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Diablo 4 Season 4 Changes & Updates: Itemization, XP Gain, Drop Rate, Codex and More
3/25/2024 4:07:45 PM

The fourth season of Diablo IV is set to start in May and massive changes have been revealed. Today let’s get an overview of significant changes and updates coming into Diablo 4 Season 4. 


Diablo 4 Season 4 Changes & Updates: Itemization, XP Gain, Drop Rate, Codex and More

1 - Itemization

They are going to reduce the number of affixes that roll on Diablo 4 gear, a legendary item will have 3 affixes instead of 4, and rares will have 2 affixes in Season 4. In addition, they are also moving most of the 'deal damage on Tuesday' modifiers 

2 - XP Bonus

The number of XP points you can earn from different world tiers are increased as below, which means the higher the world tier, the more XP you can get and the faster of the leveling up. 

- World Tier 2: 50% bonus XP

- World Tier 3: 150% bonus XP

- World Tier 4: 250% bonus XP

3 - Drop Rate & Rules (Unique, Legendary, Sacred & Ancestral Items)

They're also significantly lowering the gear drop rates in D4 S4, they don't want you going through a dungeon and filling up your entire inventory with gear, but it's going to be a lot easier to find items that are genuinely useful for your build. Another important change is that you're not going to have uniques that are locked into World Tier 4, you can find uniques easier and more often and you no longer need to farm only Duriel for the best items, which allows you to build stronger character earlier in the game. 

- Only Sacred items in World Tier 3.

- Only Ancestral items in World Tier 4.

- Many Unique items can drop in World Tier 1 and 2.

- All Uniques can drop in World Tier 3.

- Uber Uniques starts dropping from monster level 55, and drop at 925 item power.

- Legendary items start dropping from monster level 95+ and always have 925 item power.

4 - Codex of Power

If you find an aspect where your pulverized sends out an aftershock and you find it as a max roll, you can save that by salvaging the item, it will automatically save into your codex and you can use that for infinite times. Finding max roll is a little bit more difficult, but you are going to constantly be upgrading your codex of power. 

- All legendary aspects are available in the Codex of Power.

- Salvaging legendary items will store the highest roll you have into your Codex of Power.

- Legendary power rolls have a wider roll value to accommodate for these changes.

5 - Tempering

They are adding a new tempering system, ancestral items can have two tempered affixes from different categories, the Manuals are going to have four affixes that can be applied to your items, and one of the affixes added randomly.

6 - Greater Affixes

The next system that will be added is Greater Affixes, players have a chance to roll an item drop with a greater affix, which is going to make them stronger. The greater affixes are 1.5 times stronger than normal affixes, and they can only drop from enemies. 

7 - Masterworking

When you go to the Blacksmith and upgrade your gear and its affixes would increase slightly. Any item can get masterworked up to 12 times, there's a new endgame activity called the pit that you're going to farm for masterworking materials, and for every four ranks of Masterworking, you're going to randomly upgrade one affix on your piece of gear massively.


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