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Best NBA 2k22 Power Forward Build - New Overpowered Slashing Playmaker
5/11/2022 3:51:39 PM

Slash and playmakers are really fun to play with in NBA 2K22 when it comes to running into the paint and making the slash and plays that most people do.


Best NBA 2k22 Power Forward Build - New Overpowered Slashing Playmaker

Here in NBA 2K22, power forward will still use the blue and yellow pie chart, the goal of this version is to allow it to reach the dunk shot better than the regular version and still be able to do everything else like play defense, have good defensive badge base play and balance it out in the best way possible.

So far, looking around, it ends up being the best output for this size, if you look at it now, keep giving up weight, need to have a good three ball contact dunk that will increase the shot to create a takeover, must slash and use those specs, close shot: 60-88, driving dunk: 48-80, pass accuracy: 48-76, defensive rebound: 30-77, got the slash line and the game.

Choose Your Position & Profile

- Position: Power forward

- Handed: Right

- Skill Breakdown Pie Chart: Yellow / Bule Pie Chart

- Physical Profile:

Speed: 74

Strength: 59

Acceleration: 71

Vertical: 67

Body Settings

- Body Shape: Slight

- Height: 6'7”

- Weight: 228 lbs

- Wingspan: 80.0”

Set Your Potential Attributes

- Finishing

       Close shot: 60-88

       Driving layup: 54-80

       Driving dunk: 48-80

       Standing dunk: 45-45

       Post hook: 47-49

- Shooting

        Mid-range shot: 42-68

        Three-point shot: 40-60

        Free throw: 54-79

        Post Fade: 45-57

- Playmaking

        Pass accuracy: 48-76

        Ball handle: 43-67

Post control: 50-60

- Defense/Rebounding

        Interior defense: 42-65

        Perimeter defense: 42-62

        Lateral Quickness: 42-60

        Steal: 31-62

        Block: 30-73

        Offensive rebound: 30-30

        Defensive rebound: 30-77


- Shot creator 

Here's a completely upgraded version of the slashing playmaker in NBA 2K22.

The NBA 2K game where this NBA 2K22 build might actually make you look like you're jumping higher because your arms aren't that long, see how they do bruh, you a slasher, get your shot centred and you need a runner under the basket.

Choose Your Position & Profile

- Position: Power forward 

- Physical Profile:

Speed: 97

Strength: 56

Acceleration: 94

Vertical: 82

Stamina: 99

Set Your Potential Attributes

- Finishing

       Close shot: 90

       Driving layup: 91

       Driving dunk: 85

       Standing dunk: 45

       Post hook: 50

- Shooting

        Mid-range shot: 79

        Three-point shot: 70

        Free throw: 86

        Post Fade: 78

- Playmaking

        Pass accuracy: 87

        Ball handle: 84

        Post control: 54

- Defense/Rebounding

        Interior defense: 56

        Perimeter defense: 51

        Lateral Quickness: 75

        Steal: 36

        Block: 61

        Offensive rebound: 64

        Defensive rebound: 71

Maybe not sure if it touches, not only in mid-range control, even if it doesn't touch three, like five, it will still get you right, still very good in this game and you should be able to hit almost every shot, hit four pitches five or two pitches three with it.

If you can still get a good three-point shot, that can't actually fix itself, if you have blue and yellow you will still get contact dunks, but other than that you will get a high three-point shot that will get like most of the blue and green brothers and you will have the hall of fame game.

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