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New Lost Ark PvE Class Tier List 2022 - Which Are Best Classes To Play After Update
5/25/2022 3:35:00 PM

In this guide, we will present you the new Lost Ark pve tier list after the new big update. So a bunch of classes were slashed, then some were boosted and now all the other tier lists are outdated. So here's the updated Lost Ark class tier list 2022 that you've been waiting for. Thanks to KaidGames2's sharing, we will look into each class and we'll see how much dps a class has gained or lost, then how good it is now compared to other classes, so you can find the best classes to play in Lost Ark after update. 

new Lost Ark pve tier list class

Lost Ark Tier List With New Classes - Which Are Best Classes To Choose After Update

Lost Ark S Tier Classes For PvE


Berserker is a bit slow class that deals massive amount of damage. Generally, it is regarded as one of the top dps classes for solo and group content. His identity skill is the burst mode that gives him boost in power and a special skill to use. In a summary, this is one of the craziest classes that on paper looks like it got a nerf, but it's pretty untouched and especially if you're playing the mayhem build, then your value in parties for berserkers has gone up by a lot. So as far as ranking goes, the berserker is still one of the top dps classes, just after this update, you will want to switch out an ability or two.


Shadowhunter is a demon based class, in pve, she plays more like a fighter rather than Assassin. She has good range on skills and damage. There are two ways to play this class, the first build focuses on demonic form where you get bunch of fun abilities to use but get a bit less damage. The second build disables the demon form and you purely use your human form skills for the highest damage possible. In a summary, the Shadowhunter got a nice plus 6% flat damage increase, bunch of abilities, one or two other things was added or removed, but in general you won't see big build changes or big difference in playstyle. So overall, the Shadowhunter got a buff and it is right now one of the best damage dealers in Lost Ark. 


Sorceress is a typical mage class that focuses on casting spells, she specializes in dealing ranged magic damage, primarily with fire lightning and ice. In pve, she has two builds where you have good sustained dps and mobility, or you get a huge amount of burst but very little mobility. Lastly, this class has very short dodge skills so you have to be careful when participating in raids. In a summary, the Sorceress igniter build was only nerfed by about 5 to 6% and it is still very good. 


Artillerist is a slow gunner class, he has good damage and summons bunch of turrets that can help you out in boosting your dps. This class is quite tanky yet very sluggish, so many people won't find this class as easy or fun to get into, but overall Artillerist received a huge buff, so now it has gone up to the S tier. It’s not recommended to play this class for a new player, but if you are experienced and don't mind the slow play style, then you should definitely try this class out. In a summary, the Artillerists receive the damage and playstyle buff which makes this class now one of the top dps dealers. This class is still not for everyone, so if you were ever thinking about playing or trying this class out, then now is definitely the best time.

A Tier Classes For PvE In Lost Ark


Sharpshooter is a ballplayer type of class, he uses a bird as his identity skill. The Sharpshooter class has skills with low cooldowns and quick animations, his high mobility helps in avoiding hits and dealing consistent damage to the enemies. And because of the new changes, the Sharpshooter received a significant buff to the damage and playstyle. So now this class can do a lot more dps and it has gone up to the 8th year. So in summary, the Sharpshooter playstyle was changed and because of a bug that developers now call as a feature and it’s recommended for players to play this class, and on top of the damage and playstyle change you can spend less money for Sharpshooter build.


Deathblade is a rogue assassin type of class, she has great damage, good buffs and overall performs very good. In general, Deathblade is very mobile class, fairly easy to pick up and play and most importantly, with the right build you'll be able to do super high damage. So in a summary, Deathblade surge engraving got a pretty big nerf and now you have harder time to build up orbs, so this means that you will do less dps and it will require for you to use more player skill and knowledge to do the same amount of damage like before. So the Deathblade are no longer the number one class in Lost Ark, but if you use the remaining energy build or if you are a skillful player, then Deathblade still can deal pretty serious amount of damage.


Scrapper is an agile fighter class that focuses purely on melee kicks and punches, her identity lets her use skills by alternating between both of her energy types called stamina and shock. Scrapper has two ways to play this class, the first build is slow and has high damage and it is called the shock build. The second one is more mobile with consistent dps type but a bit lower damage and it's called the Taijutsu, both playstyles deal around the same damage in a long run. So summary, one of the biggest buffs and biggest winners in this new update was the scrapper class and if before you can do much damage, then now you should be able to dominate any dungeon and get an easy mvp.


Glaivier is one of the most fun martial artist classes in Lost Ark, the control build mainly focuses on combat stat swiftness making her focus more on spamming skills right after cooldown. The second build called pinnacle has more bursty playstyle which focuses on identity management which requires high specialization. So the Glaivier was slightly buffed, but this class should get a lot bigger change and a bit better buff than in this patch. Overall, Glaivier hasn't changed much except a bit of dps increase from the red skills, but if you use the control engraving, then basically nothing has changed.

Lost Ark B Tier Classes For PvE


The new class called Destroyer is a slow but very hard hitting class. he has a lot of shields from his skills and he can do crazy amount of damage if you use it properly. In general, Destroyer are very good fun and not hard class to pick up and learn and he has the highest stagger skills in Lost Ark. So Destroyer got a slight buff, but this class is still very consistent in fights with its super high stagger damage and like per usual, but playing the Destroyer getting an mvp should not be hard. Both classic ravings called rage hammer and gravity training weren't much changed. So no matter which build you choose, both of them are good options.


Gunslingeris one of the hardest classes to learn, this class is similar with the dead eyeM but it's still very different. Gunslinger mainly uses her rifle to do damage and she is easier to play than dead eye and can reach full damage potential. She has a lot of utility and mobility that makes this class very strong and if you play it right you will do crazy amount of damage. So the Gunslinger got an overall 2-3% damage increase and especially if you play the time to hunt build, now it's even more better than ever.


Wardancer is the fast-paced fighter class, in pve, she deals quick hits and does pretty nice dps. For your playstyle, you have to charge up orbs to deal your highest damage numbers but most people use the no or being raving. In general, this class is hard to master but easy to pick up. So  the Wardancer got the damage of all normal skills increased by 18% and then isotopic skills and awakening skills got a flat 14% damage increase as well. The class engraving called first intention was buffed from 15, 20 and 25% to 16, 24 and 32. So the Wardancer is a great class but it takes a lot of time to master especially with the long time it takes to build up gauge.


Gunlancer is the tankiest class that the game has to offer, this class makes pve content very easy and you can face the boss head-on, making it very easy for your teammates to hit the bus from behind. This is very safe and easy class to pick up and play. So t nothing much has changed for Gunlancer, he received a minor buff for 2-3 skills.


Striker is a fast-paced brawler class, he deals quick hits and does pretty nice dps. The Striker is a high mobility class with small aoe skills. At the early stages, this class is lower at clearing big monster groups compared to other classes until you unlock and invest in your bigger aov skills. So the only change that the striker received was getting to ability tabs change from frontal attack to back attack.

C Tier Classes For PvE In Lost Ark


Deadeye in pve is a hard class that has to use 3 different weapons, it can be even top dps if you manage everything perfectly. But the big issue with this class is that it's super squishy, so it's very easy to get caught by the enemies while using your main dps skills. So this class is not bad whatsoever, but it just takes way too much effort and time to make this class work, the complicated gameplay makes this class very hard to use and basically there is no point to use this class as you can use any other gunner class and make your life a lot easier and with a lot more damage as well. 


Soulfist is a well-branded class with good mobility single target and av damage, but her identity is very unusual, she has three stages that you can activate and each stage makes her stronger and stronger. If you run out of mana, then you have to regenerate to fall before you can cast your spells again. So this Soulfist class’s ptr was nerfed, but after a lot of players expressed their concern, most nerves were removed and this class is basically the same now without any significant nerves and even with a slight plus 7% damage increase for only skills. But besides that, this class is still hard to play with no payback. So overall the Soulfist is good but it takes way too much time to make it work.

Support Classes For PvE In Lost Ark 


Paladin is a support type of class, he has yellow and blue skills. Yellow skills activate your support abilities and blue skills are meant for damage. As you are a support class, it is wanted in any type of end game content and on top of all this, the paladin has the best damage boosting support skills in the entire game. So like most of four classes, the Paladin didn't get any changes besides now in chaos dungeons, you will be able to do a bit more damage as the paladin dps.


Paladin can cast shields, attack buffs and heals to her allies, which makes her very useful in raids and dungeons. The Paladin is immobile and not easy class as you must know the correct timing and placement of your supporting skills, but overall this class is very fun to play and it will pay off in the end game. So this class wasn't changed whatsoever and at least both support classes are in a great state and they are not overpowered whatsoever. So not really changing them is definitely the way to go.


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