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D2R Ladder Season 2 Leap Attack Barb Build Guide - Diablo 2 Resurrected Best 2.5 Barbarian Build
11/21/2022 2:27:55 PM

Leap Attack Barbarian is by far most players' favorite addition to Diablo 2 Resurrected with all the different changes that they've made to the classes. In this D2R 2.5 Barbarian build guide, we focus on the stats, gear, skills, and tips for the best Diablo 2 Leap Attack Barb build.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Barbarian Starter Build Guide - Best Leap Attack Barbarian Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5

Leap Attack itself is actually part of the speedrun meta now, because of the amazing amount of mobility and the consistent damage output that you get. Whereas previously most people thought that the D2R Ladder Season 2 Barbarian builds early game was complete garbage, there was just no good way around it and you either had to get rushed on Battlenet or just sit there screaming as a War Cry Singer until your ears bled. Now, we are showing you how to prioritize getting gear, leveling up the skill choices, how prioritizing the different quests in your own progression path, and how to play the best D2R Ladder Season 2 Leap Attack build itself to get the gear that you need and have a really good and efficient time leveling and progressing through this story.


D2R Ladder 2 Leap Attack Barb Build Act 1


Warcries - None

Combat Masteries - 7 Mace Mastery

Combat Skills - 1 Bash, 1 Double Swing, 1 Leap

As you're doing the Act 1 progression in normal while you're on the double swing version of the Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 2 Barb build before you respect. If we were to go level by level, including having the den of evil point as your level one skill point, you really want to prioritize getting into mace mastery, making sure that you have bash before level 6. So that you can pick up double swing, being able to pick up leap as well. For every other point that we're putting in prior to that, you're literally just going to be maxing out mace mastery until you have at least a 20% chance to crit. You also don't worry about putting any of your points into the war cry.


If you really wanted to, you have a couple of different options. One putting additional points into the double swing is going to reduce the Mana cost and something that isn't abundantly clear is that the Mana cost and double swing actually hits every time you attack. So while it costs 2 minutes to use a double swing that's per hit, it actually caused four Mana. If you're going to bump this up to maybe skill level 3 at this point, you're only looking at 1.5 Mana or 3 Mana per skill use. This would bring us up to level 12. We'd rather get additional points into attack rating as well as crit chance for the last couple of points until you respect.



Strength - 30

Dexterity - 20

Vitality - 25

Energy - 10

For your stats, it's very easy to fall into the trap of just kind of putting everything into vitality. But early on, we really recommend getting up to at least 30 dexterity with your first two levels. Because of that solid increase to your attack rating, you're really going to feel it while you're trying to fight monsters. The only thing to note is that obviously putting more points into vitality is going to make it easier for you to survive gaining you more life, walking into Act 2 since we won't be able to pick up a flail which is the best weapon with the best attack speed that continues to fall under the mace class of weapon. You need to have at least 41 strength and 35 dexterity to be able to use those weapons.


D2R 2.5 Leap Attack Barbarian Build Act 2 


Strength - 41

Dexterity - 36

Vitality - 74

Energy - 10

We just got to the end of Act 1 as our sleep attack Barbarian is actually still sitting on being a double swing bash with a lot of mace mastery and a little bit of utility. You will have just enough strength in dexterity in to be able to use two flails when we walk into Act 2 and then everything else is going into vitality. We're not going to respec until we hit at least level 19. In Act 2 where we're going to worry about gambling for a moss, we'll have a really heavy damage weapon to be able to use once we've actually swapped over to Leap Attack.



Requests in Act 1 obviously we had to do the den of evil because we're going to need the respect and the plus 1 skill point. We also went and rescued Decker Kane. Not only to get a cow leg for when you inevitably want to do some normal cow runs but also to gain access to a ring which can be really important sometimes you can get resistances or attack rating. We actually ended up getting the triumphant ring Of charged bolt which had a chance to cast shard bolt win struck as well as Mana per kill which is actually really nice on the D2R Ladder 2 Barbarian Starter build. That a little bit of extra AOE damage from charge strike in that matter, part kill helps to offset the Mana loss from double swing and ultimately leap attack later until we find a better rank.



We're sitting on seven total ship gems. We're going to use those for re-rolling malls for chances are really good high damage as well as multiple sockets. If we were to keep any of these for use themselves, we would try to prioritize either chip Sapphire for the cold damage to add a little bit of CC and utility to our attacks or the rubies for life in a helmet or an armor in case you don't end up making a stealth armor. we only got two Tal runes and a Ral rune from our Countess farming. So this is most likely going to go into resistances and these are most likely going to go into our weapon to have a little bit of additional tick damage which is especially important when we're fighting bosses.


Pick a 3 socket armor you don't really need to worry about doing this yet. Early game, uniques, rares, and sets can really go to define your build in the very easiest and most obvious ways. The last thing you should have is a jewel, ultimately you are probably going to craft some crushing blow gloves or open wound belt. So having at least one extra Jewel sitting around is always nice. Also, look out for poison damage you can throw these into a helmet and then continue to put on that helmet when you need additional damage or throw it into something for your mercenary.



Talking about mercenaries, we actually picked up two really good options for an Act 2 mercenary early on, so we have this big enhanced damage with additional damage and AR to demons, cold damage, life leech Mana per kill, as well as attack speed on a bardiche. Then we picked up an ethereal one socket bardiche which again you could throw either a chipped Sapphire into that for cold damage for your mercenary throw in a poison damage jewel whatever you end up coming across. This would be a really good option for getting into Act 3 and Act 4 on an Act 2 Mec.


The best mercenary to hire at this point is going to be the blessed aim. Getting that additional attack rating for your mercenary will go a really long way to make sure they're actually applying damage. Because it's so difficult to stack attack rating at this point. We're going to make sure to do the Radament's Lair and then we're just going to skip as fast as we can down to Duriel and get him killed.



Warcries: None

Combat Masteries - 1 Mace Mastery

Combat Skills - 15 Leap, 5 Leap Attack

There are a couple of different options that you can go with here for more utility versus more damage. Going down into battle cry is going to decrease monster damage as well as decrease their defense. Increasing the chances that you're going to hit it one of the things that are really important to note though is just how important it is to scale up leap attacks damage from the jump. The more points that we can put into a leap, the better our overall mobility is going to be since we're going to be using leap for our primary mobility. Since we're level 20, we can put 3 points into leap attack and its damage and attack rating is already pretty nice. We also want to get into Battle Cry in battle orders, so just keep in mind that in a couple of levels so probably when we're walking out of Act 3.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Leap Attack Barb Build Act 3


Strength - 71

Dexterity - 29

Vitality - 85



Warcries: None

Combat Masteries - 1 Mace Mastery

Combat Skills - 17 Leap, 5 Leap Attack

We've continued to max out both leap and leap attacks. We haven't really worried about getting down into the shout quite frankly. We don't use battle orders until it's going to be around for at least a few minutes and that's in addition to battle command. So we're going to worry about putting those points in much closer to level 30 and maybe around level 33. At this point the rest of our points are going completely into vitality we're really relying on both our nominal amount of attack rating and with leap attack itself. We have about an 80 to 90% chance to hit right now. But that AOE damage is doing a huge amount of work. When our attack does land, we're doing a massive massive amount of damage with it.



We've yet to put anything into our deadly maul. We're sitting on some additional res and frost nova, some fire res, and a little bit of stats here in the rings and in the belt. Then what we're also doing is making sure to prioritize some magic find. Also, have magic find in a helmet and then magic find on some gloves. So we're looking at 52 magic find which is actually a pretty big bump in overall magic find and you throw this right on just before a boss is going to die. Or if you happen to be able to survive without your headpiece or your additional glove resistances, you could throw these on and just use them when you're generally leveling and killing elite mobs as you go just to increase the chances of them dropping something really good for you.



In Act 3, we're going to do all of the additional quests that we really can here so we want to get the Jade Figurine to get our plus to life. We want to get the Gidbinn for a chance at a really good rare ring. We want to get the Liam Neeson, so we can get those additional stat points. Then we're going to Zerg on our way to Mephisto and get him killed as well.


You're not really worrying about any other gear and Act 3 and we're looking to just get through it as fast as possible. Making sure to pick up at least level 24 to level 25 being able to farm stuff in the Flare Jungle for huge density with our leap Attack AOE is really nice as well as farming Battlemaid Sarina since she has so many minions around her. Your AOE damage will go a long way to increase your clear speed there as well.


There is technically one other thing that you can do which is actually completely creating Khalim's Flail which has a lot of really solid stats on it and then actually going back and using that as a leveling weapon in Act 3 or even back in Act 2. If you have yet to complete the quest of smashing the compelling orb and you're also a little bit behind on levels or you didn't happen to get a nice maul weapon.




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