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Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Class & Builds - D4 S3 Class Power Ranking
1/31/2024 4:29:33 PM

Diablo 4 Season 3 has brought exciting changes to the class power rankings and best builds for the race to level 100. Let's dive into the details and explore the new best class and the best builds for Season 3.

D4 Season 3 Class Power Ranking - Best Class & Builds in Season 3 Diablo 4

Necromancer would win a third time in a row, all because blood surge into bone spear is just a super strong strategy for leveling. Blood surge requires next to nothing to work effectively and bone spear has optimal range and burst to claim mobs Ultra fast in the packs or on single target getting going in the mid to late game really well. Sorc and Rogue would be up there with Barbarian and probably Druid most of all falling behind. 

Top 5 - Druid

The fifth place for or the classes in regards to leveling, it went to The Druids. This was the most expected result. Druids have this really hard time, getting their strength going until they have say uniques that essentially unlock their build. Tornado Wolf is like the obvious choice for max speed leveling once you have what you need and that's the issue with the build. Tempest raw is required and that's a unique helm, it converts your storm skills to also be werewolf skills. And if we compare that situation to Necromancer, it highlights through his leveling problem most of all. Necromancer needs nothing to get blood surge going and then everything you need for the bone spear convert it comes from the codex. If you're a Druid wanting to level as fast as possible you want to play Tornado Wolf and to get that, you need to be in World Tier 4, probably farming Duriel which is a level 100 boss fight.

Top 4 - Rogue

In fourth place, it was surprisingly Rogue. Rogue is completely unlike Druid, it's fast and gets going instantly. It comes with lots of mobility and base speed to move and clear quick has ranged options which are even better this season. It gets a big Power Spike when unlocking its class spec at level 15. So it comes very early and that's why it's a good leveler. somehow once again it fell behind on these rankings. A part of it comes down to the context of the power of the classes on paper. Things are looking a bit weird for rogue this time with their main reliable build for down near everything twisting blades being noticeably nerfed in this season. It leaves them now relying on the buffs to range builds in particular penetrating shot. And if those aren't good compared to the other top builds of the other top classes, it could leave Rogues in an awkward state this season. And that seems to be reflected in these rankings. A lot less people are playing Rogue at least in this race to 100. 

Top 3 - Barbarian

Barbarian had some big changes overpower was ultra good last season they made great use of it with it being somewhat nerfed. We still expected barbarians to dominate and use it. Now Hammer of the Ancients had some important changes and there was a massive push by the devs to get charge builds working, that's been successful, maybe overly successful as charge seems to be working in every build right now. We’re seeing in the open world so often where random Barbs are pushing the enemies out of the proper DPS. 

It's become really common, charge is simply too good not to use while Hammer is still the hammer. Massive single target and we seen players use this to oneshot the new Echo boss already. Charge can have its cool down greatly reduced now though, 3 seconds can be cut off per enemy hit up to a cap, if you get some proper CDR it means it's nearly always available. 

Top 2 - Necromancer

The second place is Necromancer who finally didn't win the race to world 100 in the new seasons. Previously a favorite for fast leveling, the Necromancer has been dethroned in Season 3. While still efficient with Bone Spear and other skills, it was not enough to secure the first place. Efficient leveling can be achieved through skills like Exposed Flesh and Grasping Veins. Utilizing the Aspect of Codex is also recommended.

 Top 1 - Sorcerer

The top spot is the Sorcerer. The build used for speed leveling in this case was firewall though there were a bunch of different mixes where players were using different abilities though firewall was the core of it. Firewall as a build has been popular in the past for its instant effectiveness and everyone else was running it. It doesn't need remotely as many aspects to work and it's very kind on your mana, relying on aspects found in the codex. As a build, it's much better at mob clear than single target. But when leveling, there's nothing that poses a real threat, there's nothing with a huge health pool to get through, it's like 90% mobbing and that's what it shines at. You can place a wall or two while running and move forward. The mobs chasing you will walk through burn and die. So you never really have to slow down. It's certainly the case that once you're done leveling it's a good idea to move on to a more well-rounded endgame build. 


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