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Best Lost Ark Berserker Build Guide - Class engraving, Skill Points, Awakening Options & Runes
4/16/2022 11:14:17 AM

Welcome back to the lost ark Berserker build, today going to be covering the berserker. This guide's main content includes the class engraving, skill points, awakening options and runes. 

Best Lost Ark Berserker Build

Best Lost Ark Berserker Build Guide - Class engraving, Skill Points, Awakening Options & Runes 

Lost Ark Berserker- Engraving 

Here let's start by talking about LOST ARK class engraving, class engraving does affect everything that runs on zerker.

- Mayhem

Berserker Exclusive

Lv.3 (Nodes 15): Fury Meter remains at max, and turns into Burst mode with the power of darkness. 

Outgoing Damage +18%

Atk and Move Speed +15%

All incoming Damage -65% in Burst mode

When turning into Burst mode

Converts into 25% of Max HP

It cannot be exceeded even when Healing is applied.

Can only receive 25% of the shield's effect.

Press the X key to cancel Burst mode to recover 25% of Max HP. but cannot Burst for the 30s.

This class engraving is much more popular than the Berserkers technique alternative, because of the simplicity and straightforwardness that comes with building and playing them as well as the fact. let's you be in fury mode pretty much permanently.

Since you don't have to worry about building meter or timing or anything like that you kind of just activate it at the beginning of an encounter and then slam your keyboard until it dies. 

At first, when you're in tier 1 and tier 2, you should use 75 of your stats into crit and the remaining 25 into swiftness. This means that you want a crit swift necklace and crit on the rest of your accessories, later on however when you get into tier 3 and you can get the argo set, you can make up the 25 crit rate and now you can start replacing your accessories from crit to swift.

Optimally you would want a crit swift necklace, two crit earrings and two swiftness rings for an optimal stat distribution if your tiny little berserker brain is confused. Just follow what's on-screen, next let's talk about these skills that you're going to want to use starting with your chaos build, this build does use 264 skill points.

- Strike wave

you're going to want to use strike wave with quick prep Cerberus and blaze wave this is the most satisfying thing to kill mobs with in the entire game.

- Sword storm

sword storm with quick prep rear blast. 

- Whirlwind 

whirlwind with sustain enhancement cracked blade and vacuum slash.

- Finish Strike 

Finish Strike with tenacity weak point detection and lights out.

- Hellblade

Hell blade with leap deadly blow and earth flip and these will be your main AOE clearing and boss killing skills. 

- Red dust 

Red dust with quick prep and vital point hit for utility and nuking bosses.

- Shoulder charge 

Shoulder charge with excellent mobility.

- Diving slash

Diving slash with excellent mobility for good mobility gives you the most amount of AOE and mobility.

Lost Ark Berserker- Max skill points

At max skill points, this is what your raid build should look like by the way the reason.

Should Charge: 4 Skill lv.

Whirlwind: 12 Max level

Hell Blade: 12 Max level 

Strike Wave: 12 Max level 

Red Dust: 10 Skill lv. 

Mountain Crash: 12 Max level 

Finish Strike: 12 Max level 

Sword Storm: 12 Max level

To level up red does to level 10 instead of temp slash, even though temp slash is one of your main damage skills is, because of the last tripod for red dust which allows you to change the buff from 30 to 18 however it is a team-wide buff, so for abyss raids and abyss dungeons and everything like that this is a much more team-oriented setup and now you have the option to run that instead engravings.

Lost Ark Berserker- Two Awakening options

Chain of vengeance

The first one is the chain of vengeance, this one is a much faster animation and it has a huge aoe.

Highly recommend it for tower and chaos engines and things like that and it does deal a decent amount of damage, so you can use it for bosses if you want to but ideally, for bosses and raids, you're going to want to use berserk fury, this is a charge up, it has destruction level 2 high stagger as well.

CDR gem

This is going to recommend raids for your gems, you have 11 slots you're gonna want a cdr plus damage gem on all of your damaging skills aka tempest slash hell blade finish strike sword storm and strike wave.

Lost Ark Berserker- Runes options

Galewind- Epic

Galewind- Rare

Overwhelm- Legendary

Quick Recharge- Epic

Rage- Legendary

Bleed- Legendary 

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