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D4 Season 3 Gauntlet Build Tier List - Best Class & Builds for Diablo 4 Gauntlet
3/5/2024 5:17:04 PM

The Gauntlet is about to launch with the mid-season update 1.3.3 in Diablo IV, what class and builds are the best options for clearing the dungeon? Let’s dive into the D4 Season 3 Gauntlet tier list to summarize the best builds for each class. 

D4 Season 3 Gauntlet Build Tier List - Best Class & Builds for Diablo 4 Gauntlet After Patch 1.3.3

Speaking of the best class and build to go for the Diablo IV Season 3 Gauntlet, Sorcerer is outstanding due to its speed and strength. Arc Lash and Ball Lightning Sorc are highly recommended to play after the Gauntlet releases. Lots of other builds are not on the tier list as they are not playable, such as the Army of the Dead. Check out the D4 S3 build tier list and use the one that suits your style best to perform better for final Gauntlet rewards. You can try other meta builds to farm dungeons for a good amount of D4 gold profits. 

Start Time of Diablo 4 Gauntlet: New Gauntlet dungeons will reset every Tuesday at 4 pm UK time, and the trial will be launched at 6:15 pm on March 5, 2024.

1. S Tier: Arc Lash, Ball Lightning

- Arc Lash Sorcerer is probably the best build for the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 3, it is easy to play but can be extremely overpowered and tanky as a spell caster. 

- Ball Lightning Sorcerer is going to be another S-tier build this season, not only is it super fast, but it does a crap ton of damage and it's getting a 10% damage increase buff.

2. A Tier: Shred, Twisting Blades, Penetrating Shot, Hammer of the Ancients, Whirlwind, Upheaval, Tornado, Fireball, Blizzard 

- Shred is a top Druid build, you don't have to go to the poison variant for this, just do regular lightning shred and you are going to be slicing everything up. 

- Twisting Blades Rogue is going to be very good with probably the best clear speed.

- Penetrating Shot could be a fast endgame clearer with great clear speed. 

- Hammer of the Ancients Barb comes up to the A tier because of massive AoE damage.

- Whirlwind and Upheaval are still good in Season 3, all the Barb builds are strong.

- Tornado is also a nice Druid build as it is super fast, you're going to be rolling through chucking tornadoes, and they're going to kill everything. 

- Fireball has been the best clearing skill for Sorcerers. 

- Blizzard Sorc is going to be a pretty good build with the highest damage for Sorcerers. 

3. B Tier: Bone Spear, Ice Shards, Double Swing, Chain Lightning, Pulverize, Barrage

- The biggest issue with lots of Necromancer builds is going to be they are too slow, and so is Bone Spear, however, because of the speed boost along with the update, Necro will be faster, and Bone Spear can be put in the B tier. 

- Ice Shards is going to be a pretty solid and versatile build, it has high damage potential and good AOE. 

- Double Swing is a good build but not the best one, you’ll have to close the distance and swing on everything. It is strong and fast but does not have any AOE. 

- Pulverize Druid is solid in both the early and late game, the problem with Pulverize is that it can’t get through the dungeon fast enough. 

- Barrage, with the new changes, we're going to get this as close to multi-shot as possible, it has very good clear speed and boss-killing power. 

4. C Tier: Blood Surge, Reap, Blood Lance, Flurry, Meteor

- Some weaknesses holding these builds back in the C-tier, they might be powerful but not fast, or probably contrary. Blood Surge is going to be a C-tier build for D4 S3 Gauntlet, with it, you need to be very close.

- Reap is a little better than the lowest tier builds as it is getting a buff. 

- Blood Lance Necromancer is not strong enough for the dungeon. 

- Flurry would be not a good pick for the dungeon as it does not have good clear speed, it might rise by one rank with all the buffs in the future. 

- Meteor Sorc is slow, if you do not have a Starfall Coronet with maximum cooldown, you will be waiting to destroy mobs. 


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