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What are Chipped Gems Used For In Diablo 2 Resurrected | D2R Best Chipped Gems Recipes
7/13/2022 6:13:41 PM

What are chipped gems good for in Diablo 2 Resurrected? In this guide, let's break down the Best Chipped Gems Recipes to help you firgure out what is the best use of Chipped Gem in Diablo 2 Resurrected!

D2R Best Chipped Gems Recipes

D2R Best Chipped Gems Recipes - Chipped Gems Good Use In Diablo 2 Resurrected

There's a lot of things perfect gems are good for but what specifically are chipped gems good for? So let's go over several Diablo 2 items and several ways that you can utilize your chipped gems and get the most out of them in Diablo II Resurrected.

1 - Chippy Bow

This is one of the easiest ways for you to get some uses out of your chipped gems, is to early on in the game either for yourself or for your Act 1 bow merancy. Chippy bows can be any combination of elemental damage and generally what you are looking at is the chipped topaz, the chipped sapphire, the chipped ruby or the chipped emerald. You don't generally want to use the chip diamond on the Chippy Bow, because it's only a damage to undead which is off weapon ED, which is going to be absolutely terrible for you at a low level. You also don't want to look at the chipped amethyst, because it's just attack rating and at a low level you don't necessarily even need that much attack rating to hit your targets, so in general you want to avoid using the chipped amethyst and the chip diamond for the chippy bow.

The chippy bow is really simple, you basically just load it up with whatever combination of chipped gems that you can, we recommend you have at least one chip sapphire in there because you want the cold damage, so you have the chilling effect and then of course you're going to throw in the elemental damage. You could throw in the chipped topaz and then a chip ruby, then you'd have a very nice three to four fire damage one to eight lightning and one to three cold which when you wield this item, it's going to give you a very nice damage bonus as far as elemental damage is concerned. 

2 - Re-charging Charges

If you have ever been in a situation where you have utilized the charges on an item to their utmost and completely drain them away, you may have been confronted with quite a hefty repair bill to get those D2R Ladder items back in shape.  You're going to take any kind of chipped gem and put them in the cube, and when you put your item in the cube with the weapon, it's going to repair the item. If you put it in there with just a Ral rune, it's only going to repair the armor or the weapon or just an order, it's not going to recharge the item. To recharge the item you need the chipped gem. 

If you want to restore the charges on a armor plate, it has to be a flawed gem. It's also important to note that this does not work on amulets rings, these things are not considered armors or weapons and for some reason or another the recharge recipe does not work on either of them.

3 - Making Rejuvenation Potions

If you are unaware, you can actually make rejuvenation potions, and chipped gems are used in the process of making them or you can up transmute them as well by taking multiple rejuvenation potions, and putting them in the cube and you'll get full duties. But basically if you take any potion, it does not have to be the high tier potions, it could be three potions of healing and three potions of mana. You take three of each and you put a chipped gem in cube with it and you hit transmute, and you will get a single rejuvenation potion. This is an interesting way that you can get Rejuvenations when you don't necessarily otherwise have access to them.

4 - Savage Polearm

The savage polearm is an odd recipe, it basically involves specifically a diamond of any variety, which why not use a chip since if you're going to use any diamond you might as well use the one that is the least valuable to you. What it does is you take a chris of any type, a staff of any type, and a belt of any type

and put it into the cube with any diamond, then transmute and you will obtain what is known as a Savage Polearm. Savage Polearm is basically a magical pole arm with the savage effect - a high enhanced damage. This can come in really handy when you are dealing out early on in ladder, because it gives you a decent weapon for your mercenary when you otherwise wouldn't otherwise have one. You don't necessarily  have to purchase any of these items by the way, what you're looking to do is you're looking to basically just find a random belt, random staff, random chris, put it in the cube with a random diamond, and you get yourself a Savage Polearm. 

Savage Polearm is an interesting option because it gives you the ability to create a decent weapon for your mercenary during a time when you probably won't have one. 

5 - Re-Rolling Class Items

Re-Rolling Class Items is a very interesting thing, it gives you the ability to re-roll the effects on the item, in a way that could potentially end up with something that you're looking for. That is a possibility by the way, when you re-roll it you can in fact end up with nothing. What's more, we aware that when you re-roll these items, they can only obtain level one skills, but this is not exactly a bad thing in fact, in some situations it is a good thing because it may very well be the skill that you are trying to get. In the case of the necromancer, skeleton and skeleton mastery are two of the best skills you can have on a head, so if you can end up with plus three skeleton or plus three skeleton mastery along with maybe something like amplify damage, you have a very nice helmet or head essentially.

6 - Up-Transmuting Runes

Up-Transmuting Runes is another use of chipped gems and obviously you can do three thuls, and once you have three thaws you cannot transmute them any further. Fal rune is the first rune in the list that requires a catalyst to transmute up. To transmute three Fal runes, you're going to need one chipped topaz, it has to be specifically a topaz and that gets you to the Amn rune. Amn runes similarly cannot be transmuted up and they require one that chipped amethyst, they will transmute up into a Sol Rune. Sol Runes also cannot be transmitted up without a catalyst and they require one chipped sapphire. The Shael Rune also require require catalyst and they will transmute out to a Dol rune with chipped rubies. Dol runes can transmute up to the Hel rune which is used by the chipped emerald and the Hel rune which is also transmuted up into the Io rune by using a chipped diamond. 

If you were ever interested in the order of which this works, it's actually called TASRED - the order that that you use for transmitting up gems, so it's always topaz, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and then diamond which spells out TASRED. 

7 - Up-Transmuting Gems

This is the most obvious of uses for the chipped gems and that is basically just transmuting them up. Just like with the transmitting up of the runes, you can take three of any chipped gem and transmit them up to the next tier. So three chipped topazs will equal one flawed topaz gem, three chipped amethyst will equal one flawed amethyst gem, and so forth and so on, and then you can use those flaws for specific purposes as well.

8 - Adding Sockets To Magic Weapon

You can add sockets to any magic item using chipped gems and how this works is you take your magic item and you put it into the cube, for example you put three chipped gems of any type with one magic weapon to get one socket on the weapon. The mechanic that allows you to have sockets on magic item now.

These are the benefits of Chipped Gems in Diablo II Resurrected, you can find the best Chipped Gems Recipe according to your needs.