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FIFA 22 Tutorials & Tips For Starters - Top 4 Best Gameplay Tips In FUT 22 You Must Learn
9/23/2021 3:12:09 PM

FIFA 22 is on its way and today we are going to talk to you about four things that you can implement into your game straight away on FIFA 22 to help you get more results at the start of FIFA 22. 


Top 4 Best FIFA 22 Gameplay Tips For Starters

1. Timed Finishing

Time finishing was something that was really strong on FIFA 19 and it wasn't that strong on FIFA 20 & 21, that the risk wasn't really worth the reward and that's due to the window of time finishing. It's now a lot more viable and certainly a lot better on the finesse shots outside the box, you are going to come up against players on FIFA 22, but they're going to have men inside the box, it's difficult to break through try and look to work a finesse shot opportunity. When you press the shoot button as your leg gets pulled back, press shoot again as you're about to go through the motion to strike the ball, this is different for each players depends on how quick you're running, how you're dribbling the angle that you're at whether you're volleying it whether you're finessing it, whether you're powering it, it's very different, you can go into a kickoff game, you can try it and you can use it but that finesse where you use the R1 RB button and you press the shoot button and then you press shoot again. You are going to see insane results, some key things to pay attention to. You want to look for a finesse shot trade player and he will definitely have a much higher chance, anyone that has a semi-decent long shot. Anyone with high curve will be very good at this, you will find sometimes you'll time the finish wrong and it'll go a little white icon above your head and you'll still put the board in the back of the net and that's how strong these finesse shots are outside the box.

2. Second Man Press

Second man press has had a complete rework this FIFA. When you hold the R1, RB button which is second man press or second man contain or teammate contain, however you want to call it your player who's got a green icon above his head, he will go and press the ball holder, this green icon lasts four seconds like you have a little timer. Once you've used it for four seconds, he is now depleted of his second man press ability teammate contain, when he's depleted, he won't no longer press the ball holder. The best way is to press the ball holder manually, then switch off that player hold R1 RB, so he carries on pressing the ball holder and you track any balls and he runs any players that you think could be the next option for the opponent. They're going to apply a lot of pressure, it is best, your center defensive mids, your full backs, your center backs and the reason for this is that the second one press ability on how good they're going to press that player is down to the defensive stats of that player. So let's say if you're using Neymar, he doesn't have great defensive stats, he won't press that ball holder all that great. But if you going to use Kante he's going to press like an absolute menace and he's something that you will see some benefits from. it can be used in attack as well, you can use it in defense obviously to set up traps double team the opponent tag team.

3. Through Balls

You can put the ball in the air this year which is great really happy to see it. Make sure you use it if you were to use a through ball on the ground on FIFA 21 in that normal position instead do an L1 triangle LBY on Xbox L1, triangle Playstation LBY on Xbox and this will play the ball in the air over the top and they're almost inch perfect most of the time. They're really precise, they've got power, they're accurate the ball moves quick and you're going to get in behind. Don't be afraid to switch the play either if you've got the ball with your right back, you can use X on Playstation on Xbox square on Playstation to switch it from your right back to your left mid, from your center back to your right mid, the possibilities are endless really effective way to just move the opponent's team across, try and create some gaps, try and get some exploits in that opponent's team, use it and it's so good seeing the ball be in the air. 

4. Crossing

Crossing is strong this year, if you get into a position where your attacker is ahead of the defenders, the defenders don't track and don't do very well, be sure to go for a cross, a normal X on Xbox, a normal square on Playstation will work an absolute treat for you. If you've got a holland and a kaku someone like that obviously they'll do better inside the box when it comes to these headers, but you can look for crosses as a viable option. You want to try and get used to working the ball into a certain area to then go for the cross and that will come with games played and experienced. But with having the ball go in the air is nice to see, it is something that you know you can have in your game and have a lot of success with it.

There's been times where you probably wouldn't have gone for that cross and you've whipped it in, you've created a goal scoring opportunity and at least put pressure on the opponent forces, save from the goalkeeper anything like that so make sure you don't always run to the byline or cut back in mix it up a little bit, have a little bit of variety, go to the by line cross it instead cut back in cross it, it really helps you confuse the opponent and make it difficult for them to understand what you're going to do and makes you very unpredictable.


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