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Best WoW Classic TBC Arena Comps - Top 2v2 & 3v3 PvP Compositions & Classes
7/9/2021 7:33:43 PM

WoW Classic TBC Best 2v2 & 3v3 Arena PVP Class Comps Tier List - Find out the top PVP Comps and Classes to play and win in World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade Infernal Arena Seasons!

Best WoW Classic TBC Arena Comps

Best PVP Comps in WoW Classic TBC

It's only a few weeks until the new WoW Classic The Burning Crusade Infernal Arena Season 1 begins, but if you've not played PvP server or lacked the memory span of an elephant, you probably don't know what 2v2 and 3v3 compositions are going to be good for winning in Arena, here we do a deep dive into the Best PVP Arena Comps and Classes in WoW Classic TBC.

Best 2v2 Arena Comps In WoW Classic TBC Arena

You can get gladiator and even the new infernal rank 1 title from only playing 2v2, but what are the best compositions to play? Here we produce this best 2v2 composition tier list for WoW TBC Classic Arena:

2v2 PVP Comp Tier S+: Rogue & Mage

Our 2v2 PVC Arena Tier S Class Composition definitely won't take you by surprise even if you've never played TBC before and that's rogue mage. Played exclusively with a sub rogue and frost mage, this composition has it all - high burst from the frost mage and high sustained damage from the rogue, great lockdown with both kidney shot and cheap shot, and even an abundance of crowd control. You've got polymorph blind gouge roots blanket CS hands down the strongest double DPS composition in the game and will remain to be so for the duration of the Burning Crusade. It's often said this composition defines TBC and how well a composition does against rogue mage can be such a huge factor in its overall strength. 

2v2 PVP Comp Tier S+: Frost Mage & Discipline Priest

Joining rogue mage inside of our S plus tier, we've got frost mage & discipline priest. Mages as you can tell are very dominant in arena you've got all that control with polymorph and nova's mobility with blink and high setup burst damage from your shatter, combine this with hands down the strongest healer a disciplined priest who also brings the added damage of shadow word death and mind blast, both offensive and defensive dispels and even mana burn or power infusion and you've got a very deadly composition. Mage priest is very setup based you secure crowd control and look to sync up your damage on a target to secure a kill. 

2v2 PVP Comp Tier S+: Rogue & Priest

Rogue & priest has also made it into our S+ tier. Rogues if you don't know have some of the highest consistent single target damage in the game, they can maintain up time with sprint vanish and shadow step and can keep you locked down for extended periods with cheap shot and kidney shot. Combine all this with the offensive capabilities of a disciplined priest, so the added crowd control from psychic scream or mind control extra burst damage from shadow or death or mind blast, and even the potential to win on mana thanks to mana burn, there's just no questioning this composition's strength and a very worthwhile addition to our highest tier.

2v2 PVP Comp Tier S: Discipline Priest & SL/SL Warlock

Tired of rogues and mages, our only composition not including a rogue or mage making it into our S+ tier is going to be Discipline Priest & SL/SL Warlock. This composition pairs up the strongest healer in season 1 with the high consistent damage and longevity of warlock, disc glock can look to win on so many different fronts, you've got the high consistent damage which can quickly overwhelm enemies. The ability to win on mana with mana burn or drain, and also have double offensive purge and dispel something not so common in TBC arena.

2v2 PVP Comp Tier S: SL/SL Warlock & Restoration Druid

The first edition of our S tier Comps is going to be SL/SL Warlock once again, but this time paired up with a restoration druid this is a very popular and also familiar composition in the TBC Arena. You've got the durability and longevity of a warlock paired up with the safety of a restoration druid, cyclone and fear can combine to create some extremely long crowd control chains, you can easily kite enemies as the druid while your warlock pressures the enemy outlasting and whittling down your opponents. but why is this worse than the priest version, as we mentioned this tier list is purely revolving around season 1, Druids although extremely strong in TBC as a whole are not comparable to disciplined priests in early seasons weaker mana wise lower healing and a lot easier to kill, but that doesn't mean this is a bad comp. This is a Restoration Druid's joint best composition. Alongside Druid Rogue, this composition again takes the highconsistent damage and lockdown of a rogue paired up with the crowd control and safety of a druid, simply put rogue's the best melee and druid's the second best healer in early seasons, undeniably a very well-rounded and strong composition, firmly set in our S-tier and will only get better when you have enough WoW TBC Classic gold to gear up your characters..

2v2 PVP Comp Tier S: Rogue & SL/SL Warlock

Last but not least the final addition to our S-tier is another double DPS variation, the combination of Rogue and SL/SL Warlock. Slightly weaker than Rogue & mage, this composition loves to win with overwhelming pressure, both Warlock and Rogue do extremely high damage, if you're unable to stop that damage you can very easily die in a cheap shot kidney coil, or be so far behind that you can't recover from that point. It's especially strong thanks to paranoia allowing you a higher chance of getting the opener versus enemy rogues.

Best 3v3 Arena Comps In WoW Classic TBC Arena

Here is our Tier S list of the top 3v3 arena comps in World of Warcraft Classic TBC, including the best melee, caster, and hybrid compositions for 3v3 PVP:

3v3 PVP Comp Tier S+: RMP - Rogue, Mage, Priest

Our first 3v3 Comp is one that takes nobody by surprise at all, it consists of a rogue, a mage and  a priest - the old staple RMP. RMP is just one of those compositions, all three specs synergized perfectly and even over 10 years later still remains to be dominant. It's just so happened though that these three classes were all at their pinnacle in TBC arena, rogues are the best melee, priest is the best healer and mage is arguably joint best caster; you've got the burst damage of a mage, the control of a rogue and the aggressive nature of a discipline priest. What's more, rogue and mage can also be played with a restoration shaman or druid to very high levels, although will cause the comp to drop down at least one tier.

3v3 PVP Comp Tier S+: RLP - Rogue, Warlock, Priest

Our second composition involves the other warlock again combining with a priest and a rogue to make up RLP. This composition swaps the burst from a mage for the sustained damage of a warlock, also brings double dispel in the form of devour magic allowing you to play a lot more offensive, keeping your rogue on target for longer or your healer out of crowd control. This comps has very high damage and very hard to kill anything and just overall one of the strongest compositions in the game.

3v3 PVP Comp Tier S+: WDP - Warlock, Druid, Priest

The third and final composition making it into our 3v3 PVP Comps S+ tier is one you're more than likely to get a lot of hate for playing: warlock, druid and priest, but not a Shadow priest or a DPS Druid. This composition is double healer, how and why this works is due to the high unavoidable damage of warlock and their ability to never run out of mana due to life tap. Essentially you can just pump out damage and win the war of attrition against any composition that can't easily kill you. It's hard to get pressure against this composition due to of course two healers, and a warlock which is inherently tanky and then the double dispel from the warlocks devour magic and the priest. Not to mention, the disciplined priest can also assist you with damage and you've always got double mana burn combined with all of the crowd control and utility of the druid. Overall this is an incredibly strong composition. 

3v3 PVP Comp Tier S: PMRS - Priest, Mage, Restoration Sham

Restoration shaman isn't usually considered strong when it comes to TBC Arena and neither is shadow priest, but put these two specs together and pair them with mage, we've got our first s-tier composition: priest, mage, restoration sham known as shatter play. This comp takes the high burst damage of a mage, and pairs it up with the utility of a shadow priest and a shaman, you secure a setup pop bloodlust and rush down your target with a combination of double purge earth shock and silence, incredibly fast paced and overwhelming for enemies to face. This 3v3 composition subsequently is the strongest for both mages and restoration shamans or at least those who can't find a rogue mage willing to play with them

3v3 PVP Comp Tier S: WWD - Warrior, Warlock, Druid

Also making it into our s-tier, we've got Warrior, Warlock, Druid. The high consistent damage of a warlock and warrior combined with a mortal strike, makes this composition a nightmare for any healer to heal through. If the warrior has uptime, you're pretty much done for, thanks to the consistent healing and utility of a druid combined with the devour magic of a warlock you can both assist your warrior in reaching his target. A strong composition which only gets better the more gear available.


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