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D2R Ladder Season 2 Best Sundered Builds - Best Cold, Fire, Magic, Lightning & More 2.5 Sunder Builds
9/17/2022 6:10:31 PM

With Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.5 going live on the PTR, we have seen an addition of 6 unique Grand charms that break the immunity of the respective type and set monster resistances of that element to 95%. Is this going to help underpowered builds? Would they change the meta? Let's dive into the best D2R 2.5 Sundered charm builds for each particular element type.


D2R Best 2.5 Sunder Builds - 6 Sunderd Grand Charm Build For Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 2

First of all, there are six Sundered charms in Diablo 2 Resurrected season 2. They provide bonus before they Sunder the immunities. So basically they break the immunity and set monster resistance of that type to 95% whether it is magic, poison, physical, or lightning. At the same time, they also provide a penalty for all the elements like cold, fire, lightning, and poison. They do -75%, two person's resistance of that particular type. For magic, it is -50% and for physical it is increased by 25% of physical damage. Physical damage is really hard to offset, you really need the physical damage reduction which is so easy to get in the game, especially without sacrificing useful gear slots. 

Typically it's going to be your Shako with 10% Enigma with 8% and maybe sometimes you can use verdangos or string of ears. Normally that would be enough to prevent you from getting too hard of a hit in melee. But with this extra bonus of damage, that's going to be really challenging. -50% of magic resistance is even harder to offset. This is a little bit interesting to see how this penalty will work out and it seems some of them are not so equally balanced. Because obviously getting 75% res of some extra type is way easier than getting magic or physical one now. Below are the best D2R patch 2.5 Sunder Charm builds for each class.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Best Sundered Cold Builds


Sorceress with her cold mastery already with enough plus skills can break it to -170% as soon as you break this 100% immunity threshold. So now all the cold sorcs will be the most op D2R 2.5 Sundered build. Because literally, everything will immediately die inside. If before they were constrained with quite a bit of unbreakable cold immunes, now this is no longer a problem. Even without Infinity, you deal so much damage. But with infinity, all of them will be to -200%, and you will just face roll the entire game all the Terror Zones, everything absolutely easy.



On a contrary, Amazon called freezing arrows will be not so great still because you still need this infinity to break this damage. maybe with nightwings, you will be able to do something more. but it's going to be still a little bit more viable with ice run work that also provides - 2% enemy core resistances.



The Zealer Paladin with holy freeze might be still okay, although it's not going to be op in any occasion. Because typically the damage of holy freeze is not so big and you will still need infinity to really do some decent damage. Maybe wielding doom ax will be actually an interesting build to try out.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Best Sundered Fire Builds

Fire is the most interesting one because those are really hard to break in the game and also there are so many areas with fire immunities. It was really preventing a lot of fire builds to play out for example the Sorceress or Druid.



The Sorceress will be kind of okay. The only problem is that it doesn't work for hydra. So the only weapon of choice will be fireball because frankly meteor is really hot trash the delay from the falling down is really preventing it from using except maybe for bosses. Fireball Sorceress can be now viable but you will still need either lower resin plague or maybe Infinity.



However, fire Druid is going to be probably also the main fire theme in this patch. Fire Druid used amazing damage and has a lot of variabilities what to use and for which purpose and with the absence of human unities way more places will be amazing for him to farm.



It is also really interesting to see how Holy Fire Paladin will work out for example with the hand of justice the fainting shield and dragon armor. So this is going to be probably also one of the best D2R 2.5 Sunder build to play this season.



Considering there are still no changes to the immolation or explosive arrow, they will be still quite on a weaker side. Maybe solo playing will be viable but it's not going to be as good and once again.



Since this change doesn't work on traps, they are kind of dead. Nobody will play Assassins at all.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Best Lightning Sundered Builds


Lightning Amazon with griffin's infinity and the charm, basically it just goes to Chaos Sanctuary next to the gate of it throws one Spear and even Diablo will be dead.



This is the best Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.5 Sunder build. Although again you will still need infinity to bring down those resistances down. Thanks to the massive lightning mastery input, you will have really huge damage against almost all monsters. This makes that face rolling builds even stronger.



Holy Shock Zealer this one could be also quite interesting thanks to the crescent moon that is quite easy to make for your zeal attacks and also minor sliding resistances considering you get griffins at some point and maybe eventually you will get infinity on your mercenary. This could be also one of the best D2R Patch 2.5 Sunder builds. Because thanks to the absence of immunities, you can bring down those resources low so you deal a lot of damage with those holy shock procs.



Trapsin will be probably that it is quite sad to see that this change is not benefiting Assassins at all. Although they are still good of course the Death Sentry and fire blast will be amazing build.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Best Poison Sundered Builds


There are only two best builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected that really use poison in a viable so first of all Necro is really op. Because previously you would only be able to break the immunities with a lower resistance, but now you break the immunity with a charm, and then lower resist brings the resistances almost to zero. Damage from poison over really skyrockets so it is a strong addition to the damage output. Not that it was really needing it because obviously you still have your corpse explosion amplified damage, so you would still be able to kill everything. On top, there are honestly not so many poison immunes in the game, but again considering we are farming Terror Zones, this will be a good addition to prevent Necromancer from heating some hard blocks in terms of poison immune enemies.



This is only just a good change because they will be able to deal with those monsters. But since they don't have really easy access to lower res which is the only source of reducing poison resistances, it will be kind of difficult. They also cannot use three-piece trunk sand because well they cannot wear Necro heads, so this is not also a way to go. Potentially you can use playground word on your act 5 mercenary or maybe use a lower res one donut swap which is kind of not so efficient.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Best Magic Sundered Build

One point here is that there are few magic immunities in the game. So magic charm will not be that useful considering that it also provides minus magic resistances which are really hard to offset. Frankly speaking, Bone Necro will be still as it was Paladin Hammer and Fist of the Heavens will be also the same strength and Berzerker Barbarian will be on the same level. We don't think magic charm will be useful at all. If you want to farm Baal waves or Baal for experience then you can do it solo.


D2R Ladder Season 2 Best Physical Sundered Build

First of all, there are actually four best D2R Sundered Charm builds 2.5 that can really benefit from it.



It can also explode things like stone skins and physical immunes even easier with a corpse explosion with -100% of resistance from amplified damage.


Melee Builds

First of all, it's a Zealer Paladin, Whirlwind Frenzy Barbarian, and Fury Druid. Those three D2R best 2.5 Sundered Grand Charm builds typically don't face any physical immunity monsters. Because those are typically ghosts and maybe a couple of stone skins. So really you normally don't care about those at all. However, if they do now with this charm, they can break it down and maybe get some reaper’s tall procs that will further reduce the resistance and make life easier. However offsetting 25 increased physical damage on them is a game changer, because again all the melee builds will really struggle with that. You will get hit way harder and this will be really problematic. This is not a fair balance in terms of the penalty and considering there are only a few occasions where this will be useful for physical damage dealing characters.


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