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Best NBA 2k22 Rebounding Wing Build- The Most Overpowered Build For 2k22 Current Gen
4/29/2022 6:55:50 PM

This NBA 2K22 rebounding wing build is a little different from other rebounding wing builds, this NBA 2K22 build is fast, very fast, a lot of centers will easily mismatch with you, even guards, going into the NBA 2K22 build and make sure you pick small forwards. 


Best NBA 2k22 Rebounding Wing Build- The Most Overpowered Builds For 2k22 Current Gen

On this NBA 2K22 rebounding wing build, the shooting at the beginning is super high, now this build is not a hall of fame defensive build but thinks about it, if you get 20 defensive badges and they are gold, technically you will get more badges than when you had the hall of fame, so there is nothing wrong with having gold defensive badges, they are almost the same as the hall of fame the same.

When it comes to stats, stats are more important than badges, and a lot of people need to realize that stats are more important than badges. You can have a bronze medal that is 99 overall, you can have a bill that is 70 or 80 overall, have all the hall of fame badges, a 99 build will be better, and once you finish setting up your stats as above, you will unlock a new threshold of 99. This build will be called a rebounding wing build, and that's how you make the rebounding wing build the best it can be.

NBA 2K22 Best Rebounding wing build- Small forward 

1. Body Settings

    Body shape: Built 

    Height: 6’8"

    Weight: 194lbs

    Wingspan: 90.0"

    Body Shape: Defined

2. Attributes


       Close shot: 53-53

       Driving layup: 44-67

       Driving dunk: 37-70

       Standing dunk: 26-26

       Post control: 28-28


        Mid-range shot: 51- 85

        Three-point shot: 51-84

        Free throw: 62-90

        Post Fade: 50-50


        Pass accuracy: 40-75

        Ball handle: 39- 68

        Post control: 27- 51


        Interior defense: 45- 66

        Perimeter defense: 53- 80

        Lateral Quickness:53- 81


        Block: 43-70

        Offensive rebound: 44- 68

        Defensive rebound: 45- 77


        Speed: 25-77

        Acceleration: 25-75

        Strength: 25-47

        Vertical: 25-76

3. Choose Your Takeover

Glass Cleaner 

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