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Best D2R 2.4 DClone Spawn Locations - Where To Hunt Diablo Clone In Diablo 2 Resurrected
5/7/2022 3:08:21 PM

How do you all feel about the existing DClone (Diablo Clone) spawning mechanics after the Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder releases? Charm Annihilus can only be obtained by killing Diablo Clone, and in order to do so, you must first cause DClone to appear. There are actually certain areas in the Diablo 2 that are astronomically easier to fight DClone than others and that's what we're talking about right here today. In this D2R 2.4 Ladder DClone guide, we show you the best DClone hunting locations and areas. 


D2R 2.4 DClone Spawn Locations - Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Diablo Clone Hunting In Ladder

Apparently, on Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Start, DClone walks two or three times a day right now. Maybe you've been struggling to take out DClone, he can be quite difficult to kill because his health keeps regenerating. First of all, on a single player, you just have to sell one Soj. So we are going to do that and spawn DClone. With these sorceress builds, you can kind of easily sort of taking out DClone. We will use a few different things in different areas because there are certain areas where it's literally the easiest thing in the world to take out DClone with certain builds.


D2R DClone Spaw Location 1 - Arcane Sanctuary

 If you see this “Diablo has invaded Sanctuary” That's how you know Diablo will spawn at the next unique monster that you go fight. The first one here, you are going to set up for hydra and this is one of the best 2.4 builds to kill DClone. It's actually a crazy trick here go to the Arcane Sanctuary, come up to this portal and go back through it. When you go through this portal, Diablo Clone will be right there instantly and there really shouldn't be any monsters around either. It'll just be you and DClone ready to fight. So before you go through here, make sure if you have a cta battle order up if you can. 

Then make sure you have your potions or whatever you need go ahead and hop through the portal. We'll spam down these hydras sorceress. Even without infinity, you can definitely take care of DClone in D2R Ladder Season 1. What you can do is actually spam the hydras through the door, he literally can't attack you. He's getting taken out by these hydras and you are not doing anything and you are not in any danger at all. There's a way with hydra right there you can cheese Diablo Clone and he literally can't get to you he cannot attack you, this little door he can't go through. If there's one on this side this bigger door, he can go through that one. But this little door he cannot. So this is an incredibly safe way with hydra. If you had a blizzard, you could come through cast blizzard on him, come back, come through cast blizzard on his come back, and this way you got the walls blocking you for safety too. So this is one of the best D2R DClone farm areas.


D2R DClone 2.4 Farming Location 2 - Act 5 Frigid Highlands

Act 5 Frigid Highlands is a good D2R Diablo Clone farming spot in Ladder Start. For a lot of people, this is their go-to because eldritch is right next to the waypoint. So it's really easy and quick to get to. As always, go ahead and battle order up and get all pre-buffed. If you are hydra, you can go and spam these hydras out here. Hydras can be weak against a bunch of monsters, so it might take a quick second to get rid of a lot of those who are also immune to fire. But you go ahead and spam this up, go ahead and static down a little bit of DClone. 

Mercenaries can take out a few of the monsters, therefore make sure you try to keep your mercenary alive as much as possible. It's pretty easy, all you have to do is run around. The hydras will slowly take care of the single target for you, shoot some fireballs if you want to. If not, you can just run around and wait for them to go down. It's a pretty easy location take-out DClone with pretty much any character. This is sort of a go-to for almost all of them just because it's so close and people love it.


Best D2R Diablo Clone Hunting Location 3 - Act 5 Harrogath

The next location is once again going to be in Act 5, but actually, just go ahead and come to town. Yet you can't usually fight Diablo Clone in town, but all you have to do is come down here to Anya, go through the red portal and go check out pindle and you'll find out kindle is not there, it is indeed the DClone. What is good about this area is that there's actually a super safe spot. You can just click there and come down into the next area down. You're perfectly safe, you can leave a portal right here. 

The good thing about this area is if you ever get stuck, you can drop a blizzard and you can just run away super quick and you got a town portal that'll bring you right next to the vendor where you can buy more potions from. You can go ahead and heal yourself up real quick if you wanted to. You can hopefully come back before he gets all of his life back. The only problem is it is a little bit on the tight side, but you always have this escape route right there. If he's getting ready to blast you and you just can't handle it, go ahead and drop up one more time, give it a little bit of work. 


D2R DClone Singer Play Spawn Location - Stony Field

The final area and a lot of times people will go to this area. It's kind of semi-easy to find and it is also the monsters in the area you end up not having to worry about because they're not as strong. That is the Stony Field. The downside of this Diablo 2 Resurrected DClone location is you end up with a ton of other monsters around sometimes. But go ahead and drop blizzards on the DClone, drop your mercenary there. The monsters are pretty weak around here, so when you drop the blizzards, they're not generally immune to cold around here either. That is also important get your mercenary up, pull your mercenary out of the fire, in general, will also be helpful. Remember that the mercenary having a crushing blow is absolutely amazing. If you have people clear out the monsters around before you get to fight DClone there.

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