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FIFA 22 FUT Captains Guide - Release Date, FUT Heroes, Captains Team 1 & SBCs In Ultimate Team
4/7/2022 7:26:53 PM

FUT Captains promo is coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. We are super interested in what this FUT Captains FIFA 22 exactly is. It’s said that each promo pack will include an all-new squad of improved cards in place of the ordinary ones during the FUT 22 FUT Captains event. Next, we break down everything in FIFA 22 FUT Captains, including heroes cards, captains teams, and more. 

FIFA 22 FUT Captains Guide - Release Date, FUT Heroes, Captains Team 1 & SBCs In Ultimate Team

The FIFA 22 FUT Captains is a brand new idea that seems to be centered on the Heroes who debuted at the season's commencement, as well as those who are still in the game now. There are some of the leaks that make this FUT 22 Foot Captains promo look very interesting not just cards and packs but also brand new versions of Fut Heroes with which two different card designs. Hero cards that were captains for club or country will get upgrades. The upgrades are insane.

FIFA 22 FUT Captains Start Date

The release date of FIFA 22 FUT Captains promo is on Friday, April 8 along with some insane cards that are going to come. This is going to be a 2-week promo.


How Does FUT Captains Work In FIFA 22 

Basically, there are going to be 2 parts. One is they are going to release 2 promo teams giving out captains for each club juiced-up cards. Jordan Henderson, Hugo Lloris, Mark Nobel, Tyrone Ming’s, and more players are set to get a hero card. So we are got a big FUT Captains promo coming in FIFA 22 Ultimate TEAM. Second is they are going to be releasing brand new hero cards. Not essentially brand new, but they are going to have old hero cards with juice-up versions. So there will be New Mostovoi, Ginola, Keane. Apparently, they are going to give all the old heroes brand new cards.


FIFA 22 Fut Captains SBCs

Icon Moments SBCs will be issued on a daily basis as part of the FUT Captains campaign in Ultimate Team, according to the FUT Sheriff. Club and national team captain Moments cards will be distributed as SBCs in the near future.


FIFA 22 FUT Captains Team 1 Leak

Busquets - 92 - CDM - FC Barcelona

Lloris - 92 - GK - Spurs

Koke - 91 - CDM - Atlético de Madrid

Noble - 89 - CM - West Ham

Marcelo - 94 - LB - Real Madrid

Hector - 87 - CDM - 1. FC Köln

Ben Yedder - 92 - ST - AS Monaco

Mings - 90 - CB - Aston Villa

Quagliarella - 92 - ST - Sampdoria

Muniain - 89 - CAM - Athletic Club

Cooper - 88 - CB - Leeds United

Reus - 93 - CF - Borussia Dortmund


FIFA 22 Heroes Captains



Di Natale




Abedi Pele





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