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How To Get MAX Damage for All Melee & Magic Builds | Elden Ring Damage Increase & Buff Guide
7/25/2022 7:20:07 PM

How can I get more damage to my build? What buffs to use for stacking better DPS? Check out our Elden Ring Damage Increase Guide, you will find the answers and get your one hit to 10k+ damage!


Elden Ring Damage Increases Explained & Improve DPS Tips

Here is a Lost Ark damage guide on how to truly maximize your damage in Elden Ring, so you can achieve +350% extra damage for more than three times your initial damage by using all sorts of different power-ups such as from gears, talismans, buffs, skills, and spells.

How To Get MAX Damage (+350% Damage for) for All Builds in Elden Ring?

First of all, let’s briefly explain how damage increase works in Lost Ark, aka the methods you can use to improve your DPS:

  • Upgrade Weapon to Max: +350%

  • Optimize scaling, 60 in mainstat: +50%

  • Use Bloodboil Perfume Aromatic (Body buff): +30%

  • Use Rallying Banner (Aura Buff): +20%

  • Use Royal Knights Resolve (WPN buff): +80%

  • Use special buffs (Jelly shield): +20%

  • Use Flask Buffs: +15 / 20%

  • Use Determination: +60%

  • Use Grease Buffs: +15%

  • Use Drawstring Buffs: +25%

  • Use Golden Vow: +15%

  • Optimize Talismans (Talismans Buffs): +15% x3 

  • Total Buff: +615% / 6.15x

Upgrades for Damage Increase

  • 2 Handing gives +50% STR stat

  • Somber and non-somber have equal scaling

  • Upgrading from +0 to max gives 3.5x damage

Weaknesses for Damage Increase

  • A much weaker weapon can deal more damage.

  • Weakness > Weapontype and bad damage, Weaknesses stack

Stat Scaling for Damage Increase

  • Ash of Wars allows improvements of scaling, Improving one stat removes others

  • 20str to 60str = +50% damage, to 99str=+66%

  • Use Heavy / Keen scaling over quality unless both are very high 

  • Scaling differs, B can be better than B (play attention to colors)

  • Scaling slows down a lot at 60, and basically stops at 80

  • 20 for unused stat, 60 for used stat, 80 for main stat

Buffs for Damage Increase

There are 4 Categories of buffs:

  • Body (Exalted Flesh, Perfumes, etc)

  • Aura (Banner, Golden Vow)

  • Weapon (Royal Knights Resolves, Grease)

  • Special (Jelly Shield, Armor Buffs)

In any given category, only one buff can be active. So Flesh and Perfume don't stack but Flesh and VoW do.

Best Buffs in each category: Bloodboil for Body, Banner for Aura, Royal Knights Resolve for Weapon

Add specials when possible

Flask and talismans stack on top of it all. Choose buffs wisely, compliment with flash and talismans.

Elden Ring Best Gear, Skills, Buffs & Consumables To Increase Damage (DPS) for All Builds

Generic sources of extra damage will work no matter whether your character builds melee or magic:

Rallying Standard

The commander's standard buffs from the unique skill - Rallying Standard. By activating this weapon art, it will increase not only the damage to your character, but all of your allies' summons included by 20%, and also reduce damage taken by the same amount. This powerful buff will last for 30 seconds and the best part is it will stay on even after you change the weapon into something else, so which is very valuable.

Incantation Golden Vow 

It requires 25 faith and has a very similar effect to the commander standard, it will increase the damage and also decrease damage taken to all of your allies someone's included, and your own character of course, but for a lower amount than commander O'Neill's weapon, for an extra 50 damage and lasts 10 damage taken.

Golden Vow x Commander's Standard

While the effect is lower, the duration is much higher at 90 seconds, so that's three times the duration of the Rallying Standard. Now it is important to note that both the rallying standard and golden vow will not stack with one another, so you have to choose which ones you use - golden vow, if you want more duration, or rallying standard if you want a much more powerful effect. 

You also have to consider that Golden Vow will require 25 faith, as for Rallying Standard you have to equip the commander's standard of course and meet the strength requirement that's 24, but if you two hand, it you can reduce it and 14 dexterity. Remember that when it comes to spells and weapons you can always rely on Godric's great rune to increase all of your stats by plus 5.

Ritual Talisman

Another very powerful source of general damage is the ritual sword talisman if you increase your damage by around 10% when your hit points are at maximum. The best part about this talisman is combining it with all of the other buffs because they do stack quite wonderfully. And this can eventually mean the difference between one-shotting an enemy or not, of course, you want one shot then because the faster we kill the enemies the better and the lesser the chances of you taking damage and making mistakes during combat. 

Best Gear, Skills, Buffs & Consumables To Increase Damage (Physical DPS) for Melee Builds

Let us talk about specific ways of increasing our physical damage for melee attacks:

Flame Incantation

Flame Incantations give us strength, it requires 15 faith so pretty low, and has the very powerful effect of increasing not only your physical damage but also your fire damage by 20%, and the effect will last for 30 seconds. And the best part is it will stack with your commander banner or golden vow, the damage with both of them can reach 2423.


For another very powerful source of physical buffs, we have two consumables: uplifting aromatic and Bloodboil aromatic. So uplifting will increase the damage of your character and all of your nearby allies by 10 percent and also grant you a very powerful damage shield that you reduce the damage from the first hit you take by almost all of it, the duration is 40 seconds. Second, we have Bloodboil aromatic, this will only work on your character themselves but has a much stronger damage boost for 30 extra damage, the duration is 60 seconds, so even higher than that of uplifting aromatic, but the downside is also dangerous because you increase the damage you receive.

Ash of War Buffs

Another pair of very powerful melee-only buffs, we have ash of war Determination and also Royal Knights Resolve, they work in the same way except royal knight's resolve is stronger. Whenever you activate it, your next attack during 10 seconds will receive either a 60 increase to damage if Determination or 80 percent if nights resolve. This skill is especially useful when dealing critical damage, so for backstabbing and also after breaking the enemy stance to a guard break for example, because the higher your damage the more use you'll get out of this. You can inflict absurd amounts of damage on critical hits, just remember to cast it after breaking the enemy stance but of course, it is also amazing for jumping attacks with huge high damage weapons.

Blood Lord Buff

Another amazing source of extra physical damage we have the lord of blood's exaltation talisman. If you increase your attack power by 20 percent, whenever anyone is inflicted with blood loss near you, of course, it doesn't need any saying it's amazing for bleed builds, but most importantly there is a very easy way of getting this on your character, even without attacking the enemy first to the seppuku ash of war. So whenever you cast a superpower, you inflict your own character with blood loss, which then triggers the power of the talisman, the best part is you don't need to have your seppuku weapon equipped you can just switch to your normal weapons after that.

Specific Melee Boosts

Lastly when it comes to physical attacks, if you have a character that likes to use jump attacks, the claw talisman is also amazing, it increases the damage of these attacks by around 50 percent and on the same line, we have the raptor's black feathers armor, that increases jump attack damage by around 10 percent.

We also have some other specific talismans like the curved sword for higher guard counter damage, the winged sword insignia for higher attack damage with successive attacks, and the twin blade talisman for higher damage on your final chain. And the spear talisman should increase the damage of your trusting weapons, whenever you counterattack the enemy, so you attack the enemy while they are doing their own attack animation, perfect for a shield and poke build.

Best Gear, Skills, Buffs & Consumables To Increase Magic & Elemental Damage for Sorcery Mage Builds

How to increase your magical and also elemental damage, so for damage increase when it comes to sorceries, you should try the below buffs:

Spell Buff - Terra Magicus

This spell alone will create a sigil in the ground and so long as your character is standing above it, and for a few seconds after you leave it, you'll gain around plus 30 percent bonus to magical damage super powerful

Jellyfish Buff

Another powerful source of extra damage is actually a generic source, so we work from alien spells, but it works better for spells anyways. Its unique weapon art contagious fury will increase your damage by around 20 percent whenever you activate it, so the shield will start glowing red and this will last for around 30 seconds. If you remove the shoot or hand your other weapon, they both will disappear, so you need to keep the shield equipped on your character, if you want to benefit from this buff this is a lot easier with spells because you can just equip your catalyst on your other hand.

Specific Spell Buffs

When it comes to sorceries we also have the graven school talisman and the grave and mass talisman, and these will stack with one another. Most importantly considering how powerful the comet ager spell is Azure's Glimstone Crown is also amazing to increase its damage even further. For staff, Lusat's Glinstone Staff is the best all-around because it enhances the power of all your sorceries. Incantations also have talismans similar to the graven mask the faithful canvas and also the flock canvas talisman for a more powerful effect.

Elemental & Skill Power Ups

As far as elemental damage well, we have a talisman for most of the elements, for example, sacred scorpion charm will increase holy attack damage, fire scorching for fire, and a lightning scorpion for lightning damage, meanwhile the shard of alexander will greatly increase the power of your weapon arts, as far as the damage that is. You can also get unique tiers for your wondrous physic flask that increase the power of certain elements even further, magic shrouding cracker tear for magical damage including sorceries, so even more power to come at azure. And then we also have fire, lightning, and holy tears, all of these are often found by defeating.


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