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D2R Ladder Only Items: New Runewords, Uniques, Cube Recipes in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 1
4/24/2022 12:23:43 PM

In this guide, we briefly talk about the exclusive ladder items that you could only utilize in Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder season 1, and take of a review the ladder only items in original Diablo II to bring you a better foresight for these types of items!

D2R Ladder Season Items - Ladder Only Runewords, Uniques, Cube Recipes for Each Season

As with the original Diablo II, essentially, there are some exclusive items that will now be incorporated into the ladder version of Diablo 2 Resurrected, including ladder-only rune words, unique items, and roger cube recipes. It means if you join the ladder mode, you can earn a whole host of upgraded items and runewords, these are not available to non-ladder players.

Exclusive Items for Each Ladder Season

With a season mode similar to Diablo 3 Ladder Seasons opened in Diablo II Resurrected Ladder, it is not difficult to confirm that these D2R Ladder-Only items will be exclusive to different Seasons and will be transferred to the normal account at the end of each season. So we can expect that with each major Diablo 2 Resurrected season patch, new items are added to the game, these would include runewords, legendaries, set items, legendary gems, or even potions. 

What Happens to My Ladder-Only items after the Ladder Season?

When the ladder is over, your character will be converted to a "Standard" character. You can keep your items, but you can no longer produce them - at least if it stays the way they used to be. Only ladder and offline characters have access to the special items. If you want to get them again, you have to create a new ladder character during the reset. We cannot yet say whether and how the contents of the ladder will change with each reset.

D2R Ladder Season 1 Items (Ladder Only Runewords, Unique Items, Horadric Recipes)

So now let’s take a look at the new ladder only items we will see in the Diablo II Resurrected Ladder Season 1:

D2R Season 1 Ladder Only Runewords

Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 brings 7 new runewords which can be only used in Ladder Season 1. Here is the full list of D2R Ladder-Only Runewords in Season 1:

  • Plague

  • Flickering Flame

  • Mist

  • Obsession

  • Pattern

  • Unbending Will

  • Wisdom

If you want to know more details, check out our D2R Ladder Runewords Guide

Additionally, Spirit can now be used with bows and crossbows while Infinity, Obedience, and Pride can now be used on spears and amazon spears. The new Ladder-only runewords are related to the changes that are made to classes and mercenaries. The base items are also to use certain Diablo 2 Resurrected runes that have not been used so far, such as Zod and Cham. Note that eventually, Blizzard should improve some little-used rune words, but it may not be in patch 2.4. To have, we will soon check out in Season 1.

Diablo 2 Ladder-Only Runewords

As the seasons go by, we're sure that more new ladder only runewords will be added to the game, at least those runewords that once occupied some place in the old Diablo 2 Ladder:

Diablo 2 Ladder Runewords
RunewordBase ItemsRune Order
Dragon3 Socket Armor/Shield
Sur (29) +Lo (28) +Sol (12) 
Fortitude4 Socket Weapon/ArmorEl (1) +Sol (12) +Dol (14) +Lo (28) 
Dream3 Socket Helm/ShieldIo (16) +Jah (31) +Pul (21) 
Spirit4 Socket Sword/ShieldTal (7) +Thul (10) +Ort (9) +Amn (11) 
Phoenix4 Socket Weapon/ShieldVex (26) +Vex (26) +Lo (28) +Jah (31) 
Lawbringer3 Socket Sword/Hammers/ScepterAmn (11) +Lem (20) +Ko (18) 
Voice of Reason4 Socket Sword/MaceLem (20) +Ko (18) +El (1) +Eld (2) 
Oath4 Socket Sword/Axe/MaceShael (13) +Pul (21) +Mal (23) +Lum (17) 
Death5 Socket Sword/AxeHel (15) +El (1) +Vex (26) +Ort (9) +Gul (25) 
Grief5 Socket Sword/AxeEth (5) +Tir (3) +Lo (28) +Mal (23) +Ral (8) 
Destruction5 Socket Polearm/SwordVex (26) +Lo (28) + Ber (30) + Jah (31) + Ko (18) 
Last Wish6 Socket Sword/Hammers/AxeJah (31) +Mal (23) +Jah (31) +Sur (29) +Jah (31) +Ber (30) 
Rift4 Socket Pole/ScepterHel (15) +Ko (18) +Lem (20) +Gul (25) 
Insight4 Socket Long/Two-Handed StaffRal (8) +Tir (3) +Tal (7) +Sol (12) 
Infinity4 Socket PolearmBer (30) +Mal (23) +Ber (30) +Ist (24) 
Pride4 Socket PolearmCham (32) +Sur (29) +Io (16) +Lo (28) 
Obedience5 Socket PolearmHel (15) +Ko (18) +Thul (10) +Eth (5) +Fal (19) 
Edge3 Socket Ranged WeaponTir (3) +Tal (7) +Amn (11) 
Harmony4 Socket Ranged WeaponTir (3) +Ith (6) +Sol (12) +Ko (18) 
Wrath4 Socket Ranged WeaponPul (21) +Lum (17) +Ber (30) +Mal (23) 
Faith4 Socket Ranged WeaponOhm (27) +Jah (31) +Lem (20) +Eld (2) 
Ice4 Socket Ranged WeaponAmn (11) +Shael (13) +Jah (31) +Lo (28) 
Brand4 Socket Ranged WeaponJah (31) + Lo (28) + Mal (23) + Gul (25) 

Note: Some of these items have been incorporated into the non-ladder version of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

D2R Ladder Season 1 Cube Horadric Recipes

The new Cube Horadric recipes are four in number:

  • 1 Ral + 1 Sol + 1 Perfect Emerald + a normal set weapon = Exceptional version of the weapon

  • 1 Lum + 1 Pul + 1 Perfect Emerald + an exceptional set weapon = Elite version of the weapon

  • 1 Tal + 1 Shael + 1 Perfect Diamond + normal set armor = Exceptional version of the armor

  • 1 KB + 1 Lem + 1 Perfect Diamond + exceptional set armor = Elite version of the armor

The improvement concerns exclusively the basic statistics of the object. Don't expect bonuses to be improved, it won't be. Weapon damage can thus be buffaloed, as can the defense of armor pieces. 

On the other hand, all bonuses (in blue) remain the same. An item with 20 points of fire damage will continue to offer 20 points of fire damage, and what it passes in the exceptional or elite version. This improvement is obviously accompanied by an increase in the prerequisites in level, strength, and dexterity. As a result, not all improvements are good to take, simply because a not very interesting object will not become great by passing elite, far from it. 

Conversely, it becomes very cool when it comes to a set item that is already popular. We are thinking, for example, of the Immortal King pieces. This improvement also makes it possible to keep certain items a little longer on characters in the leveling phase. We can also imagine that items that have a specific utility, such as those which have Magic Find, will be improved by certain players to gain a little defense for example.

D2R Ladder Season 1 Unique Items & Set Items

In addition to the above Diablo 2 items, new unique equipment is likely to be added to the ladder mode to stimulate the enthusiasm of players in certain areas of the farm. However, it is not known exactly which new items will be added in D2R ladder season one. We will update the list here once the Ladder season launch in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Ladder Only Unique Items 

Although we still do not know which items may be added, we can get a preview of the ladder only items from the original Diablo 2 ladder mode as below, which will surely be added in D2R ladder mode in the upcoming seasons.

  • Andariel's Visage (Unique: Demonhead)

  • Cerebus' Bite (Unique: Blood Spirit, Druid-only helm)

  • Darkforce Spawn (Unique: Bloodlord Skull, Necromancer shield item)

  • Death Cleaver (Unique: Berserker Axe)

  • Death's Fathom (Unique: Dimensional Shard, Sorceress-only weapon)

  • Demonhorn's Edge (Unique: Destroyer Helm, Barbarian-only helm)

  • Djinn Slayer (Unique: Ataghan)

  • Executioner's Justice (Unique: Glorious Axe)

  • Gheed's Fortune (Unique: Grand Charm)

  • Griffon's Eye (Unique: Diadem)

  • Heaven's Light (Unique: Mighty Scepter)

  • Kira's Guardian (Unique: Tiara)

  • Leviathan (Unique: Kraken Shell)

  • Mang Song's Lesson (Unique: Archon Staff)

  • Metalgrid (Unique: Amulet)

  • Nature's Peace (Unique: Ring)

  • Rune Master (Unique: Ettin Axe)

  • Seraph's Hymn (Unique: Amulet)

  • Shadow Dancer (Unique: Myrmidon Greaves)

  • Shadow Killer (Unique: Battle Cestus, Assassin only)

  • Stoneraven (Unique: Matriarchal Spear, Amazon only)

  • The Reaper's Toll (Unique: Thresher)

  • Thunderstroke (Unique: Matriarchal Javelin, Amazon only)

  • Tomb Reaver (Unique: Cryptic Axe)

  • Tyrael's Might (Unique: Sacred Armor)

  • Warshrike (Unique: Winged Knife)

  • Widowmaker (Unique: Ward Bow)

  • Wraith Flight (Unique: Ghost Glaive)

Note: Some of these items have been incorporated into the non-ladder version of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

So that's all we know about the diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items! As soon as more details are announced, we will definitely update this page.