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Lost Ark Best Martial Artist Classes: Glaivier, Scrapper, Wardancer, Striker, Soulfist, Which One To Play?
4/16/2022 5:49:58 PM

In this guide, we are going to compare all the martial artists for Lost Ark to make sure that you take the right decision when it comes to picking one of the martial artist classes as your main class.

Lost Ark Martial Artist Classes Comparaion

Lost Ark Martial Artist Classes Comparison - Choose The Right One To Play

If you're thinking about trying out a martial artist build in Lost Ark, but struggling with which class to choose (which one fits you most), let's start with picking the right martial artist class for you, and if you want to upgrade your character fast, buy Lost Ark gold from UTPLAY.COM now:


The scrapper is an overall very strong class, it has a lot of impairment and the combat is very fist oriented. The beauty of the scrapper is that it has very consistent damage, yet you have two play styles that are both viable and you can choose which ones you prefer. You have the taijutsu playstyle which is a low cooldown and very fast pace basically, then on the other hand you have the shock gen playstyle which is a bit slower. Both playstyles are also viable which is super important. The shock gem playstyle gives you a bit higher numbers so if you prefer seeing high numbers that would be your play style. Now the thing is you also have barely any gauge management with the scrapper in general, it's pretty simple to just keep an eye on it and make sure you use your right buffs at the right time in order to buff your big hits.

Overall, we would consider the scrapper, actually, a class that's very easy to get the hang of, it's a good bit cleaner class, and on top of that it's just overall a very solid choice. The scrapper has never been low in terms of damage never been overpowered in terms of damage, so there's also no reason to fear that the scrapper will get nerved into the ground anything. We suggest you give this class a try because it honestly feels very fun to play very impactfully and also has decent utility for your party.

War Dancer

War Dancer is a rather agile and mobile class that includes punching and kicking in its playstyle, sadly it only has one currently viable playstyle which is basically locking your identity gauge and not generating elemental energy, which means you don't have really a lot of choices with it and you're locked to playing that playstyle. Now that playstyle is quite burst oriented and is cooldown dependent, basically, you have cooldowns where you buff yourself, you buff your party and then you execute two big kicks in that down window. The problem is you cannot then just disengage and pretend you wait for these cooldowns, you have to actually keep uptime, the War Dancer has an aura around them that basically makes them do consistent damage to the boss, so you're going to be auto-attacking a lot in order to keep that aura also going and make the boss bleed, etc. So to do actual good damage, you have to rely on your burst, hit it, and you also need to keep constant uptime, quite difficult in our opinion yet also challenging, if you do hit everything it is very satisfying. 

Now the small issue we would say is that the War Dancer actually needs quite the optimization in terms of gear while other classes are already really good without that optimization.


The striker has the complete opposite playstyle which is sadly not viable on the War Dancer. The striker stores elemental energy to then consume it all in one big hit and deal devastating damage, it hits the highest possible in the game even outshining the soulfish in terms of big hits if played properly. You have to also keep follow-up time in order to generate your elemental energy, if you don't like a full uptime playstyle with the nuke at the end, this class might not be for you; but if you do really enjoy big numbers, this class definitely is for you. Basically to just really compare both of them really fast, the wardancer doesn't use their gauge and the striker uses their gauge, so whatever you prefer is probably your go-to of the two.


Talking about big numbers, we cannot leave out the soulfist, it literally has the new playstyle, you rely on your ultimate, your ultimate does incredible damage and that's about it. You actually really do a lot of damage with your ultimate but outside of it, you're kinda in hibernation and actually don't do a lot of damage, you can obviously attack the boss but you don't really contribute much anymore, that's the problem with the soulfist. While you can hit your spirit bomb and feel like goku, you need very good knowledge of the raid in order to hit the ultimate, otherwise we consider the soulfist quite useless to be honest, which also makes the class by itself very hard to play in our opinion, not only do you have to hit your ultimate, you also have to pray to the gods of rng that you're actually quitting.

Having obviously a full comp around you that boosts your crit and boosts your damage during your ult is insanely good for the soulfist, so again if you do like really big numbers and if you do like feeling like Goku, the soulfist might be just your thing.


Lance Master is actually a very solid and very balanced class, it's really strong and always has been really strong on top of that you offer decent destruction and impairment and very consistent damage not burst oriented like the other two we just talked about. The good thing about Glaivier is that you actually have a few more skills than usual due to your two stances, you're able to swap your weapon around which allows you to have more than just eight skills which are really cool. Now you are also very specialty dependent because that will just let you more damage even though a Lance Master crit a lot but that's because the class inherently has a lot of crit in its kit, you just stab a lot, do a lot of quit damage and just, in general, you're just a very strong class, to be honest. On top of that, the lance master also offers good mobility and has decent numbers.

Glaivier by itself is already pretty strong even at the base because of its kit, it's just an overall very good class that we can also just suggest picking up once it releases on the western servers.


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