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New World Season 2 Best Builds 2023 - Top 3 Best New Weapon Combos in Season 2 New World 2023
8/29/2023 5:04:08 PM
Tag: New World

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 3 builds in New World Season 2 2023, based on the latest meta. For each build, we will provide a detailed explanation of the attributes, weapon masteries, and gear perks that you should aim for. We will also discuss the best gems and gear to use in order to maximize your damage output. Additionally, we will showcase gameplay footage of us using different weapons, so you can see which abilities are most effective against your enemies. By the end of this article, you will have a thorough understanding of the top builds in Season 2 New World 2023 and how to use them to their full potential.

New World Season 2 Best Builds 2023 - Top 3 Best New Weapon Combos in Season 2 New World 2023

1. New World S2 Great Axe Warhammer Build 2023

The Great Axe Warhammer weapon combination in New World is an extremely strong and well-balanced setup, offering strong burst, CC, chase potential, and damage reduction. This build is intended for both PvE and PvP. For PvE, it is intended for general overland PvE and expeditions. For PvP, it is intended for open world PvP, duels, outpost rush, and wars.

The Greataxe Warhammer build is similar to the Greataxe Hatchet build in many ways. However, the peak damage and healing of the Greataxe Warhammer build are a bit lower. On the other hand, it brings more CC and damage reduction to the table.


Strength: 300

Dexterity: 5

Focus: 5

Constitution: 210

No matter from which level you start using this build, you first of all want to get your strength to 200 and then get 100 points in constitution. And continue putting everything else in strength. Then around level 60 and 625 item score gear you should have around 300 strength and 200 constitution. As you can see, the yellow bar color indicates the attributes that you get from level 60, the blue color indicates the attributes that you get from gear, and then the purple color indicates the attributes that you get from your food. For your gear, you want to go with the medium category, which means using heavy helmet, heavy chest armor, medium gloves light pants and medium boots.

Best Weapon Perks for Greataxe Build Season 2

Best Weapon Perks for Warhammer Build Season 2

Gameplay & Best Way to Play Great Axe Warhammer Build in New World 2023

We have the great axe and your first q spell is called the Maelstrom which will perform a fast spinning attack that pulls all targets in 2.5 meter range and thus bunch of AOE damage. Then the second ability is called the gravity well which will swing your axe and create this electric storm in which your enemies will be stunned, and will take bunch of damage. Lastly, we have the charge which is a simple mobility spell that will make your character dash for 10 meters while at the end doing 120% of your weapons damage. 

Then for the second weapon we have the Warhammer and your q spell is called the shock wave, which will slam your hammer into the ground causing a 3 meter earthquake that deals damage and staggers and roots your enemies for 2 seconds. The second skill is called the path of destiny which will create this powerful ground strike that does a lot of damage in this AOE range. Lastly, we have the breaking ball which will strike the ground with your Warhammer, dealing damage and at the same time knocking down your enemies.

Then let's move over to the rotation:

At the beginning of the fight, start with the great axe and use the gravity well and then dash into the enemy with the charge ability. Then the enemy will probably try to run, so use the Maelstrom and pull him back. Then switch the Warhammer and use the shockwave and then breaking ball. Lastly, finish off your enemy with a path of destiny.


  • Infused Regeneration Potion

  • Carrot Cake

  • Cleaning Elixir

  • Cunning Heartrune of Detonate 

  • Healing Elixir

2. New World Season 2 Greatsword Sword Build 2023 

The Greatsword is a Strength and Dexterity-based two-handed weapon that is able to deal massive damage to many enemies at once with its wild sword-swinging skills, and large range. It is currently the only weapon that evenly scales with two stats. Since the Greatsword scales evenly with two attributes, you can have your other weapon be the Hatchet, Bow, or Sword and Shield. Just make sure the attribute for your other weapon is the primary one rather than the secondary attribute of that specific weapon you have allocated points into.


Strength: 200

Dexterity: 150

Intelligence: 5

Focus: 5

Constitution: 101

If you start from level 0, you want to get your strength and dexterity to 200 and then start building your constitution. And around level 60, you should have 200 strength, 150 dexterity and 101 constitution. For your gear, you want to go up the medium category and you want to use one of those circle shaped small shields as well and each shield tab has different weight. So don't forget to use the lightest shield that still will make you in the medium category.

Best Weapon Perks for Greatsword Build New World 2023

Best Weapon Perks for Sword Build New World 2023

Gameplay & Best Way to Play Greatsword Sword Build in Season 2

For the first weapon, we have the great sword and your first q ability is called the cross cut which will perform 3 quick slash attacks that with each attack will do more damage. The second skill is called the skyward slash which will swing up your sword that will stagger due damage and apply your brain stacks on the enemy. Lastly, we have the steadfast shark which will stab your enemies and can do up to 2 hits which will do damage more and more and restore mana upon finishing the animation. And in PVE, this skill can be used to aggro all the monsters as well.

For the second weapon, we have the sword with shield and your q spell is called the leaping shark which will make you leave forwards that will do damage and stagger the enemy. Then the second skill is called the shield rush, which will quickly make your character brush forwards while dealing damage and pushing back your enemy. This skill is great for counter attacks to cancel the enemy animation or to help out your teammates. Lastly, we have the shield bash which is a short skill that will stun the enemy for 2 seconds and this is the longest stunning ability in the game.


  • Cut Pristine Opal 

  • Cut Pristine Malachite

  • Cut Pristine Onyx

  • Minor Heartune of Detonate

3. New World Season 2 Ice Void Gauntlet Build 2023

The Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet combination is a popular build in New World, particularly for PvP. This build offers a great combination of survivability, crowd control, and damage1. In PvE, this build is also potent, especially in AoE.

Both the Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet are mid-ranged mana-using weapons. The Ice Gauntlet has strong crowd control abilities and area of effect damage, while the Void Gauntlet can be used as a melee weapon, mid-ranged weapon, and as a supportive weapon for buffs, debuffs, and healing. The Void Gauntlet also has a special way to recover Mana called Harvest Essence.


Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 300

Focus: 5

Constitution: 150 

If you start from level 0, you want to get your intelligence to 150 and then start building your constitution. And around level 60, you should have 300 intelligence and 150 constitution. And lastly for your gear, you want to go with the medium category and the best gear setup is to have heavy helmet, heavy chest armor, medium gloves, light pants and medium boots, and this will give you 22.9 kilogram weight which is exactly just below the heavy weight category.

Best Weapon Perks for Void Gauntlet Build 2023

Best Weapon Perks for Ice Gauntlet Build 2023

Gameplay & Best Way to Play Ice Void Gauntlet Season 2 New World

For the void Gauntlet, we have the first q spell called the Oblivion which creates a circle around you and your teammates inside the circle will be getting 20 damage increase. But on the other hand, your enemy standing in the circle will be taking the damage every second and a really nice thing to do is while standing in the circle, do a bunch of medium jumps and because of the perks we have selected, we will be getting plus 15 stamina each jump. So this will give us the ability to dodge more enemy attacks and get more stamina at the same time. Then for the second ability, we have a petrifying scream which when using will unleash a void scream and this will stagger and root enemies in front of you. Lastly, we have a third ability which is called the orb of decay and you can fire this orb which can go through your targets and each enemy that it hits it will deal decent damage and reduce their damage observation. Later, that orb will come back and heal you for few seconds. And lastly, if you hold the right mouse button, you can regain more mana but in exchange your health will go down.

For the second weapon, we have the ice gauntlet and your q spell is called the ice storm which all enemies standing in it will get damaged and slowed. And the more enemies you hit, the higher damage you will get. Then the r ability is called the ice shower which when using will create an ice wall and if players go through it, it will stun them, and this ability is very useful in chopping your targets. Lastly, our third ability is called the ice spikes which meant activating creates this trail of spikes in a straight line, which deals damage in aob range. And if the target is below 30% health, a lot of times you can one shot him. And the way it works that if you are too close to the enemy when you're using the ability, the ice spikes won't explode with the highest damage to the enemy, so what you want to do is when using the spell and you see that the player is one second away from getting hit, then press the right mouse button and this will detonate the spike which will deal very high damage. So as far as your ability combinations go for the ice Gauntlet when farming mobs or even players, the best spell combination to do is place the ice storm AKA The Q ability on grouptop enemies. And if you see that enemy is stunned then use the eye spike ability and do a bunch of damage.