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Elden Ring Best Ice Bleed Bandit Build Guide: Weapons, Ashes of War, Talimans, Stats, Tears & Gameplay Tips
8/10/2022 9:41:01 AM

Using bleed and elbowing destroys your enemies rather quickly but what happens if you add another OP status effect to the mix known by the name of frostbite to make it even better what if you also add fire to the mix and thus can infinitely keep procking your frostbites next to your bleed rocks on your enemies. In this guide, let’s go over the strongest Bleed, Fire, and Frost build which setup with the bandit class.

Elden Ring Best Ice Bleed Bandit Build

Elden Ring Strongest Bandit Build - Best Bleed Frost Fire Build Guide

The cold-blooded flame is exactly specialized in that namely the arts of mixing fire, bleed and frostbite together to quickly erase the existence of whatever he's fighting on the battlefield. In addition to this, the cold-blooded flame has a very diverse moveset and various tools to completely break his opponents, whether they are nearby or in the distance. His fighting style is characterized with elegance harmony and ninja-esque dance, and with this is a real force to be reckoned with. 

The bandit fits the idea of either a bleed or a bleed frost build very well because the class has in fact the highest number of points in arcane and dexterity. For its starting levels, exactly the two stats that will be our main stats. Arcane is intrinsically linked to bleed procs because it influences the pace of bloodlust buildup on enemies and it also scales the raw damage of our weapons and regarding dexterity. The bandit that we will build and ultimately make evolve into the cold blooded flame is going to be an elegant killer using very deadly swords that have blades on both sides of the hilt.


The weapons in this build that we will use will primarily scale their raw damage through dexterity and dexterity is also a very important stat for weapons that have the gold affinity, this makes the bandit a great choice for this build as a starting class. 

Weapon 1: Cold Twinblade

We use Twinblades for build because they are the best way to set up an infinite bleed frost proc build and they just deal a lot of damage in general. In addition to that twinblades have a really nice moveset even though they are on the heavier side they feel very fluent and smooth to use. You can hit your enemies with both sides of the sword, so either blade works and both the normal attack moveset as well as the charged attacks feel nice to use. Thanks to the rather large range of these weapons, it's also a very reliable way to hit your opponents, and with their movesets in mind they will deal a lot of damage just in mere seconds, so you can just keep hitting things with your blades quickly. But that's not all because if you use two twinblades at the same time, it becomes even better and you become double the trouble. We will also be using jump attacks with them, with this you can quickly build up frost and bleed on your enemies because you can hit your enemies up to 6 times with just a single jump attack. 

Ash of War: Ice Spear

This ash of war is incredible and it fits this build so well, because it now makes our build the best version of a frost bleed build possible, especially one that you can make at the start of the game. Put this ash of war on your normal twinblade and it will now become a cool twin blade, this means your twin blade can apply frost on your enemies and thus broke frostbite at the very start of the game. Since this ash of war applies gold on your sword you don't need to go the traditional route of obtaining the wet blade to manually apply a gold on your sword and you can get that with blade only after you defeat the dog with rabies in the rail academy anyway so you'd have to do story stuff. In other words, this is exactly what we need and want to complete the build so early on. 

But that's not all because really we have pretty much everything we want in our build already, if you just strictly talk about wanting to destroy everything in the gam,  if you think about it except for one thing something to attack enemies within the distance, and this is exactly what ice spirit does not only that but it looks and feels amazing as well to use and definitely fits the theme of the build.

Weapon 2: Eleonora's Poleblade

This is the perfect weapon for this build because Eleonora's Poleblade has innate bleed. And with that is the only twinblade in the game that actually has innate bleed which makes it perfect for the early and mid game, you don't need any upgrades to get a significant amount of bleed nor do you have to get a wet blade or shaft to apply the blood affinity on your weapon to get bloodlust build up in the first place. But that's not all because Eleonora's Poleblade is extremely versatile. So not only does it have the most OP status effect in the game already on it, it also has all the benefits that we mentioned with the normal twin blade so great moveset, damage range, flexibility and it's just a very smooth weapon to use. 

Eleonora's Poleblade is also have fire damage, so if you use this twinblade in conjunction with another twinblade with frost, which is exactly how we're going to build our other twinblade, it will remove the frostbite application or your enemy.

All in all the weapon is just extremely versatile and you can use it for whatever purpose you want really, you don't have to just use it for the jump attacks to keep rocking bleed and frost, you can also just use it to stand speak your enemies and go for easy critical hits, or just use the ash of war to deal damage quickly or use the actual moveset of the twinblade to deal damage. 

Ash of War: Blood Blade Dance

But in addition, it also has blood blade dance which is the ash of war that is unique to this weapon. The ash of war just breaks whatever you're fighting to be honest, it has a lot of poise damage inside of it, so you can use it to stance break things quickly to set up for critical hits, or to set up for easy jump attacks. In addition to the ash of war just  being a nice way to quickly hit your enemies in succession, it gets a lot of damage and it builds up blood loss to proc bleed as well, and it's just extremely versatile in the things you can do with it. 

Attribute Points

Vigor: 50

Mind: 20

Endurance: 23

Strength: 9

Dexterity: 55

Intelligence: 9

Faith: 8

Arcane: 55

With a hybrid build like this that applies two different status effects at the same time, your damage is going to scale through a lot of different stats and it can get quite messy and you can completely give your damage output. If you don't approach your stats carefully and really this is because pretty much every damage stat in the game is related to our twin blades with this bleed frost setup except for fate, but what you want to do with this build is definitely prioritize arcane and dexterity for your damage stats and just ignore intelligence unless you get to really high levels, and you don't have much left to spend points on. And the reason for this is because dexterity is the primary scaling attribute and linked to both of our twin blades and arcane does a lot for Eleonora's Poleblade damage output, and its bloodlust buildup at the same time, so it is a very important stat. While on the other hand intelligence is the lower scaling rate on our cold twinblade, so only one of the two twinblades and it's just not that important it really has minimal influence on your damage output with this build.

For a level 150 build, we would get 50 vigor 55 dexterity and 55 arcane, this will make you reach both the first soft cap for dexterity as well as for arcane for weapon damage, and you'll get more bloodless bloodlust buildup with that as well while becoming more tanky if you struggle a lot in PvE or are a newer player or PvP a lot, we would say 5 points from both arcane and dexterity and then get 60 vigor instead.


Radagon's Soreseal

It's a very good tailsman that will help us out because it provides a lot of relevant stats right at the start of the game. Without the need to always have the Radagon's Soreseal and it already gives a nice boost to our damage output and blood loss buildup. And then put all the rest of the points into Vigor making you already very tanky and have a lot of sustain early on, which is nice because we will be in melee territory a lot with this build. A thus you can actually take a lot of hits yourself without dying so quickly now

Claw Talisman

Something else that you want to consider is after defeating margaret you will get another talisman pouch and for this talisman slot you definitely want to get the claw talisman, it is a talisman that he can get very early on in the game. In stormville to be precise and it fits this build perfectly it increases the damage output of our jump attacks and as you know we'll definitely be using those jump attacks frequently because they are just so good with a bleed frost twin blade built. And therefore the claws talisman will do wonders for this build.

Wonderous Physick Mix

Let's talk about the flask and the two crystal tears that you want to get because you can get both of them at the start of the game 

Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear

the first one is going to be the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear to you that you can get in the northwestern part of Caelid from killing the putrid avatar, this crystal tear will raise the damage of Eleonora's Poleblade directly because it will raise the fire damage on it making it a very nice option. As you know we will just continuously hit things with Eleonora's Poleblade, so a buff to its damage directly is very nice and you can get it right at the start of the game.

Stonebarb Cracked Tear

The other crystal tear you want to get is also in Caelid, this time it's going to be from a way more tanky and challenging peter avatar, near the minor air tree all the way in the east, this is just a copy-paste of the avatar we just faced. But this one is actually on steroids and all kinds of other substances get hit and you die if you do this at the start of the game, but thankfully we are so op with my bleed frost build, nothing is too much of a challenge for us. Killing this pizza avatar will give you the Stonebarb Cracked Tear here and this crystal tear will increase the boy's damage on all our hits, and thus is especially nice with blood blade dance or jump attacks. Really just in general the twinblades move set all these attacks already have nice voice damage, but with this crystal tear in our flask, we will stance break everything even faster, making it just a very fast process to break any enemy in the game really.


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