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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Leveling Guide: How to Get the Max Level & Rating Fast
10/11/2021 11:34:55 AM

Pro Clubs are returning to FIFA this year with some new additions and it allows you to create a player called Virtual Pro, play your position on the pitch online with others, based on the match, you can improve your Virtual Pro’s rating by leveling up. How to level up in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs? What perk traits to put on? Here is a FIFA 22 Pro Clubs leveling guide that highlights what traits to put on your builds, but introduces different methods.  

fifa 22 pro clubs

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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Leveling Guide: How to Get the Max Level & Rating Fast

Your Pro Clubs level is dependent on lots of things, including XP, skill points, passive leveling, and traits. You have a new leveling system on FIFA 22 Pro Clubs, every game shows a breakdown and you'll be able to see what passive traits you're leveling up in that breakdown, and it will be obviously the traits that are primary for this build. Let’s break down how to achieve your max rating in different ways. If you are playing Ultimate Team more, Cheap FIFA 22 coins for sale now at UTPLAY. 

Traits and Attributes

What attributes do you need for your builds? Each position has its own Primary attributes, Secondary attributes, and Tertiary attributes. If you want to achieve a max rating, you really need to put your skill points on the primary attributes, that's how you're going to achieve your max level. Different builds in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs have different traits. You basically don't need tertiary traits, they don't affect anything in fact they sometimes lower your rating, you just need to focus on the primary traits. 

Check out the Primary attributes of different positions:

- ST/LF: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Strength, Passing (Short), Ball Control, Dribbling, Reactions, Finishing, Shot Power, Long Shots, Heading Accuracy, Positioning, Volleys

- LW/LM: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Stamina, Crossing, Passing (Long), Passing (Short), Vision, Ball Control, Dribbling, Reactions, Finishing, Positioning

- CAM: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Passing (Long), Passing (Short), Vision, Agility, Ball Control, Reactions, Finishing, Long Shots, Positioning

- CM: Stamina, Interceptions, Tackle (Standing), Passing (Long), Passing (Short), Vision, Ball Control, Dribbling, Reactions, Finishing, Long Shots, Positioning

- CDM: Aggression, Stamina, Strength, Interceptions, Marking, Tackle (Standing), Tackle (Sliding), Passing (Long), Passing (Short), Vision, Ball Control, Reactions

- LWB/LB: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Stamina, Interceptions, Marking, Tackle (Standing), Tackle (Sliding), Crossing, Passing (Short), Ball Control, Reactions, Heading Accuracy

- CB: Sprint Speed, Aggression, Jumping, Strength, Interceptions, Marking, Tackle (Standing), Tackle (Sliding), Passing (Short), Ball Control, Reactions, Heading Accuracy

For example, acceleration and sprint speed are always primary attributes for strikers and that explains why if we just come off striker builds on this game have the most pace, without those, your rating is very low, so make sure you have sprint speed on and maximize your pace. Second of all is strength, strength for a striker is important in this game, so if you do want to achieve those max rating builds, then you want to put a bit of strength on. It's very useful in regards to leveling up and explaining what kind of traits you need to put on for each individual build. If we look at left forward, it's the same thing because that's basically a striker build. When it comes to a winger because you're crossing the ball in, you're running down the lines, you need good passes to get into the box, and then dribbling is pretty similar, so the traits you need including crossing, long passing, short passing and more.  


XP and Skill Points

XP (Virtual Pro Experience)is used to increase your Virtual Pro’s attributes and overall rating. There are two kinds of XP that can be earned in Pro Clubs: Base Match XP and Bonus XP. The XP points are obtained based on each match rating and assigned based on the importance of attributes. Primary Attributes gain 100% of the XP points awarded, while Secondary (70%) and Tertiary (30%) gain less. Bonus XP works differently than Base Match XP, as it is only applied to specific attributes based on the type of action that was completed. Skill points are used to obtain traits to improve your Virtual Pro.

Passive and active leveling

Passive leveling is the natural leveling in the game, the traits are gonna naturally level up for you if you play in those positions, but if you put skill points on which are active leveling, they are basically additional leveling. When you apply skill points, you want to apply them to the primary, otherwise, it's pointless, the traits of that build are boosting, the primary traits obviously are going to level up your quicker, and that is pretty much the leveling explained. 

Work with others

What you need to do is to make a brand new Pro Club, doesn’t matter the name or kit, you are going to play with two players: yourself and one other person who is going to help you, note you are the only person getting XP, then you need to change who picks any and who picks an outfit position, essentially all you have to do is quit out of games but set it up, you friend has to select any position and you select any single player position. Once you load into the game, kickoff is normal and your friend who is playing any position needs to leave the game, they will not get experience at all. The more games you do, the quicker that you’ll gain XP. 


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