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Top 10 Best Elden Ring Armor Sets Guide: Armor Sets, Locations, More
4/7/2022 6:00:16 PM

There is a whole lot of armor in Elden Ring and while a lot of it's awesome a lot can also be really hard to get folks, it's the falcon, and today on game ranks 10 armor sets you can't afford to miss.

 Elden Ring Best Top 10 Armor Sets Guide

Best Top 10 Armor Sets

Next we'll list 10 Elden Ring armor sets you can't miss. We also provide you some useful cheap Elden Ring gold if you need.


1. Blaidd’s Set

Black Wolf Mask

Blaidd's Armor

Blaidd's Gauntlets

Blaidd's Greaves


Blaidd's set one of the coolest armor sets in the game also happens to be one of the hardest to get if you want to look just like the half-wolf warrior then you will have to work for it the only way to get this armor is to complete Ranni's Rise entire quest line which is one of the longest and most involved quests in the entire game.

You just do what you feel is right after you complete the entire quest and get the Dark Moon Greatsword and everything then you go back to Ranni's Rise.

If you do manage to defeat him you get his entire armor set: Royal Greatsword, Blaidd's Armor, Blaidd's Gauntlets, and Blaidd's Greaves minus one piece which is the head that is actually found elsewhere on a random body on top of some ruins near Seluvis's Rise and with that you've got a complete Blaidd costume even though his story ended kind of tragically the actual set is really cool and really easy to miss.


2. Lusats Set

Lusats Glintstore Crown

Lusats Robe

Lusats Manchettes

Old Sorcerers Legwraps

You'll find a pickup containing an entire armor set with it equipped you will look like a truly insane archmage you get a huge boost to Lucas sorceries at the cost of additional FP consumption which when combined with Lusat's Glintstone Staff also gives you a boost of magic can really make you a force to be reckoned with.


3. Lionels Set

Lionels Helm

Lionels Armor

Lionels Gauntlets

Lionels Greaves

This armor set is really worth hunting down, it's found in a random bed near the lower capital church site in Leyndell, the Royal Capital and this armor set's thankfully pretty easy to find.


4. White Reed Set

Okina Mask

White Reed Armor

White Reed Gauntlets

White Reed Greaves

While it takes going to two completely different locations to complete the set it's very worth it in the end to get the first part of the white reed set you need to go to the Spiritcaller's Cave beside the big frozen lake area.

It's the place that requires two stone sword keys to get inside you fight this guy called Inaba who drops the body, legs, and arm pieces of the armor. To get the headpiece you'll have to go all the way up the mountain just before the boss arena to the Church of Repose, where you'll get invaded by Bloody Finger Okina, if you manage to kill him that'll get you the mask along with an incredibly good katana called the Rivers of Blood.


5. Mushroom Set

Mushroom Crown

Mushroom Head

Mushroom Body

Mushroom Arms

Mushroom Legs

It serves a useful function to get it you need to explore this miserable dungeon called the Seethewater Cave which is a place filled with annoying mushroom men and poisoned floors, but if you're thorough enough you'll be able to collect this set which is pretty disgusting looking to wear, but it offers some pretty high resistance bonuses, the immunity is especially high and that's what protects you from stuff like poison and Scarlet Rot.

Having this armor equipped for areas like the lake of rot can make getting around significantly easier, there are a lot of poison swamps in this game, so having some kind of protection from them is handy. It doesn't offer a lot of physical protection but if all you're doing is trying to get through like an annoying swamp area this armor set can be an absolute godsend.


6. Twinned Set  

Twinned Helm

Twinned Armor

Twinned Gauntlets

Twinned Greaves

You can get the kinds of effects that it has elsewhere but it's also strange and cool looking, you can always just keep the set for yourself for some people this armor is maybe a little too out there to wear but we just love how weird it is.

7. Bull-Goat Set

Bull-Goat Helm

Bull-Goat Armor

Bull-Goat Gauntlets

Bull-Goat Greaves

This armor set is one of the absolute best in class if you want some heavy armor that has some very high poise if you don't know poise is a stat that affects how and when you get staggered from attacks and with high poise.  It's one of the few armor sets that's even heavier than Lionel’s Set but if you want literally a hundred poise this is a great piece of armor to wear to get it.

There are two things you need to do:

1. Get to the volcano manor and start the quest

2. Do not kill patches.

8. Black Knife Set


Black Knife Hood

Black Knife Armor

Black Knife Gauntlets

Black Knife Greaves

If you really want to go all stealth assassins on your enemies, this is great armor and it's worth hunting down found an Ordina, Liturgical Town on a random corpse.

This armor has a unique bonus of muffling your steps, getting to Ordina isn't exactly easy as it can only be reached if you collect two pieces of the Haligtree Secret Medallion which you can get from exploring Castle Sol on the mountain top of the giants.


9. Godskin Apostle Set

Godskin Apostle Hood

Godskin Apostle Robe

Godskin Apostle Bracelets

Godskin Apostle Trousers

If you ever wanted to give the old leather face look, this set is definitely what you want to look out for, it's got a hood that's made from a face which grope task is hell but also pretty badass getting it is it's an ordeal the only way you'll be able to get this special armor set is you climb up the outside of the divine tower and then somehow manage to make it down to the basement of this place.


10. Jar Helmet

The Jar hat is one of the simpler Elden Ring items. There are zero lore implications here. Instead, there are friendship implications, as the Jar hat is given to the player by Iron Fist Alexander after following his quest line to the outskirts of Volcano Manor.

Alexander’ll help you defeat Radahn and then again can be found outside the Divine Tower of Liurnia once again stuck in a hole. this time you'll need to grease him up with some oil to get him out and that's when he decides to head to the volcano peaks of Mount Gelmir, if you go to the lava field south from Fort Laiedd and deal with the dragon here you can once again find Alexander this time hanging out in the middle of some liquid hot magma that's where he'll give you this ridiculous piece of equipment the jar helmet.

It doesn't just look good either it boosts the damage of any throwing pot weapons you use, it's hardly the best bonus a piece of armor gives you but it doesn't matter it is a Jar Helmet you can finally go live among the Jars of Jarbug.


Who wants to be an Elden Lord when you can be a literal jar instead a quick bonus?

Here we have to mention that pretty much all of the boss armors are actually cool as hell but probably our favorite is Radahn's Set, the appropriately huge then Melania's is iconic and Malekith's black armor is just straight badass.


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