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Lost Ark Vykas Gate 2 Guide: Cheat Sheet, Rewards, Mechanics and More
9/16/2022 9:52:49 AM

Compared to Valtan, Vykas legion raid is harder to go through, but it also comes with increased drops. How to complete gate 2 fast? Here we’ll take you to look at the Lost Ark Vykas gate 2 cheat sheet, mechanics, and normal and hard rewards. 

Lost Ark Vykas Gate 2

Lost Ark Vykas Gate 2 Mechanics - Vykas Gate 2 Guide

For Vykas gate 2, there are 2 wipe mechanics along with lots of random attacks, patterns, and gimmicks. Nassem explained each major mechanic during phase 2 of Vykas in Lost Ark. Buy some useful battle items with your Lost Ark gold

Merry Go Round (x145)

When you first enter gate 2, you'll be greeted by Vykas, attack her until she is at around 145 bars and she will start the merry-go-round, you can only be damaged by the laser, and the circle under you will damage anyone else that's in it, spread out and start rotating clockwise, this way you can dodge the laser when it locks and everyone can avoid stepping on someone else's circle. 

Clone Wings (x120)

After the merry-go-round, you'll need to push her to around 120 bars, which is when the Clone Wings mechanic starts. For this mechanic, you will have to get into a certain position before starting the raid. Three players that will be responsible for counting the number of open wings will be located somewhere around 11 o'clock, 3 o'clock, and 7 o'clock. When the mechanic starts, head to your positions and check how many wings the clone has opened, let your party members know the location and how many wings were open, the other five players will stand in a cross shape in the middle, these five players will be responsible for absorbing these purple orbs after you absorb the orb, there will be a red or purple symbol above your head. If there are 3 red symbols, everyone needs to be next to the clone with 2 wings open, after the explosion, everyone needs to head to the clone with 1 wing open, and finally, everyone needs to head to the clone with 0 wings open. If there are three purple symbols, the order will be 0, 1, and 2 wings open.

If someone is dead before this mechanic starts, that person should let everyone else know what their responsibility was, if the responsibility was counting open wings, the nearest orb absorber can walk over and take a look if an orb absorber died, and the person checking the wing that is nearest to that orb can absorb the orb after counting the wings.

Waffle (x75)

After the wing pattern is around 95 bars, there will be another session of the merry-go-round, keep rotating clockwise like before at around 75 bars, and the Waffle mechanic will start. One thing to note is that these rotating flames can push you, so make sure you're dodging the floor, but don't let the flames push you. 

Red or Black Orbs (x65)

To see the next mechanic, you'll have to push her to 65 bars, at 65 bars the red/black war mechanic will start. Vykas will teleport to the middle and summon clones near 4 o'clock, 7 o'clock, and 11 o'clock. The clones will be shooting black orbs at Vykas and you'll need to body block specific orbs before the clones shoot the orbs, they will have a red or black ring around them, there will be a total of 5 rings and you need to memorize the order of the black rings. After these rings, the clones will start to shoot orbs towards Vykas, you need to body block the orbs that are in the same order as the black rings.

To get through this mechanic, 2 players should be positioned at each of these spots, the remaining 2 players will be spares. The reason why we have spares is that two of the three spots will shoot three black orbs. If one player blocks two black orbs, that player will die and this is where the spares come over and take the third black orb, let your party know which numbers were black. If someone is dead, a spare would take over that location and one player will have to absorb two black orbs, you can body block black orbs with Time Stop Potions, but its duration only last for two orbs, if you touch a red orb you'll die instantly, so you need to only use Time Stop Potions to body block two consecutive black orbs.

Covetous Explosion (<x50)

When you have covetous explosion debuff, you'll be installing an aura that constantly shoots three objectives in normal mode, the objectives just damage you, but in hard mode, the objectives can stun you for a very long time, thus if you have this debuff, walk to an edge and face outwards so that there will be no projectiles flying inwards, while this debuff is randomly given to players when Vykas has less than 50 bars, every time you get hit you'll start gaining this debuff.

Waffle (around x45)

At around 45 bars, the waffle mechanic will start again. If you get hit three times after Vykas is under 50 bars, you'll be holding the covetous explosion debuff and if you get hit by these rotating flames, you might end up facing inwards, if you fear that, you'll send projectiles inwards, you can face outwards and using a Time Stop Potion to get through the waffle mechanic to avoid shooting these projectiles inwards.

Finally around 15 bars, you'll have to do the merry-go-round mechanic one last time and after this, there won't be any more major mechanics during Vykas gate 2. 

Lost Ark Vykas Gate 2 Cheat Sheet

Below is a version of Vykas gate 2 cheat sheet from Imgur.

X144 Lasers

Boss goes at the center, and everyone splits and runs clockwise

X120 Illusions + Orbs

Check wings at 11, 3, and 7 o’clock, and eat 5 orbs in the middle. If 3 red, the order is 2 wings -> 1 wing -> 0 wings, while if 3 purple, the order is 0 wings -> 1 wing -> 2 wings.  

X90 Same pattern as 144 bars

Boss goes in the center, splits and runs clockwise

X65 Black orbs eating

Check the 5 colors flashing at 11, 5, and 7 o’clock. Each person needs to take x1 black orb and you need to let pass the red orbs. Type the colors in the chat. 

X50 Lust Injection

Starting from 50 bars, Vykas will cause a debuff each time you get hit. Once you get 3 debuffs, you will cause an explosion in a cone. Run towards the corner of the map to avoid hitting your party players. 

Lost Ark Vykas Gate 2 Rewards (Normal and Hard)

Vykas Gate 2 Normal Rewards

- Vykas Gate 2 clear rewards: 600 gold + 2 legendary materials + 1 relic material + 1 accessory + 1 ability stone

- Vykas Gate 2 chest rewards: 2 legendary materials + 1 relic material + 1 accessory + 1 ability stone + 240 destruction stones + 480 guardian stones + 600 shards + 6 leapstones

Vykas Gate 2 Hard Rewards

- Vykas Gate 2 clear rewards: 1000 gold + 2 relic materials + 2 accessories + 1 ability stone

- Vykas Gate 2 chest rewards: 2 relic materials + 2 accessories + 1 ability stone + 360 destruction stones + 720 guardian stones + 1200 shards + 10 leapstones


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