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Lost Ark August & September Class Balance Patch: Buffs, Nerfs & Massive Reworks Coming To Lost Ark
7/31/2022 6:20:30 PM

In this guide, we're going to be going over the Lost Ark PTR Korea class balance patch notes to see who got buffed, who got nerfed, who got reworks. There is a ton of changes in this patch.

Lost Ark Balance Patch for class

Lost Ark August & September Class Balance Patch On Korea PTR

General Balance

Hallucination Set

  • 4 set effect changed: Increases the critical hit rate by 15/18/20%. On Crit Hit, Hallucination's duration +1s. (Cooldown: 0.4s).

  • 6 set effect changed: If Hallucination lasts more than 9s, gain Reality for 90s 120s. Reality: Damage to foes +12/14/15%. Crit Rate +5/7/8%. On Crit Hit, Reality duration +1s. (Cooldown: 0.4s.)

The first change is to the hallucination Set, it looks like it's getting buffed, its effect will still be the same but keeping up the effect that it gives is going to be a lot easier. Instead of requiring you to crit to get the hallucination effect, you will just have to do damage and that's something similar's happening with the 6-piece set, essentially the sustainability of its beneficial effect is becoming easier to apply which means that this probably opens up this set to more classes which could be kind of interesting.


  • Berserker Technique: (crit dmg 70% → dmg 32%)

Now berserker is the absolute biggest winner in this patch, this is an insane buff, so they're buffing up beef Warriors secret or as some of you may know them as Berserker’s secret which is berserker's technique in Na. Instead of being a crit damage bonus when you are in your berserk State, you are now going to be receiving just flat increased damage and a lot of it. It's going to mean that Bezerker's gonna be running this at level 3.


  • Buff for Blue GL (Range of Bash increased 30% → 70% on tripod)


  • Buff for both RH & GT because seismic hammer got 40% dmg increase

  • GT got alot of new tripods that increase gauge restoration

  • Z mode now does 3 secs of 12% armor break synergy whenever you bonk (technically 13sec of party synergy since z mode lasts for 10secs)

  • Whenever you bonk 3 times, additional dmg is done

It seems like they're trying to help the class with identity generation as well as help with their slow play style they had mentioned that they want to optimize some skills for players who are not using supercharged, From what we've heard about Destroyer, you have to run supercharge, it's like a second glass engraving essentially, so this could be really interesting and making the class feel a little bit more fluid especially with how fast some of the bosses are is a really good idea. 


  • Nerf: dmg of green skills reduced by 3.7%

Scrapper is receiving a reduced damage to her shock skills which are her green skills by 3.7% during PVE. The class is still probably going to feel great, Scrapper still feels awesome to play, so this won't be too bad and she's still gonna do a ton of damage.


  • Nerf: dmg of all skills decresed by 2.8%

Sophist is getting a reduce on all skills except for basic attacks by 2.8%, not the biggest Nerf in the world, the class is still going to slap and it's still going to feel fantastic to play as long as you are energy overflow enjoyer, this is going to be probably fine.


  • Buff: dmg of all red skills increased by 6.6%

Lance Master's getting a 6.6 buff to all of her red skills, obviously it's a control Glavier, there's a lot of back and forth on which one's better, which one outperforms the other one which usually means that it's a lot of bias opinion and that means that they probably perform about the same and so just buffing one side means that maybe the entire class needs a little bit of love. However, for Pinnacle just buffing the red side is maybe not the move either from what we understand, that is the problem with Lance Master is that because she has a lot of guaranteed crit in her tree, she doesn't scale super well into the late game and so just buffing her damage in her red tree might not be the exact solution especially considering when if you're going to be running 4-3 setup, we're gonna be running three red skills that might still be a little bit awkward because the more red skills you put in, you don't have as much as much red buff you have like 8t seconds of your red buff a post like 20 something seconds of your blue. The more you stack on red skills, the less time you potentially get your skills out. 

Artillerist Reworked

For artillerist, it seems like they've gotten an insane change, this seems like the class got completely reworked, it does seem like it is stronger in the end. You actually have two gauges that you manage now, it seems like you're gonna be slowing down how quickly you can turn into wheelchair mode, but your Firepower buff is going to be buffing your actual damage, it's a really interesting change and from the based off the developer, this was done to help facilitate the fact that this is a much slower play style, this is a much more like methodical play style, but bosses are kind of quick. So making them feel a little more mobile or not feel like they wanted to wheelchair at the wrong time and giving them a lot more flexibility with how they can move around and a lot more flexibility with how to use their abilities was what they were trying to go for the artillery spec.


  • Buff: received a 4.8 increased damage buff to all their skills



  • Dmg of all skills increased by 4% during PVE

  • Quick stance animation is faster now



  • ‘Sharpshooter’ shotgun ability dmg increased from 60% to 80% on A tripod but

  • 35% → 28% dmg decrease & 20% → 10% crit rate decrease on B tripod

  • All shotgun skills dmg are increased by 5%

  • Peacemaker Shotgun stance buff changed from 15/20/25% crit rate → - 5/10/15% dmg

  • TTH crit rate 40% → 45%

She's obviously receiving some Buffs as well, she's getting a flat increased damage to her shotgun, her shotgun is also being buffed in the Peacekeeper engraving. On top of giving additional crit rate, one shoe transforms into a shotgun, she is also going to be receiving more damage. So they're limiting the character that she's receiving it doesn't scale with levels like it used to, however Peacemaker gun stickers only run level 1 anyways. 

Summoner Reworked

This is a class that again is not in DNA version, she has a ton of changes, she's got new animations on some of her skills. 



  • New cards added, dmg increase for both builds

  • Emperor got buffed, lvl 3 is better than lvl 1 

Arcanist also received a rework, she got a ton of changes to the way that she functions. It seems like developers are trying to reduce the amount of RNG in her car draws to try and make her a little bit more consistent, it seems like they added in some new cards as well.


Shadowhunter is finally getting some love, they redid the character model, it looks freaking awesome. 


Guess you ask