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Top 5 Elden Ring 1.09 Best Builds & Weapons for PVE - Best Holy Build in Elden Ring 2023
4/17/2023 11:33:18 AM

Holy damage is by far most of the bosses in Elden Ring are much more resistant to compared to other elemental damage, how to create good builds based on Holy damage? Centering that, we’ll show the top 5 best Elden Ring 1.09 builds & weapons for PVE in 2023.

Top 5 Elden Ring 1.09 Best Builds & Weapons for PVE - Best Holy Build in Elden Ring 2023 

For PVE players, if you are seeking the best weapons to get max holy damage out of the builds, here are the 5 most op Elden Ring 1.09 builds from Youwy, focusing on weapons, stats, talismans, and spells. 

Top 5 - Great Club

The Great Club is a very good colossal weapon, its holy damage and faith scaling was added in Patch 1.09, and it does a lot of poise damage, on top of that, it is free holy damage that did get with the buff, but it still does get a D scaling in faith, it has its faith scaling means that the Ash of War Golden Land does now scale off it, so actually he's gonna be doing more damage. In terms of the stats, the build itself is gonna go mainly into strength and have a little bit of faith, so we can use a couple of different spells, one of the buffing options can be Order's Blade, Wrath of Gold is another holy-based spell. As for the talismans, you can use Shard of Alexander for more Ash of War damage, the Axe Talisman to boost your charged attack damage, then Ritual Sword Talisman to boost damage at full health, and lastly, the Great-Jar's Arsenal Talisman to boost equipment load.

Top 4 - Ordovis's Greatsword

Ordovis's Greatsword is a Greatsword that mainly scales with strength, dexterity, and faith, and we heavily invest in strength on this build. It does not have that good faith scaling, you are not gonna get many returns out of it, but it gives us an A scaling strength, you best go all into strength and have 25 faith at level 150 for Golden Vow. The Ash of War Ordovis's Vortex is very good as you can proceed with the gameplay fully charged, it does a lot of posture damage. The talismans are going to be using for this build is Shard of Alexander, then the Godfrey Icon to boost the charged variant of its Ash of War, Ritual Sword Talisman increases damage at full health and then Great-Jar's Arsenal once again to boost our equipment load. Basically, the playstyle of this build is just to run around in a spam of the Ash of War over and over, and in terms of actual spells, use Rock Sling as the basic projectile option.

Top 3 - Coded Sword

Moving on to the number three weapon for the holy build in Elden Ring 1.09 is the Coded Sword, which is a Straight Sword that purely scales with faith. So this is a faith build for Patch 1.09, you are gonna have the Golden Order Seal, which actually does boost the incantations of our golden order incantations by about 20. As for stats, we're gonna have 33 intelligence to meet the minimum requirement for some of these spells, 30 strengths for the minimum requirements of the Erdtree Greatshield, and then the rest of the points that are going to put it into faith. Continuing on for talisman slots, Shard of Alexander is still the first option, then Sacred Scorpion Charm for more holy damage, but it does increase our damage negation. The next one is Ritual Sword Talisman, you probably can put Flock's Canvas Talisman here instead for this spell damage, finally, you're gonna have the Great-Jar's Arsenal to improve equipment load.

Top 2 - Envoy’s Long Horn

Envoy’s Long Horn is definitely one of the more fun weapons in the entire game and it is the best bubble weapon as well because it does an enormous amount of damage for only 16 FP, when you use the Ash of War, it is a pretty slow casting time in a slow recovery time, but the damage is definitely worth it. But this does get a B scaling in faith and a C scaling in strength, so we'll expect more into that because the faith scaling will improve the Ash of War damage directly. You can use Envoy Crown, which is going to be a helmet piece that does improve our bubble damage. The talisman options for this build will be the Shard of Alexander, Ritual Sword Talisman, Sacred Scorpion Charm, and the Great-Jar's Arsenal. How we're going to use this build is gonna spam the Ash of War over and over again and when necessary, use the weapon itself and with great hammers, they've been buffed plenty of times in the past, especially with the recent 1.09 patch to where like the heavy attacks and running attacks of this allow a lot quicker, so the weapon itself is really solid.

Top 1 - Halo Scythe

The last one is a dual scythe build using both the Halo Scythe and Winged Scythe, they both get very similar scaling, we're going to use a Halo Scythe as our main projectile option with this Miquella's Ring of Light, which does go pretty far does a very good amount of damage and good stagger damage as well. If you are going to need to stagger certain types of enemies, Winged Scythe does do decent damage and it actually does stop NPCs from healing as well, so it can be beneficial in that regard. Both of them get very good range and decent damage, they can hit around shells end with these two, in particular, and they also have an inherent bleed. Moving to talismans, Shard of Alexander, Great-Jar's Arsenal, and Sacred Scorpion Charm again, then the Carian Filigreed Crest to decrease the FP consumption of skills. For spells, Wrath of Gold once again is the only holy option you can really use, but you can use different types of elements if you want.