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2023 Easiest and Most Overpowered Build in Elden Ring - Best Elden Ring Build 2023
2/21/2023 11:25:33 AM

Today we want to bring you the easiest and most op build in Elden Ring of 2023, it is completely broken and requires zero skill. 

2023 Easiest and Most Overpowered Build in Elden Ring - Best Elden Ring Build 2023

This is an unbeatable build created by Prez, which is extremely easy to use and overpowered in the game, it is probably the best Elden Ring build of 2023 and also the strongest in the entire game.  


The primary weapon for this build is Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear, it is a completely broken Great Spear and one of the best weapons in the entire game, it has very high physical damage along with split high fire damage, meaning we can use spells and talismans to increase the damage further on this weapon, it also stacks up to 94 bleed and all that makes the weapon insanely good, the only thing you need to know is how to use its Ash of War. 

A nice secondary weapon to use is Bandit’s Blood Curved Sword, you can obtain this easily at the Church of Pilgrimage, just kill the skeletons outside the church, and they have a two percent chance to drop this. It is recommended to farm it until you get two, so you can power stance it because the jumping attack is insane, once you get this fully upgraded and then add the Seppuku Ash of War, make sure Seppuku is on the one in your right hand, so it's easier to do and the one you're offhand just put any bleed affinity you want on it, with these two and Seppuku, your jumping attacks are going to trigger blood loss almost every time and this is the second most broken option you have in the game.

For the spells, you can use the Flame Grant me Strength, and if you want damage, Howl of Shabriri is a good option, this even does more damage and it pairs the Flame Grant me Strength, but sometimes it makes the build a little bit over-complicated, so whether to use it or not, it’s up to you. 


- For the headpiece, we are using the White Mask, this will give you a 10 damage buff when blood loss is triggered and you can trigger this easily by using Seppuku.

- For the chest, if you are using jumping attacks, use Raptor’s Black Feathers, you can gain a 10 damage buff from jumping attacks.  

- For the hands and legs, you can just use anything you want, there isn’t anything crazy you can use to help damage. But the Royal Remains set can passively restore your HP. 


- Claw Talisman: enhances jump attacks, this is the most redundant talisman for your mimic tear. 

- Shard of Alexander: increases the damage of your Ash of War.

- Lord of Blood’s Exultation: enhances damage when blood loss is triggered. 

- Fire Scorpion Charm: increases fire attack from the Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear.

- Shabriri's Woe: constantly attracts enemies' aggression. Once you are inside the boss fight, call on your mimic tears, as long as you called in with Shabriri's Woe talisman on, and you took yours off, the boss will mainly focus on your mimic tear, which makes it easier for you to kill the boss.  


This build is completely broken no matter what level you are, the minimum requirements you need for Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear are 24 strength, 27 arcane, and 14 dexterity, with those levels you'll also be able to use the curved sword, so that definitely makes it something you should focus on.

Soft caps

These are basically the highest point you should go when leveling up, once you achieve one soft cap, start focusing on the next one. 

- Vigor 40/60

- Mind: 55/60

- Endurance: 50 (Stam), 25/60 (Equip)

- Strength: 20/55/80

- Dexterity: 20/55/80

- Dexterity (Spells): 70

- Intelligence: 20/50/80

- Intelligence (Sorc): 60/80

- Faith: 20/50/80

- Faith (Incant): 60/80

- Arcane: 20/55/80

- Arcane (Incant): 60/80

- Arcane (Hybrid): 30/45


Guess you ask