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Diablo 2 Resurrected Stoney Tomb Level 85 Area - Leveling Fire Druid, 300 Stoney Tomb Runs Drop Highlights
6/30/2022 3:20:56 PM

This guide is a compilation highlight of running the stony tombs with fire druid. Do 300 stoney turn runs on single player. Building the druid up from nothing, so go into this with about 25% magic find that was with the rumored rhyme and shield and then it slowly progressed and did get a couple really gg drops including stuff. That's beneficial for the druid, so the idea behind this guide is you're going to get a glimpse of what it's like to do a solo cell phone character, no trades, no help and just gearing up and making your way from a somewhat decent character to a very powerful hell end game geared druid setups. Now let’s get straight into this new level area stoney tomb in Diablo 2 Resurrected!

Diablo 2 Resurrected Stoney Tomb Level 85 Area

Diablo 2 Resurrected Stoney Tomb Level 85 Area - Leveling Fire Druid, 300 Stony Tomb Runs Drop

Stoney Tomb MF Project

The stony tomb project was the progression of a character that just entered hell difficulty. The reason why pick stony tombs is because for those that don't know it is a new level 85 area, so any item in the game can drop from this location. It's unique because the monsters are relatively weak minus the beetles and their lightning damage have to address that, you can't go in with negative lightning reds with a naked character, but any decently geared blizzard's horse verse or fire character can really excel in this location because there's no old minions, no fire moons. For the most part you might run into the odd boss but it's a great location for those damaged d-line types of characters because you won't get stonewalled by a lot of different immunities. 

In addition to that, it's the reason why do a druid only character is because the druid has received some of the most substantial changes. So whether it's increased attack speed modifiers to weapons and slower weapons now working better for the fury turret, the actual fire skills themselves like having no associated global, casting cooldown delays between each skill and just the increased volume of armageddon and just being able to spam fischer volcano and armageddon in succession. You have pretty crazy aoes, that's the reason why we start with the druid and then specifically do the stony tombs. Having about 25 mf this entire run project because the only magic find at the start was using the rumored rhyme and a shield and then ditched that to roll the rumored spirit of monarch shield and then just solely collected small terms. 

Drop Highlights 

Top 5 Biggest Upgrades For New Druid Doing 300 Stoney Tomb Run Project

  • 1. Ghost Spear. Finding the ethereal four open socket ghost spear. This sounds very minor because it can't actually even roll inside in this base, but for the future, we can eventually roll infinity, now it will take a while to get burmal burst but getting a four open socket ethereal elite pole arm or spear minus the stygian pike, those are easy larger quests to get four open sockets.

  • 2. Smoke. Getting a lum rune and rolling smoke. So this is a quilted armor low defense base, a higher defense base would work but it's just a long run but rolling nephilim to get 50 all res, that was a huge upgrade and held difficulty, because when we first started going into stony tombs, the lighting damage from beatles was just completely wrecking us. So this was a solid upgrade package.

  • 3. Harmony. 3 to bone crossover skills, four when socket matriarchal bow, this allowed us to for the first portion of the runs to roll insight in an act 1 rogue mercenary. So having the crowd control from the freezing arrow and then meditation support. It is a very powerful mercenary and not having cta and for a portion not having life leech on the mercenary. Their ai and how they hang back and attack from a range distance, it just allows them to be a more apt to survive versus just an actual mercenary running up and attacking stuff. So starting off with insight and then getting eventually harmony to get the faster runway. So we could complete the runs quicker, very solid upgrade and for it being essentially a perfect base of four open sockets and three to one crossbow skills, definitely very solid.

  • 4. Grim Brow. The fact that we found a 5 nato, 2 to druid skills, 2 to some grizzly druid tornado, 2 to life, 26% cold res and 12% lightning reds. From an armor rack, that's crazy. This is not an ideal pelt for a fire druid, but we get +2 to fire skills, extra summon grizzly skills, lightning res, cold res, has a tiny life. If we switch to a wind druid get enigma, this is a top tier helmet.

  • 5. Ohm Rune. This is huge, get a malinist, getting cta is one of the biggest primary like upgrades for a character. Always advocate for rolling cta prior to rolling hoto, this hodo is some good res and all skills, but just using spirit and crystal sword, two skills, fcr, fhr vitality mana, you're better off having like a dual spirit combo and then rolling a cta first.


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