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Lost Ark Pet Ranch & How To Unlock - Items, Rewards, How To Get Legendary Pets
8/25/2022 11:03:17 AM

Today we are going to talk about the newly added pet ranch and the legendary pets that we got with the August update in Lost Ark. This pet feature offers new activities to players, so you can place the pets, upgrade pets, upgrade your pet to legendary, and get pet ranch specific items & rewards. Here’s everything about the pet ranch & how to get pet ranch in Lost Ark. 

Lost Ark Pet Ranch & How To Unlock

The Lost Ark Pet Ranch is a new location that has been added to the Stronghold, where players can level up their pets to become more useful while also earning unique rewards. This update adds the Ranch and the Cookie Workshop, which have different uses for you and your pets.

How to unlock pet ranch? Once you come into your stronghold, you'll have a little quest with the mana manager, you just go over to her and you can see that playing in the background, they just go there complete the quest. You have to unlock the farm, the cave and have a pet. You’ll need to be at stronghold level 15, so you actually have the farm area where you can go and gather your own materials and stuff. Then you just take the teleporter to the quest and then you unlock the pet ranch.

Ranch & Cookie Workshop, How To Use Pet Ranch In Lost Ark

These are all the vendors involved so the pet ranch is at the back once it's all actually finished, then you have a couple of vendors.

Lost Ark Pet Ranch Guide

The first vendor will sell you a bunch of stuff, these jam cookies is pretty much what your pets are making for you. So these you'll get more and more of these as time goes on. And the longer the short about it is you put your pets. It’s the second vendor, so the ranch part is to like let your pets rest, the first one the ranch setting, if you place them in there, they'll actually rest and they'll regain their morale, that's pretty much their energy. And if you go to the cookie workshop, you can actually have up to 3 pets. The third one you can actually get from research in your stronghold, cookie party was pretty cheap and then there was another one as well with fixed defense that also adds another slot to where they can like rest, so you just need a little bit of timber and some oil and then it's really cheap on the gold. So just go get some turmeric and start these. It's a five-hour research and then we can actually have 3 pets going at once.

So anyway, what happens, the pets are in the workshop, they drain energy the longer they stay in there, they'll make you cookies and they'll gain expertise. So they get better at making cookies, and you can come in there, you can see the expertise, you can see the morale consumed for contraction and expertise gain per production produces 3 cookies per 10 minutes. So every 10 minutes when these guys in it, they will use 300 morale and they'll make you three cookies. And then once their morale is zero, you pretty much got to take them out and then put them in the ranch, so they can actually rest and then regen their energy back up. So once you put in another pet there and you can rotate them in and out the whole time, so you use up all the energy get all the cookies, put them in the ranch so they can regen, you can have 6 regening and you're gonna have 3 making a cookie. So it can pretty much just be like a in and out the whole time with all your pets. Anyway, they make you the cookies and you take the cookies and you spend them at the vendor.

You do actually get 1000 of these jam cookies once you finish the startup quest, when you get divided yell which you can use to give them back morale as well, if you go back to them any over there, actually click this again, give them some of this like food and we'll boost their morale by 1440. So we can actually max it out again just give them some more and that puts them back up to almost full and there's their level as well you can see the expertise that goes up, the more that they're in there and then once the expertise is full, they probably make more cookies. 

How To Use Pet Ranch In Lost Ark

Once we get more into this and actually like further progress into it and see what happens once our pets all get leveled up. that's pretty much that that's the long and short about it you come into this and they can buy potions the it increases the expertise of your pets to increase expertise from the pet inventory and over there we have pet inventory expansion slots, you've got the pet inventory in your inventory like right over there you can actually increase these, but it has to be a legendary pet. 

So you need a legendary pet and you need to buy this with 10 000 of these jam cookies and a lot of you are rather gonna buy some of these, there's a lot of little clothing icon stuff, there's hats and the mask, the ears over there apparently all the sulphurs use, and the little jacket with the wings and little tail and this is diable. It's probably what most people are going to be going after when they get the pet farm. Then a weekly roster limit on a card pack as well. So every week you can buy a card back 3 500 jam cookies. We'll start buying it every week see if we can actually get that water this week and work towards your cards but mainly it's just for cosmetics over there, a bunch of different outfits that you can come and look through and then these things over here is what we're using.




So pet customization potion apparently can make one of your pets look like a different pet and that is the only on the legendaries, use it on a legendary pet in your pit inventory and you can change the appearance of it expansion for a legendary pet. It's only got the roster limit of one so you can only buy this one time, there's expertise potion and then the pet growth token and the battery, you can use. The battery is once you're in there, you've got to use booster so they like produce you pretty much on the spot, it's just like a time reduction for a stronghold and then the battery is what you use over there. But if you come on over to this vendor, you can change your rapport items.

Lost Ark Legendary Pets - Upgrading Your Pet To Legendary 

Through use of the Pet Ranch, there's new thing called pet upgrade and you can actually upgrade your epic pet to a legendary pet, but you need 30 of these pet growth tokens. Then some features can be unlocked. Legendary pets are granted a random skill, and at random intermittent intervals, one of 3 effects given by the skill wil be applied to you while in combat. There are 6 different skills that pets can earn:

Cheers of the Heart

20% chance of recovering 8% of Max HP

40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Cheers of Serenity

40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Cheers of Heaven

20% chance of Attack Speed +3% for 8s

40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Cheers of Courage

20% chance of Move Speed +5% for 8s

40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Cheers of Resonance

20% chance of Specialty Meter gain +10% for 8s

40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Cheers of Silence

20% chance of recovering 25% of Max MP

40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Lost Ark Pet Ranch Items & Rewards

The Jam Cookie Vendor is another big part of this update due to the wares that they offer, ranging from pet cosmetics, to weekly rewards like Card Packs, Phoenix Plumes, and more. Here are some of the main items they offer:

  • Vitameow: A consumable vitamin that gives vitality to Pets, recovering 10% of a Pet’s Morale.

  • Arcane Battery: A battery booster created by the Nebelhorn Lab in Arthentine. When a booster is applied, 3 extra Jam cookies will be produced every 10mins in the Cookie Workshop.

  • Pet Expertise Potion: A potion created by the Vern Magick Society to increase Pet Expertise.

  • Pet Customization Potion: A morph potion for Pets, which can be used on Legendary Pets to unlock the reskin feature.

  • Pet Growth Token: A mysterious enchanted token produced by the Vern Magick Society, used when upgrading Pets.


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