the game. The damage it does is the most important reason that it ranked in the number five spot on the list. 

- Location: Leyndell, Royal Capital, Miquella's Galigtree

- How to Get: Envoy's Long Horn can be randomly dropped from defeating different Oracle Envoys in Leyndell Royal Captial and Miquella's Galigtree locations, to reach these areas, you need to collect two Great Runes in Elden Ring or do the questline with Ranni the Witch.

Top 4 - Winged Scythe

At number four, Winged Scythe is a good weapon for Elden Ring faith builds on both PvE and PvP, the Ash of War Angel's Wings is really solid, it quick covers a nice amount of distance and it hits really hard, therefore that's good at closing gaps in PvP and roll catching, also inherently stops the use of consuming a flask, if you do hit an enemy with it, for a period of time, they just won't be able to heal, it's really good for invasions in that regard. As for PvE, it does a high amount of posture damage, so you will post or break even the largest enemies quickly, and being that it is a scythe gonna get a really good moveset, and it's gonna get blood loss build-up, so that's another reason as to why it is very solid in PvE, but it is gonna do holy damage and a lot of that so end the game, unfortunately, this is not gonna be as great purely because holy damage just has been shafted in that area.

- Location: Tombsward Ruins

- How to Get: go down a set of stairs in the center of ruins leading to a dark hall with a door to a small room at the end, and the item is inside a chest in the small room. 

Top 3 - Coded Sword 

Coded Sword is a Straight Sword, the biggest advantage of this Elden Ring weapon probably is the scaling and the requirements. It gets a pure faith scaling when fully upgraded and the requirements are just faith, if you're gonna go with a pure faith build, this is pretty much your only option, and it is still a very solid option. However, as a weapon itself, it's not going to do high amounts of damage, it's actually still decent but not entirely broken, it is gonna be doing pure holy damage, so not gonna be that great at the endgame, as a straight sword, it's gonna have a very good moveset, the ash of war will still do nice posture and stagger damage as well to larger enemies. 

- Location: western part of Leyndell, Capital City

- How to Get: look for a ruined horse stable on the left side of the big building in the sandy portion of the city to find Roundtable Hold. Find the central room with the roundtable and open the double doors to find Finger Reader Enia. The Coded Sword will be sitting on a throne in this room.

Top 2 - Godslayer's Greatsword

Godslayer's Greatsword is a Colossal Sword, this is an absolute beast in both PvE and PvP, colossal swords are very solid in PvP because of crouching attacks, but this one gets a very solid unique light attack combo that gets a bunch of diagonal swipes, which is really good, it gets a lot of range, it is going to be doing fire damage as well, so it's not going to be terrible at endgame. The ash of war, although its full combo is pretty slow, it does consume a lot of amount of FP, it does hit really hard and that's going to do that black flame damage is going do percentile damage over time, the moveset of this weapon is faster than other colossal swords. 

- Location: Divine Tower of Caelid

- How to Get: make your way to the Divine Tower of Caelid, which you can find by going to the area through Limgrave's Mistwood Forest and heading to North of Caelid until you arrive at the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace, Divine Tower is at the north. Godskin Apostle is at the bottom of the tower, players should drop down on ledges that collapse when stepped on and then make their way down till they reach the fog wall behind which the boss is there. Beat the boss, you can find a room with a chest right behind the boss room, and the Greatsword is inside. 

Top 1 - Blasphemous Blade

Finally, for the best faith weapon in Elden Ring, Blasphemous Blade is picked on this list, it is really strong for PvE, mainly because of its Ash of War and how much damage it does, and its lifesteal properties. The skill itself Taker's Flames is a very nice projectile attack that goes very far and travels very fast, this skill also deals pure fire damage and scales with faith. One thing you should keep in mind is that it’s not holy damage and it will knock enemies back really far. But the lifesteal is the best thing about this weapon and makes it good for trading out and using in boss fights. It also gets the inherent perk of getting health back on kills in itself, as long as you have it in your hand, even if you get a kill with another weapon, you'll still benefit from the life steal properties. It's going to have a pretty decent move set as well as do decent overall damage, the 30 FP consumption of its ash of war makes it less hard to spam. So you can use the Carian Filigreed Crest talisman to pair alongside it, and it will make it do 23 FP cost for its ash of war, which is a lot more manageable and it makes it a lot easier to spam.

- Location: Volcano Manor

- How to Get: find and defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Go to the Audience Pathway in Volcano Manor, before you can battle with Rykard, you will need to kill the God-eating Serpent first, Once defeating Rykard, he will drop the Remembrance of the Blasphemous, which you can take to Roundtable Hold and trade it with Enia.


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