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Elden Ring Best Bleed Build 1.06 - Top 3 Overpowered Bleed Builds in Elden Ring After Patch
8/10/2022 3:36:45 PM

The Elden Ring 1.06 patch notes just revealed, based on the alterations of the skills and weapons, how to get effective blood loss builds after patch 1.06? Here we’ll take you to look at three Elden Ring best bleed builds 1.06, featuring the best stats, weapons, spells, tears, talismans, armors, and more.

Elden Ring Best Bleed Build 1

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Elden Ring Best Bleed Build 1.06 - Top 3 Overpowered Bleed Builds in Elden Ring After Patch 

Elden Ring 1.06 Bleed Build 1 (Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear Build)

The first Elden Ring bleed build by Gaming Exploits is insane for bosses and PvP since the weapon got a buff recently, which makes it quicker. Get the following Elden Ring items equipped together. 

1. Stats

For this bleed build after patch 1.06, you’ll want to put a majority of points into arcane, and mind if you are at level 150, try to get around 45 points into arcane.

2. Weapons

You’ll need a Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear for a bleed build, you can obtain it by trading Remembrance of the Blood Lord with Enia at Roundtable Hold, you'll also need a seal just to use a couple of incantation buffs.

3. Spells

- Flame Grant Me Strength: boosts physical and fire damage, can be found behind Fort Gael, on a body between two Maneuverable Flamethrowers. 

- Golden Vow: provides an extra boost in your damage output, you can find it from Corpse-Stench Shack, in Mt Gelmir.

4. Flask of Wondrous Physick

- Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear: as the weapon skill on Mohgs Spear does fire damage, this is gonna buff it considerably, you can get this Tear dropped by the Erdtree Avatar found at the Minor Erdtree in Caelid, east of Smoldering Church.

- Opaline Bubbletear: this is the tier that puts a damage-reducing bubble around you, effectively giving you one free hit without taking any real damage, this is pretty useful as we'll be using Mohg's weapon skill, which can leave you open to attacks. You can get the Bubbletear after beating the Erdtree Avatar boss. 

5. Armor

- White Mask: boosts damage whenever blood loss is in the vicinity and there is gonna be a ton of it, you can get it by defeating one of the three white mask invaders. For the rest of the armor, you can pick something that will give you a decent amount of protection.

6. Great Runes

- Mohg's Great Rune: gives you a huge blood loss off to your summons and you'll be summoning in your Mimic Tear, which will be doing crazy damage because they'll be using everything you have.

7. Talismans

- Shard of Alexander: boosts attack power of skills, to get this talisman, you need to complete the Iron Fist Alexander questline. 

- Ritual Sword Talisman: boosts attack power when HP is at maximum and you can get that from a chest after defeating the Demi-Human Queen Gilika boss. 

- Fire Scorpion Charm: raises fire attacks by 12%, you can get this atop the ramparts of Fort Laiedd, a stronghold located on Mt. Gelmir.

- Lord of Blood's Exultation: boost attacks when blood losses in the area, this talisman drops from Esgar, Priest of Blood in Leyndell Catacombs.

Elden Ring 1.06 Bleed Build 2 (Star Wars Build)

This Star Wars theme build looks really cool in action and it actually dishes out crazy damage extremely quickly. Once you’ve got everything, simply cast Flame me Grant Strength and drink your Wondrous Physick, once you use the skill on the Poleblade, you’ll land multiple hits, this will trigger your talismans and your Cracked Tear, and you are going to inflict blood loss and fire damage, which activates the Mask, the Cracked Tear and the Lord of Blood's Exultation, the jump from the skill will trigger your Raptor's Black Feathers, this will all continue to stack again and again until your opponent drops. 

1. Stats 

Whatever other stats you put your points into, arcane is the most important, and boost it up.

2. Weapons

You are going to need Eleonora's Poleblade, it has insane damage, you can get it by defeating Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger, at the Second Church of Marika. 

3. Armor

For armor pieces, you can either wear a Black Hood or no helmet at all, or you can choose to buff your damage with the White Mask, it boosts attacks when blood loss is in the vicinity. Considering the Poleblade inflicts blood loss, your damage will get boosted big time. Then, you’ll need the Raptor's Black Feathers as it boosts jump attacks, it's basically a black cloak. For the arms and legs, go for something that gives a decent amount of armor without causing you to fat roll.

4. Great Rune

You'll be dishing out a lot of damage very quickly, you won't have much time to block or heal, so be sure to go for Malenia's Great Rune, this will actually heal you when you land hits on enemies.

5. Flask of Wondrous Physick

- Thorny Cracked Tear: boosts successful attacks and keeps stacking after each hit, you can get it by going to the Consecrated Snowfield and beating the Putrid Avatar at the Minor Erdtree.

- Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear: boost the fire damage inflicted by the Poleblade, you can get it by defeating the Erdtree Avatar boss in Caelid.

6. Talismans

- Shard of Alexander: boosts attack power of skills by 15%.

- Twinblade Talisman: if you can’t get Shard of Alexander, you can replace it with Twinblade Talisman that boosts your final hit in a twin blade combo by 20%, and you can find it in a chest at the rear of Castle Morne in the Weeping Peninsula in South Limgrave.

- Millicent's Prosthesis: increases dexterity by 5 and boosts successive attacks, you can get this by getting to the end of Millicent's questline and choosing to kill her, you can actually also get this sooner by killing her when she shows up at the Windmill Village Site of Grace.

- Rotten Winged Sword Insignia: raises successive attacks as well, you can get this by getting to the end of Millicent's questline and choosing to help her, but if you haven't hit New Game Plus and you only have one of Millicent's talismans, swap out the one you don't have for the Godskin Swaddling Cloth, this restores HP with successive attacks.

- Lord of Blood's Exultation: boosts attack power whenever blood loss is in the vicinity and you can get this from Esgar, Priest of Blood in Leyndell Catacombs. 

Elden Ring 1.06 Bleed Build 3 (Arcane Build)

This arcane bleed build is outstanding in terms of the damage you get, make sure to get every item listed below, as each one works perfectly with others. To get this build work, get your Seppuku done, drink your flask, head in and start jumping at the boss, and hitting L1 or LB, this hits the boss with an attack that strikes them four times, which triggers everything you are wearing related to successive attacks. The Seppuku and the natural blood loss of the curved swords will trigger everything you're wearing that boosts attack power when blood loss is in the vicinity, your high arcane will boost that as well as the sword's initial damage due to the occult affinity, and then the jump you're doing before the attack is triggering everything you're equipping that boosts jump attacks, with each jump strike, you’ll do more and more damage, it should only take a few hits to defeat your enemy. 

1. Stats

It’s worth putting as much as you can into arcane, then vigor, mind, and dexterity being the secondary order.

2. Weapons

This build is centered around Scavenger's Curved Sword, this is an easy-to-find weapon that deals bleed damage and is perfect for dual-wielding builds. it is just outside sitting on a dead body and you can find it early. You are going to need two of these, but you have to go into NG+.

3. Ash of War & Affinity

The Curved Sword already does bleed damage which is great the high arcane is going to help give that a little boost too. For ashes of war, you can use Bloodhound's Step and Seppuku. For affinities, you're going to want to choose an Occult for both weapons, this means that your swords will scale with arcane. 

4. Armor

For the head, you’ll want to use the White Mask again, to get it, you'll need to do the Varre questline and be rewarded with the Pureblood Knight's Medal, use it to teleport and fight the three invaders in the blood pool. For the chest, you’ll want the Raptor's Black Feathers. For your hands and feet, choose anything that offers a nice chunk of damage negation without causing you to fat roll. 

5. Talismans

- Lord of Blood's Exultation: this gives us an extra 20% damage, with the white mask, the combination gives you a total of 30% boosted damage when there's blood loss in the vicinity 

- Claw Talisman: boosts jump attack damage by 12%, you can find it on a corpse situated on a watchtower in Stormveil Castle.

- Rotten Winged Sword Insignia: raises attack power with successive attacks by 6% to 22%. 

- Millicent's Prosthesis: raises dexterity by 5 and successive attacks by 4% to 11%.

6. Flask of Wondrous Physick

- Greenburst Crystal Tear: boosts stamina recovery speed, which will help out a lot considering we're going to be jumping and swinging our swords around.

- Thorny Cracked Tear: makes consecutive attacks grow stronger the longer they continue, meaning each time you hit the enemy the damage increases on top of the 100 damage boost from everything else. 


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