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Elden Ring Death Knight Build Guide (Level 150): Equipment, Attributes, Gameplay & Tips
5/7/2022 5:53:08 PM

In this Elden Ring build guide, we bring you the best death knight build. This is a level 150 version of the death blade build that sort of carries it even further and shows how well the sword of night and flame can be used throughout the Elden Ring.



How to Build Death Knight In Elden Ring - Elden Ring Sword Of Knight And Flame Build Guide

Deathblade's evolution is the subject of this build, which begins at level 150. Check out this build for your Sword Sage and Deathblade if you've been considering an upgrade. Next, we break down equipment, attributes, gameplay, and tips you need to make the best Elden Ring Death Knight at level 150! 


Elden Ring Death Knight Build Equipment


  • Sword of Night and Flame

The fire damage of the sword of knight and flame scales with faith. The magic damage scales with intelligence, and the physical damage scales with strength and dexterity although very poorly. We have chosen with this Elden Ring sword of night and flame build to focus on the magic damage using the weapon ability that is the l2 holding and then using the r1 pull, instead of r2 for the fire. You can still do reasonable damage with the fire ability in this setup. However, you're going to do far more with the magic one was skewed very heavily towards the magic side. The reason for that is because its range is better.



  • Carian Regal Scepter

When it comes to the staff for this build, we change it to the carian regal scepter and that's because we have 80 intelligence here and the sorcery scaling is actually better with such high intelligence and such low faith than would the prince of death staff be in the same scenario. In order to get closer to this number with the carian regal scepter and then have the 10% push it over the damage that the carian regal scepter would do.



  • Frenzied Flame Seal

You don’t have to upgrade it, you can only use it to cast golden vow. And it weighs nothing which is why we are using this one. You could use the golden order seal if you want.



  • Carian Knight’s Shield

Using the carian knight’s shield to give you a shield to do block counters and to be able to block enemies with its very light, we meet the requirements because we have the intelligence and it sort of fits the knight theme. It also has a relatively decent guard boost at 60 when fully upgraded.



  • Night’s Cavalry Armor, Lionel’s Gauntlets

Using a mix of the knight’s cavalry set and lionel set. The reason for that is the knight's cavalry fits this build, it's got decent protection but it doesn't have enough poise. Even though you can add like the bull-goat's talisman in order to increase your poise. You're just better off using heavier armor and using something like the great jars arsenal in order to boost your equip weight so that you can wear heavier armor that gives you more protection and still gives you about the same amount of poise. The reason we want that poise is that when you're using knight comet, you can get hit and a lot of times, it'll stagger you out one little bump and you get staggered out of that animation.



  • Great Jar’s Arsenal

Using great jar’s arsenal to extra poise. This allows us to get the armor to get that poise.


  • Magic Scorpion Charm

Magic scorpion charm is there to boost the damage of knight comet your attacks with your regular attacks and also the spells that we're using for this build because they deal magic damage.


  • Assassin Cerulean Dagger

Assassin cerulean dagger is there in order to give you a way to replenish fp. You don't have a ton of mind with this build, because you're going to be casting spells often, you're going to be using knight comet often. It was between this and carrying filigreed crest to reduce the cost of the ability for a sort of knight in flame.


  • Shard of Alexander

Shard of alexander increases the damage with your weapon abilities with the sword of knight and flame.


Elden Ring Death Knight Build Attributes

Vigor - 40

Mind - 30

Endurance - 21

Strength - 12

Dexterity - 12

Intelligence - 80

Faith - 25

Arcane - 9

In order to get max damage out of spells and your weapon ability, we have vigor at 40. If you increase this build higher you might want to go up to 50 or 60, you could even drop intelligence down to like 75 and get some more vigor. 30 mind is there because the weapon ability of knight and flame is quite expensive as is ancient death ranker and golden vow is not cheap, so you're going to be using these quite regularly and you need a decent fp4 or you're going to be chugging pots all the time. 21 endurance is there to meet the requirement for the equip load we need for this build and be able to medium roll. 12 strength and dexterity are needed to meet the requirements of knight and flame when increased boost the damage of the knight and flame sword. 80 intelligence is there in order to get the most out of our spells as well as the most out of the night comet ability from the sword of knight and flame. 25 faith is not only there to meet the requirements for the sword of knight in flame which requires 24 but then one more point in order to use golden vow to boost our damage and defenses. Finally, you don't need an arcane for this build.

Elden Ring Death Knight Build Gameplay Tips

The way this Elden Ring best death knight build generally works is that you'll buff with a golden vow, which increases damage by 15. It gives you extra defenses. When you are running around, your spells hit harder, weapon attacks get harder, and weapon abilities hit harder. If you do block counters, they hit harder, etc. Then you will try and block counter regular enemies or just charge r2 stagger them and then finish them off with a critical attack in order to get fp back with assassin's creel and dagger in some way.

When you get to difficult enemies, you'll usually cast ancient death ranker if you have time to set up before you can fight them. Start casting ancient death ranker, this will increase the damage of that significantly. When they start coming at you, you will wind up and use night comet with a sword of knight in flame to try and blast them real quick and finish them off while the ancient death rinker is slamming into them. For more difficult bosses, spam ancient death ranker which is bread and butter. Because it staggers enemies, it does incredible damage, it has really good tracking because it moves slowly which allows you to just cast it to forget about it and not worry about missing the target, especially if they're moving fast.

Elden Ring Death Knight Build Tips

You can use the magic shrouding cracked tear to increase magic damage for a significant portion of time when playing with this build. That's going to affect your regular weapon attacks and your weapon ability with night combat. Your spells are really good, it lasts a very good long time and then use the greenburst one in order to recover stamina, that way you can keep spamming spells or block and dodge and then get a spell off and still be able to move around and dodge as needed.


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