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Best D2R 2.4 Ladder End-Game Builds For All Classes - Best Starter Farming Builds & Runs For Gear and Items
5/9/2022 4:46:07 PM

In this guide, we present you the best spots to farm the best gear in Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder 2.4, where to farm for what kind of item and which areas are best to farm based on your build. We cover early and mid-game farming runs & builds because this is the end game & late-game farming runs. In order to be efficient in late-game farming runs, you need to be well geared, that means enigma or infinity. Now let’s check these ladder 2.4 starter farming builds & top 6 best late-game farming zones for Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.4 ladder!


Best End-Game Farming Builds & Runs In D2R 2.4 Ladder For Gear and Items

1. Best Farming Zone: City of the Damned

This is a high level zone level 84, meaning you can farm almost every Diablo 2 items. However, the monsters here will be much more challenging than in mid-game runs, they have more life and more resistances, because of that you really do need an enigma and infinity to be efficient. The reason to farm here is because, assuming you're strong enough to farm this zone, you have a direct waypoint in act 4 straight to the city of the damned, so you don't have to find this zone you are instantly there. Those other places you are wasting time locating them. Tow this area is a massive square map and you'll mainly be hunting elite packs, you'll run into a lot of immune monsters, lighting immunity is a particularly big problem. An infinity can help with that but it won't be enough for some monsters. If you are a pure lightning build, this run is not recommended, cold immunity is also a problem here, but it's not so bad. However, if you do see cold immune spawn, just mulligan the run leave the game try again on a fresh run. Since your main reason for farming this zone will be to find super high level uniques and set items, you'll want to maximize your magic find, but don't sacrifice too much kill speed or survivability or your efficiency will drop. A very rare map tile sometimes spawns in here it's a cathedral with stained glass windows. If you happen to see this area, it always has an elite pack inside.

Best end-game farming builds for each class in City of the Damned:

  • Amazon: We'll recommend the freezing arrow build. Choose lightning builds because of the lightning resistance freezing arrow build deals massive area of effect crowd control to keep monsters away from you, she also has access to physical and magic damage for any immunes you run into. It's more difficult for this build to access teleport, but you can stack a lot of faster runway to make up for its loss.

  • Assassin: The lightning sentry build with an infinity can kill everything in the city of the damned and with burst of speed granting great mobility, enigma isn't even mandatory.

  • Barbarian: The elite hunting berserk build is your go-to jump on a boss howl and one shot your foe, then use find item on the corpse.

  • Druid: The hurricane tornado druid is well suited to farm this area, his physical and cold damage combo can kill everything in here and his arctic armor high life pool thanks to oak sage and minion second tank hits grant him great survivability.

  • Necromancer: You can run with either the bone spear build or the summoner build. Bone armor, let's negate a lot of physical damage keeps you safe and your corpse explosion deals huge arab effect damage. The main difference between bone spear and summoner play style is that with bone spear, you're sniping elites from afar whereas with summoner, you actually want to teleport right on top of them because your summons teleport with you, so they'll instantly target the elite.

  • Paladin: Blessed hammer paladin is best here even before getting enigma since it deals extra damage to undead and almost everything in the city of the damned is undead the Hammerdin can obliterate enemies in this area, even before enigma his charge vigor and staff of teleportation combo give him all the mobility that he needs.

  • Sorceress: The blizzard build is best. One type of monster grotesques are always cold immune, but they don't always spawn in the city of the damned. If you do run into them, just skip this run try again or if you have backup fire damage and an infinity, you can use that to kill them.

2. Best Farming Zone For Gear & Items: River of Flame

This is a max level zone in which you can find any item in the game. The monsters here are more challenging, but there is a waypoint directly in the area so you save time on finding it. You can access the river of flame either from the river flame waypoint or the city of the damned waypoint which is right beside the entrance to the river of flame. The river of flame is a massive area and it's not efficient to fully clear it, you're mainly targeting elite groups and you have two different routes you can choose to take when clearing this area. The first and main route is to start at the river of flame waypoint and clear elite groups on the way to the chaos sanctuary towards the north east. As a bonus, you can then chain this with a chaos sanctuary run. The second run has you start at the city of the damned waypoint, then enter the river of flame and kill any leaf packs you run into until you get to the river of flameway point towards the northeast.

Best end-game farming builds for each class in River of Flame:

  • Amazon: Choose lightning fury, in order to kill every elite group, you need an infinity on your mercenary since abyss knights are immune to lightning, but all the other monsters here are easy to take down. Since her casting animation is rather slow, her mobility is not the greatest.

  • Assassin: The lightning sentry trapson can kill everything in the river of flame even without infinity. But since monsters have so much life, an affinity really delivers a big damage boost thanks to burst of speed enigma isn't as important.

  • Barbarian: The berserk build is your best bet, you hunt elites, jump on them, howl find item on the corpse.

  • Druid: The hurricane tornado build is best for this run, it can kill everything and can survive very well.

  • Necromancer: Either the bone spear or summoner build are best bone spear snipes elites from afar, some owner teleports onto them. Corpse explosion deals all the aerial effect damage that you need.

  • Paladin: The Hammerdin is your go-to, he will be only marginally slower than a sorceress before he gets enigma, plus the hammer deals extra damage to almost everything in the river flame shredding monsters in this area.

  • Sorceress: The lightning build is best, but only once you get an infinity on your mercenary, you need the infinity to deal with the lightning immunes.

3. Best Farming Zone: Chaos Sanctuary

This is the best place to farm in Diablo 2 ladder start. Between all the bosses you run into here plus Diablo himself, you can farm large amounts of unique and set items, runes item bases and as a bonus experience too. Also Diablo is the only monster in the game who can drop the burning essence of terror which is one of the four essences you need to make a token of absolution to respect your character. Even if you don't use it yourself, you can use it as a trade currency with other players. However, this is one of the most challenging runs in the game. If you're under geared and lacking resistances especially fire resistance and lacking overall damage output, this area will kick your butt to access it, take the river flame waypoint and head over the bridge to the northeast.

Best D2R 2.4 ladder end-game farming builds for each class:

  • Amazon: The lightning fury build is best, but only if you have an infinity. With it, she can deal incredible amounts of damage to decimate enemies in this area. But her low mobility means she can't really make use of that seal popping trick as efficiently as other classes.

  • Assassin: The lightning sentry build can take out any enemy in here thanks to the one-two punch of lightning and death sentry this gives you a combination of lightning fire physical damage so you can handle any immunity you run into.

  • Barbarian: Go with either the berserk or the whirlwind build, though he is very gear dependent and cannot efficiently handle this run on a budget, but if you get some good gear like a grief and an enigma, then you'll have the mobility, the damage and the survivability to farm this area. Both the berserk and the whirlwind build can deal physical and magic damage. The berserk build is excellent at single target damage and thus taking out the bosses on this run.

  • Druid: The hurricane tornado build can farm the chaos sanctuary fairly well even on a low budget, this won't be the fastest build at farming the zone, but its mixture of physical and coal damage allows him to deal with almost all enemies. Oak sage gives him a lot of life, his summons can tank and distract enemies, so his survivability is also pretty good.

  • Necromancer: Go with either the bone spear build or the summoner build, while the Necromancer lacks mobility without gear options he has an arsenal of tools at his disposal to farm the chaos sanctuary with little threat to himself. Bone prison, bone wall, curses, summons, this gives you all the crowd control, you need to ensure you don't die.

  • Paladin: The blessed hammer build is the star of the show, only marginally slower than a sorceress. However, with patch 2.4, fists of the heavens gets some substantial buffs and become very competitive with the hammerdin. On low player count, he's more efficient than a hammerdin. But on higher player counts, the hammerdin gets the edge. So if you're playing by yourself, fist of the heavens is better, if you're playing in a group with friends, hammerdin is better.

  • Sorceress: The blizzard or lightning build is what you'd want to go with. However, blizzard relies on the mercenary to kill the lord of the saints while the lightning sorceress requires an infinity.

4. D2R Ladder Best Spot To Farm Gear and Items: Worldstone Keep

The final traditional farming run before patch 2.4 was the world stone keep and bale, this is the most challenging farm in the game but it can also be the most rewarding. Between the large number of elite packs, you run into on worldstone keeps level 2 and 3 plus the throne room, plus bale himself, you get a large amount of xp, unique set runes and item bases. Elites in this area can drop every set and unique item in the game. If you're hunting for runes and bases you ideally want to farm in a seven player game player seven and you don't need magic fine either to hunt for Diablo 2 runes and bases, do kill all elites and their minions. If you want magic items, then stack magic find and play on players 1 and only kill the main boss of an elite pack, so that you can guarantee a drop and then move on to the next pack. You could also just rush to the throne of destruction if you have the mobility for it and prioritize killing the waves that bale spawns and then bale himself. This strategy is the most efficient way to get to level 95 and above. 

To farm this area, take the waypoint to the world stone keep level 2. The exit to the world stone keep level 3 is always to the right of the waypoint tile. And from the world stone, keep level 3 the location of the throne of destruction is always random. Once you reach the throne destruction, you'll fight the five waves of minions that bale spawns and then bail himself.

Best D2R 2.4 ladder end-game farming builds for each class:

  • Amazon: Lighting fury is best, but you cannot farm this zone without uninfinity. There will also be some lighting immunes that you cannot break with infinity. You can use jab against these but if they're too difficult to kill, just ignore them.

  • Assassin: The lightning sentry build can take out any enemy here easily since you're dealing lightning fire and physical damage. If you run into enemies that are immune to lightning and fire and they don't die when you pop the nearby corpses with death entry, then just move on.

  • Barbarian: Go with either berserk or whirlwind. For the regions before the throne room, the berserker is recommended, his high magic and physical damage means he can manage any immunity he comes across. But since he's a single target build that skips most enemies, his kill speed against bale's minions isn't great and the second wave of minions is naturally magic immune and has high physical resistance, which really slows you down. For farming these minions and then bale himself, whirlwind is better, it deals more physical damage and applies crushing blow a lot more easily than the berserker which speeds up the bale kill time.

  • Druid: The best option is the hurricane tornado build, while not very fast, its mix of physical and cold can deal with most immunes. Its cycle and armor summon grizzly and oak sage make it very tanky and decrepified cast by your mercenary will boost your tornado damage.

  • Necromancer: The summoner build is your best bet, thanks to his army of minions that can tank hits for him, it's a very safe build. Corpse explosion granting big physical and fire damage means you can get by any immunity. Killing bale goes quickly if you have revives with crushing blow.

  • Paladin: The hammerton is your go-to for the world stone keep. However, against wave 2, the mighty hammerdin has no good way to deal with the magic immune monsters. So as of patch 2.4, if you want to farm bail by yourself, fist of the heavens is now your go-to.

  • Sorceress: The lightning build is your best bet, but you should only farm the zone if you have an infinity. With that infinity +200 faster cast rate, you can shred enemies here and any enemy whose immunity is not broken by your infinity should be skipped. 

5. Best Farming Zone: Icy Cellar

New to patch 2.4, we have another late game farm the icy cellar. As the patch 2.4, this is an area level 85 zone meaning any item can now drop in here. This place lacks fire immunes but extremely dangerous monsters can still spawn here, souls and dolls. An the plus side though ghosts also spawn here which are a great source of rune drops. You can also run into evil urns which when you click on them will spawn extra elite packs. You can also find a gold chest in here plus the super unique boss snap chip shatter. Compared to other max level zones like the pit and ancient tunnels, the danger is much higher, you need a well-rounded build with mobility damage and magic find to be efficient, enigma and infinity are very important. To find the icy seller, take the ancients way waypoint in act 5. 

You'll run into monsters in the icy cellar with a variety of immunities but none naturally have magic or fire immunity. Apart from builds that use specific damage types, hybrid builds are the best here to be able to handle the various immunities if you're a lightning build you're going to have trouble here without an infinity. If you're a physical build, you'll have trouble breaking physical immunities without a source of amplified damage or decrepify. Now your main reason for farming the icy cellar is for the super high level unique and set items. So ensure you stack as much magic find as you can handle. Don't sacrifice too much, kill speed or survivability, but this is a very small area with a high density of elite groups, so it's a nice farm if you can handle it. If you don’t have very high end gear, we do not recommend farming this zone.

Best D2R 2.4 ladder end-game farming builds for each class:

  • Amazon: Lighting fury javazone is best once she has infinity. However, without an enigma, she has terrible mobility relative to other builds but her insane damage output melts enemies in here once she gets infinity. For the assassin, either the lightning sentry build or the fire blast build can do well here. The lightning sentry will struggle a bit without infinity however, but the trick would be to use fire blast which in 2.4 is a lot stronger.

  • Barbarian: The berserk build is the most efficient elite hunter and howl will send those dangerous monsters running away from you. Buy best Barbarian build items in Utplay.

  • Druid: The fischer druid is best due to it being a fire build and thus facing no naturally fire immune monsters, but it does require a decent amount of gear to function well.

  • Necromancer: Go either summoner or bone spear. Bone armor keeps them safe from dolls and corpse explosion deals at massive physical and fire area damage. Bone spear will snipe enemies from a safe distance while the summoner can just use his enigma to teleport onto a boss and the minions will gank the boss.

  • Paladin: Blessed hammer, the hammerdin even before enigma can obliterate monsters in the zone and his high mobility from charge and vigor keep him fast while doing so, since blessed hammers are magic, you'll run into no immunities. Fist of the heavens newly buffed also works nicely here.

  • Sorceress: The hydra build or meteor build are both great choices here being fire. Hydra's very strong and allows you to keep a safe distance from enemies while meteor and fireball deal huge damage.

6. Best Farming Run & Zone: Drifter Cavern

The other new Diablo 2 ladder starter farming zone the drifter cavern very similar to the icy seller, you can find ghosts here as well, you'll find evil learns, they can spawn more elite packs, it has a gold chest in it and again as the batch 2.4 it is a level 85 area. So any item can drop here. Moonlords are some of the most dangerous monsters here and again like the icy seller. You want a solid build mobility damage and magic find to be efficient in this zone, enigma, infinity very important. To get at the drifter cavern take the act 5 waypoint to the glacial trail and there's a map reading trick to find the correct direction to go in. 

Best Diablo 2 ladder 2.4 end-game farming builds for each class:

For build recommendations, hybrid damage builds are recommended to be able to handle the various immunities. Lighting immunes are the biggest problem if you lack infinity, maximizing your magic fine here to try to get those super high level unique and set items is ideal and the picks are the same as the icy sellers.

  • Amazon: Lightning fury with an infinity.

  • Assassin: Lightning sentry or fire blast.

  • Barbarian: Berserk.

  • Druid: Hurricane tornado. It's well suited for farming this zone, mixing physical and cold damage, his arctic armor, his high life pool through oak sage and summons that run interference keep them alive.

  • Necromancer: Bone spear or summoner.

  • Paladin: Hammerdin.

  • Sorceress: Either the lightning build or the meteorb sorceress. Lightning sorceress needs an infinity. but once she has it she can easily handle this area. Meteorb sorceress uses a combination of frozen orb and meteor using cold and fire to deal with the different immunities that you'll run into.


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