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Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff Guide: Best Weapons For Mage (Sorcerer) Builds
3/22/2022 3:30:51 PM

Playing a Glintstone Sorcerer is a popular choice in Lost Ark, whether for its relative simplicity, for the pleasure of using beautiful sorceries, or for fun with a One Hit Boss build. Here is a guide to weapon (staff) selection for the most popular Mage build.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff (Weapon) For Mage (Sorcerer) Builds

Elden Ring is incredibly rich in many areas, and the weapons available for spellcasters are also numerous. It can be quite difficult to choose what to use blindly. It can also be quite difficult to find the weapon of your dreams directly. We review all this to guide you.

1. Best Mage Starter Staff: Meteorite Staff

At least things are simple, as long as you don't reach crazy Intelligence scores, and more importantly, as long as you can't afford to greatly improve your other staffs, the undisputed king at the start of the game is the Meteor Staff, for many reasons.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff For Mage Build - Meteorite Staff

The first is that it directly has a spell power bonus based on S Rank Intelligence. This means that with a good Intelligence score on your character, your power will grow as much with this stick as soon as it is obtained, as with the best high-level sticks in the game, when they are almost improved to the maximum. It should be noted in passing that the Meteoric stick cannot be improved at the forge. This destines him to be beaten at a very high level, but by a narrow margin. And in the meantime, you'll make huge savings of Runes and Smithing Stones.

A second reason to choose this weapon is that it also reinforces one of the best low-level spells in the game, the Rock Sling, since it is a Gravity Sorcery. The Rock Sling brings out 3 rocks from the ground, which are then thrown at the enemy. It is a spell that will demolish bosses, especially those who try to dodge your spells, since there is a latency between its casting and the projectile rocks. It is also excellent against pseudo-PvP AIs. As a bonus, it greatly destabilizes enemies and bosses, who are then vulnerable to a critical hit, which is always good. This spell is in a chest in a cellar in Elden Street, Caelid, not far from the staff. Thereafter, this weapon remains viable at a high level if you decide to use the other gravity spells, such as meteorites.

How To Get It (Location): This staff can be found very quickly when you know where to look. It can be picked up in Caelid without killing enemies. It can also be equipped with only 18 of Intelligence. Check out the detailed guide below to find it.

2. Highest Damage Sorcerer Staff: Lusat's Glintstone Staff

This weapon is the exact opposite of the Meteorite staff, but very high level sorcerers will favor it, especially for the "One Hit" build. It takes 52 Intelligence to wield this staff, and it needs quite a few upgrades so that its spell bonus changes to S, so it is not profitable until it is high level. It is one of the staffs with the highest score in this area, even if there are a few a little above. What makes the difference is that he has a special power. All the damage of the Glintstone spells is increased, but their CP cost is also increased by 50%. In terms of efficiency, it's really not terrible, but if you use the Vial of Miraculous Salvation with the tear that cancels the CP cost for 10 seconds, then the Comet Azur spell boosted to the maximum, not to mention the other bonuses and spells that go well with it, it is possible to kill some bosses in a few moments. Be aware, however, that this does not work well on bosses like Malenia, who may dodge the beam.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff For Mage Build - Lusat's Glintstone Staff

How To Get It (Location): It can be obtained by lighting the braziers atop the towers of Sellia in Caelid and then defeating the boss behind the large sealed door: Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest.

3. Best Cast Spells Faster Sorcerer Staff: Azur's Glintstone Staff

Sometimes the most important thing is not to hurt as much as possible, but to be able to throw more in the same period of time, or to be able to get back to running and rolling. This is a big gain in flexibility and survivability. If that's what you prefer, then this staff is for you. It requires 52 Intelligence too. You can combine it with the Legendary Radagon Icon Talisman, or take the opportunity to use another talisman. And of course, once upgraded, this staff also has a rank S affinity on Intelligence and a massive sorcery bonus. The exact data is difficult to measure, but this staff seems to give the equivalent of +40 Dexterity to boost the casting speed. It increases the CP cost of spells by 25% in return.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff For Mage Build - Azur's Glintstone Staff

How To Get It (Location): It can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. You have to beat the first boss, the Red Wolf of Radagon, then go through the roofs to reach the upper floor of the Cuckoo's Evergaol. At the end of an adjacent corridor protected by a painful enemy equipped with a crossbow with 3 shots, you will find a room full of crystals, a ball with giant faces, and the precious staff. 

4. Best Effective High-Level Sorcerer Staff: Carian Glintblade Staff

A sorcerer will cast spells on you from the top of this tower. As you need 22 Intelligence to wield it, it is available and usable quickly during your adventure. Once this weapon is sufficiently improved, the sorcery bonuses are similar to those of other high-level staff, but what makes the difference is the 15% bonus to Carian spells. In summary, all flying magic blades are concerned. This includes the Carian Phalanx, the Carian Retaliation, and especially the Magic Glintblade. The latter is a very popular spell on bosses and enemies who dodge.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff For Mage Build - Carian Glintblade Staff

How To Get It (Location): You can find this weapon on top of the Liurnia's Divine Tower, not far from the area where summons and soldiers are fighting. 

5. Best Staff For Magic Swordsman Build: Carian Glintstone Staff

The principle is the same as for the previous staff, its high-level statistics are similar to those of the competition. However, it is easier to find a special theme for this staff, since it will improve the majority of melee spells by 15%, such as the Carian Greatsword, the Carian Slicer, the Carian Piercer, and the Adula's Moonblade. It is therefore by far the best weapon if you want to play a magic swordsman build.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff For Mage Build - Carian Glintstone Staff

How To Get It (Location): You can find it on a body upstairs in Carian Study Hall, the Divine Tower of Liurnia. You will have to pass the painful preceptor Miranda to seize it. You will also need 24 Intelligence to use it.

6. Best Staff For Hybrid Mage Builds: Prince of Death's Staff

This staff has the specificity of gaining power with Intelligence and Faith at the same time, the ratio is just lower. This means that you have to have a score that is about the same in these two attributes to make it profitable. The takeaway to remember is that at a very high level, when you can place 70-80 points in these two attributes without being one hit boss by everything that passes, it is by far the best staff in the game. This makes it an ideal choice for very high-level gaming or in New Game Plus.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff For Mage Build - Prince of Death's Staff

How To Get It (Location): In the Deeproot Depths, on the heights of one of the buildings. It is necessary to climb the roots in the area full of immobile gargoyles. to reach it. It is not very far from this Rune Farm area.

7. Best All-Round Sorcerer Staff: Carian Regal Scepter

Finally, here's what might just be the best all-around Glintstone staff is the logical choice: Carian Regal Scepter. Unless you play a very high-level hybrid, it's the stick with the highest spell power bonus in the game after Lusat's Glintstone Staff, but without the massive extra cost of casting spells. This makes it a much better choice for normal use to run dungeons. As a bonus, it gives a damage bonus to two very interesting spells to cast at the beginning of the fight, the Moon of Rennala and especially the Queen of the Full Moon, which increases the magical damage suffered over a long time.

Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff For Mage Build - Carian Regal Scepter

How To Get It (Location): This weapon is easy to obtain since you just have to exchange Memory of the Full Moon Queen at the Roundtable.


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