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D2R Best Magic Find Locations - Diablo 2 Resurrected MF Tier List
7/1/2022 2:45:17 PM

Magic Finding is a key aspect of Diablo 2 Resurrected. It allows you to generate money or just farm for your preferred gear all by yourself. What are the best D2R magic find spots and areas? In this D2R magic find tier list, we talk about the best MF spots and their pros and cons.


D2R Best Magic Find Locations - Diablo 2 Resurrected MF Tier List

To increase your chances of finding magic, rare, sets, or unique treasures you can use magic find. Diablo 2 Resurrected's magic find may be easily misinterpreted. A novice player who sees a metric like "50% chance of getting magical items" may set up an expectation that with every mob they kill or every treasure they uncover, they'll guarantee a magical item 50% of the time. What you're describing isn't the way magic find works. If you want to know the best places to magic find in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Now, check the best Diablo 2 Resurrected magic find locations tier list.


S Tier On D2R Best Magic Find Tier List


The Pits is the first place for quote-unquote magic finding in Diablo 2 Resurrected. You can do with a ton of characters and mobs in the Pits are pretty weak. It's probably the absolute best hundred percent go-to for the item find barbarian when you're doing holy grails and stuff. And the best characters from the Pits obviously the item find zerker barb, the pit zerker. The archers are dangerous that's an important thing to know, especially when they're like cursed archers. With the exception of archers, everything else everything's pretty slow, like the carvers and the skeletons. So java can wreck them, necro wrecks it, even the wind druid and sorceress can go down there and do pretty good. The truth is Pits is really good for almost any character. Considering the weakness it's an 85 area, so you can find every single item in the game. The Pits is one of the best D2R magic find spots so we put that up in the s tier.


Chaos Sanctuary

Everybody runs Chaos Sanctuary, it's a little bit tough. With the knowledge that not every build can do the Chaos Sanctuary. But fist of heavens and hammerdin in rocking it out. If you get a good sorceress, it's one of the best areas for runes and for the end game. If you're holy grail and the crazy magic finding stuff. Maybe it isn't the greatest early on, it's hard to farm by yourself, it does take some effort early on if you're not those specific corpse explosions like summon necro if you're not a paladin with the fist of heavens, or with hammers. It's tough with it pretty much any other character besides those early on. On the contrary, this needs Chaos Sanctuary is one of the best Diablo 2 Resurrected magic find areas.


A Tier On D2R Best Magic Find

Stony Tomb

What's good about the Stony Tombs, anything cold is awesome down there, anything fire is pretty good down there too. You can pretty easily get a Stony Tomb map on a single player where it's literally the one single exact step out of town. It's not hard to find when it's it's just out of town in act 2, you can get right to it. Let's just go a tier for Stony Tombs due to they are very small areas able to kill quickly.



Mephisto is going to be tough, but it's going to be better than Andariel obviously. You can get an arachnid mesh and a bunch of good D2R items. You can moat trick Mephisto super easy with any character. Most people say Mephisto is an s tier MF location, but it does lack late-game potential because it's not an 85 area, it can't drop every item in the game. We are going a tier with it on this D2R MF tier list. Everybody runs Mephisto except for early on, you get such good gear from Mephisto. In fact near the top is a good spot for Mephisto.



Pindle is incredibly easy to do super and easy to find. Pindle can drop every item in the game except for three. Pindle can drop griffins but Pindle cannot drop arachnid mesh, Azurewrath, or Tyrael's Might. Unfortunately very sought-after items. However it’s easy to do it, you'll just jump in there and go kill them real quick and then go to go to the area you were really going to go to. Even on player eight, you can stand back and cast. The load screens on Diablo 2 Resurrected are a disaster, so it really hurts farming Pindle quite a bit, but it's still good magic find spot that belongs to a tier.


B Tier On D2R Magic Find Rankings


The Travincal is an incredibly profitable farm for Runes, Unique and Set Items and significant amounts of Gold in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Nothing fulfills the craving for blood quite like murdering Mephisto's pals. One needs to be careful though since the Council Members do not give up their riches easily. They are highly powerful, have varied immunities, reproduce in vast numbers, can repair themselves, and cast lethal Fire Hydras. The only problem is that it's hard. You do need a specific type of build and your mercenary gets wrecked unless you have a good setup.



Andy is good early-on magic find spot in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Andy can drop up to low on the rune which isn't necessarily magic finding, but it's a noteworthy thing for the particular area. You can get your Shako's from there area. However, a lot of good stuff you can't from Andy such as triple durability unique spiderweb sash. But a ton of good stuff such semi-easy to find from the waypoint. This location you can do it for every character essentially. We move Andy over to b tier, there's a reason for it the ease. You can get tons of good items, not the absolute best though.


Ancient Tunnel

Ancient Tunnel is just classic magic find area D2R. For the blizzard sorceress, you could rock it with the fist of heavens. It’s so iconic, everything's slow and weak. It's an 85 area, you find everything in the game. Ancient Tunnel goes to b tier, because it's only for the cold sorceress essentially, but it is so classic.


World Stone Keep

World Stone Keep is easy to find, you go to the World Stone Keep waypoint and you're done. But it's relatively large, you can go all the way up to the other levels all the way up and down 85 areas the whole way. If you can handle it, it's one of the best places to farm in the entire game. It does depend much on your build. Even though it's so good, it can't be either s tier or a tier. There's a reason when people go to Baal, they usually just skip the World Stone Keep, because it is so hard even if you have an end-game build.



Magic finding good uniques is not the thing you do in Cows. It does take some time to go get the leg to make it. This is an area where you can get a lot of different charms, skills, and runes but it's really a magic finding thing. You don't get any experience from Cows anymore, this is kind of a side note. They can be hard to kill, you cannot farm Cows with a hydro sorceress, nova is okay, fireball is okay. Density is given the runes that's why you find all that good stuff. They're not immune to anything so that is important too. They have a lot of life which makes certain builds not good at it. It's not the best for technically magic finding in Diablo Resurrected.


C Tier On Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Magic Find Areas

Eldritch & Shenk

Eldritch and Shenk is a super easy one to do if you're not a cold sorceress. You just go to the waypoint, they're both right there because of the monster density. Runes are pretty much magic find, but well we will take into consideration the magic find locations if the rune drop chances are kind of good. They don't have a better rune drop chance, but they're so easy to get with a lot of large champion packs. It's not 85 areas, so you can't get everything in the game. It's viable without teleport, incredibly easy to find, they're pretty weak. Thus it is probably the easiest good area, but it's not really the best D2R magic find location.



People do run Baal over and over again. Baal obviously can drop every single item in the whole game. But the problem with Baal is that he's impossible to get to, you have to wait for 7 minutes. Everyone's kind of doing them anyways. Strictly for magic finding, Baal doesn't really do a whole lot, we are not going to weigh it too heavy. It's not really that great farming Baal and his waves. Even though you can get the good stuff.


D Tier On Best D2R MF Rankings

Arachnid Lair

Some people love Arachnid Lair but other people do not like it. It is once again a new 85 area in Diablo 2. It's good for fire and cold. We can't forget how easy it is to magic find. The amount of time you can save having to run around. You could do it with any of the characters who you don't have to teleport around to magically come across it or find it. However, even though it's easy to find, it's not fun.



There is only one creature that drops the Key of Destruction, and it's Nihlathak. To get this key, most players who plan on taking on Ubers will need to farm Nihlathak. Nihlathak may drop every item in the game because of his Treasure Class and his monster level in Hell (95), however farming him for Unique and Set items are extremely inefficient compared to most other farming places. Nihlathak is going to be pretty low. The maps are incredibly easy to read when you jump to the halls of pain. There are only like two or three different maps for that particular location. But Nihlathak is not that great.


F Tier On Diablo 2 Best Magic Find List


The Mausoleum obviously not the most denst, so it's not hard to get to, you just go the opposite way the Stony Field. But a low elite numbers down there, it is slow and easy though. The fireball sorceress is the character you can run there. If you don't have teleport running all the way out there, it's going to take some time. This is the Diablo 2 magic find location for single players. What made it beneficial for single players is that we know where the champion packs were going to be. It is an 85 area though. We got the Mausoleum down in the f tier on this D2R magic find tier list.


Red Portal

Red Portal is a new 85 area, but it’s no good. This spot is so dangerous and the density sucks. It's a total nightmare.


A5 Ice Tunnel 

A5 Ice Tunnel is not the greatest. Earlier you can get souls down in there. Both are the two different icy cellar and drifter cavern are 85 areas. They're tough and they're probably okay they're generally easy to find, but we slide it down next to the f tier.


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