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Elden Ring Ban Wave On Patch 1.06 - Release Date, How To Avoid The Ban, PvP Ranks, DLC, More
8/26/2022 5:36:27 PM

Today we are going to talk about the band wave that is coming soon on patch 1.06 Elden Ring. We are also going to go over how to avoid the ban, when will the ban wave start, rune farm glitch, DLC items, pvp ranks and more.

Elden Ring 1.06 Update, FromSoftware Post 

The developers ended up replying back to their original tweet about patch 1.06 on twitter. The developers stated quote as a reminder possession of unauthorized items with error in their name may lead to a warning or a penalty on your account. The process will begin within a few days, so please protect yourself by removing them from your inventory end quote. If you are curious as to what the unauthorized times are, then we show you what they consist of. There are items such as the green grass hair, deathbed smalls, there are even items that are not wearable, they're just key items of some sort, those can get you banned as well. The main reason why these developers do not want you to have these items is it's a cut item, it's going to be used for later on. If you are curious as to how players are able to use these items, it's all due to a mod. It is possible on save wizard that you can use on the ps4. Essentially this program is a cheat application that you can use to modify saves, you could use some hex code to replace stuff with hex editing. These are the ways that players are able to grab these items and now it just seems that we are going to receive a ban warning or we will be banned for taking this online if we do not delete it. 

Elden Ring Ban Wave

Warning, PvP Ranks, DLC

There is a fun reply or a tweet that this player mentions, quote or play offline end quote. If you mainly play offline, then for sure keep those items in your inventory and continue playing how you want to. Eventually this may become an issue for later DLC or free content that may come our way. If you are not aware there was leaks or more so data might information that showed that we will be receiving ranks for invading or participating in online PvP activities. Potentially participating in this pvp type of scenario, maybe you receive certain items that you would not receive if you were to play offline. So this could potentially be an issue for you if you are one of those players that love to collect items. If we do receive rewards for participating in pvp, this will all be possible from using items like the bloody finger or even using the blue ring to help out tarnish fellas out there. 

Here’s an example of a few more pvp ranks:

  • Bloody Finger Rank Advanced

  • Hunter Rank Advanced

  • Recusant Rank Advanced

  • Duelist Rank Advanced

  • Furled Finger Rank Advanced

This is just an example of what content could potentially come our way specifically for online use, which this could lead to problems when we do decide to log back on and we have error slash cut items in our possession. What we recommend that you do is exactly what the devs suggest and this is to completely remove the items from your inventory. If you do decide to keep these items, there is a high probability that you will receive a penalty or worse a ban from the game. The best way to get rid of these cut items is to leave or drop them in your own game and not via pvp mode. That is just a complete messed up move, such as being either a hunter or if you're invading, do not drop these items. If you do drop these items and another player picks them up, you are potentially setting them up for a ban or ruining the time and effort that player specifically had put into the game.

Patch 1.06 Ban Wave Release Date - When Will The Ban Wave Start On Elden Ring

If you are wondering when will the ban wave begin this process, from the tweet, it states somewhere within a few days. This could possibly be a week from now or even two weeks. 

The best case scenario is just to completely remove it or delete the item just, leave it, drop it somewhere and then go somewhere else fast travel and it should disappear. This way, you do not have to worry about it later on when they do decide to take the initiative to start adding penalties on accounts or more. So your ip they decide to ban players. The main idea is just to not exploit the game into breaking the tos aka the terms of service, this does not mean you're going to be banned for cheesing or glitching a boss or anything like that. What the developers are mainly looking out for are players who are breaking the terms by using cheats, slash, pc exploits online, against players in pvp scenarios. As long as you are not participating in that type of activity, then for sure you are going to be safe. There's also the cut items, so try to avoid that, you can continue to glitch as much as you want in cheese as many bosses as you want. 

Just remember that you need to completely remove the items in order to get back online in a few days, because they are going to take that banning step right away, so you're gonna have to watch out for that hammer and this is the best way to do. 


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