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D2R 2.5 Terror Zones Immunities Guide & Best Builds To Run Terror Areas with Different Monster Immunes
8/26/2022 6:51:39 PM

In this Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 guide, we break down all immunities in Terror Zones, and also suggest the best builds to farm the new level 99 terrorized areas with different element immunes. 

D2R 2.5 Terror Zones Immunities

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Terror Zones Immunities Breakdown

Get to know what are the relative densities of immunities in the new terror areas and then use a little bit of basic math to understand what's the average amount of monsters that can be broken either with infinity or lower resistance, the typical end-game gear that you would have. For this, players captured all the new areas that can become terrorized and brought down all of the naturally occurring immunities in those areas to figure out what the meta of magic find farming will look like walking into patch 2.5. 

D2R Terror Zone Immunities
Area NameFire ImmunesCold ImmunesLight ImmunesPoison ImmunesPhysical ImmunesMagic ImmunesContains Super UniqueSuper Unique Immunity
Blood Moor11000000
Den of Evil1100001Cold
Cave Level 1
(After Den Quest)
Cold Plains0110001Fire
The Cave 11100001Light / Cold
The Cave 21010000
Burial Grounds00100010
The Crypt0010001Light
Dark Wood1101000
Black Marsh1111000
The Forgotten Tower 11010100
The Forgotten Tower 21010100
The Forgotten Tower 31010100
The Forgotten Tower 41010100
The Forgotten Tower 51010101Fire / Cold
Jail 11101100
Jail 21101101Light
Jail 31101100
Catacombs 11110000
Catacombs 21110000
Catacombs 31110000
Catacombs 410100010
Moo Moo Farm0000001Light
Sewers 11101010
Sewers 21101010
Sewers 311010110
Rocky Waste1110010
Stony Tomb 10011000
Stony Tomb 20011001Cold / Poison
Dry Hills0011000
Halls of the Dead 11111000
Halls of the Dead 21111000
Halls of the Dead 31111001Cold
Far Oasis1011101Light
Maggot Lair 11011000
Maggot Lair 21011000
Maggot Lair 31011001Cold / Poison
Lost City1111011Magic
Valley of Snakes0001000
Claw Viper Temple 11111010
Claw Viper Temple 21101011Cold
Harem 21111000
Palace Cellar 11011000
Palace Cellar 21011000
Palace Cellar 31011001Fire
Arcane Sanctuary1111100
Tal Rasha's Tombs1111010
Spider Forest0111000
Spider Cavern1011001Fire
Flayer Jungle1111010
Flayer Dungeon 11111110
Flayer Dungeon 21111110
Flayer Dungeon 31111111Fire
Lower Kurast1010000
Kurast Bazaar1100100
Disused Fane1111110
Ruined Temple1100011Cold
Kurast Sewers 10111011Cold
Kurast Sewers 20011010
Travincal1111001Fire / Cold / Light
Durance of Hate 10111000
Durance of Hate 20111000
Durance of Hate 31110001Light
Outer Steppes1111000
Plains of Despair11110010
River of Flame11110010
Chaos Sanctuary1110001Fire / Cold / Light
Bloody Foothills1111001Fire / Cold
Frigid Highlands1111111Cold / Light
Glacial Trail1111101Cold
Crystalline Passage1101100
Frozen River1111111Cold
Arreat Plateau1111001Cold
Nihlathak's Temple0100001Poison
Halls of Anguish1111000
Halls of Pain1111110
Halls of Vaught11111010
Ancient's Way0110000
Icy Cellar0111101Cold
Worldstone Keep 11111000
Worldstone Keep 21111010
Worldstone Keep 31111100
Throne of Destruction1111101Fire / Poison
Worldstone Chamber01000010
Weighted (Arbitrarily)55.2054.0020.405.702.5020.00

Percentage of Total79.3168.9778.1665.5228.7422.99

Credit to Youtuber video creator - MacroBioBoi

Difference Between 85 Level Area Immunities & Terror Zone Immunities

  • When we talk about the area level 85 places where people farm, you will typically farm in an area where you either face no immunities at all, so think about the blizzard sorceress farming the ancient tunnels or you will farm in places where you may have dual access to damage so that while you may run into one immunity you won't run into total immunity, you'll be able to deal damage.

  • While we are looking at these terror zones, there are a ton of the typical elemental type damages so fire icing cold as well as poison, we also have to remember that not every one of these areas is going to have all of these immunities although some of them do, so check the sheet to check any areas that might have immunities in every single type.

Best Builds Suggested To Run Terror Areas in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Best Builds for Fire Immunes Terror Zones: Meteor Sorc

A lot of monsters are going to be fire immune and they won't be broken in the game, a much smaller percentage of all of the areas have a completely unbreakable fire than just the raw number itself. A Meteor Sorc (or FB/Orb, to taste) can handle all but the semi-rare dual cold/fire immunes. And fire sorc or any build go with all the fire skills and have a good Merc to take down the fire immunes.

Best Builds for Cold Immunes Terror Zones:  Ice Fire Boazon Build

The majority of regions that have cold immunity cannot be broken because cold is the immunity that is most difficult to overcome, except magic, which can never be defeated. Therefore, anyone trying to harvest a sizable portion of the frightened zones on a cold build should definitely be a dual or hybrid spec build, either being something like meteor frozen ore or really being an Ice Fire Boazon, in order to have access to a different damage source.

Best Builds for Lightning Immunes Terror Zones: Lightning or Nova Sorceress Build

Only 20 of the total 87 areas that can be terrorized will have hard unbreakable lightning immunities for any build, such as Lightning or Nova Sorceress, Lightning F, and you'll notice that just lightning immunity is the easiest to break immunity in the majority of cases because most monsters are only 100 resistant to lightning or only very slightly above 100 resistant. For D2R builds that can be single element and thrive in the majority of farming scenarios, Lightning really has a fairly strong performance here.

Best Builds for Poison Immunes Terror Zones: Poison Amazon Build

Since there aren't many poison immunes in the game and 65 of the zones will have poison immunes, Poison Amazon is even simpler to take in the bulk of these locations. Outside of lightning, poison is typically even simpler to break, and you'll only encounter monsters in five or six zones who are completely immune to poison. Additionally, most poison builds already have access to a second damage type, so in the case of the necromancer, corpse explosion gives you access to both fire and physical damage. In addition to using fury to deal physical damage, rabies druids can also use lightning fury or charge strike to add lightning damage to their build.

Best Builds for Physical Immunes Terror Zones: Javazone Build

Most physical damage-dealing builds are either going to be running reaper's toll on the mercenary or have access to amplify damage on their base kit, so you're only going to run into three zones where you have unbreakable physical immunes. These are the cases of things like moon lords and succubi, especially in Act 5. There aren't many hard physical immunes in the game, and they are simple to break.

Best Builds for Magic Immunes Terror Zones: Any Meta Build

The game has the fewest magical immunities, but there is also no means to weaken magical defenses. You cannot overcome these immunities, despite the fact that they are the least prevalent immunity in the game.