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Is Druid The Best Starter Class For D2R Ladder Reset PTR 2.4?
2/22/2022 2:47:40 PM

Is the druid the best starter class for Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder reset PTR 2.4? Some people don't consider the druid to be the greatest class of starting out, but there's definitely some reasons why you can argue it. Let's find out now!

Is Druid The Best Ladder Start Class in D2R 2

Is Druid The Best D2R Ladder Start Character PTR 2.4

1. Big Damage Early + Late for this Character 

As soon as you can get yourself into some of the fire skills even fissure, starting out level 12 firestorm molten boulder if you're really going super early on, there is a lot of damage to be had right here. Fissurs' damage is insane, this is probably the most broken level 12 skill in the game. There's definitely some nice level 12 skills, any of them can’t beat fissure. Fissure can kill players eight with one point in fissure, you can walk around and drop a fissure and players eight, everything dies, it's absolutely insane how good it is. 

So if you're with a party, if you're with friends, you can just carry the whole party with your fire Druid, killing. But as you continue through the game, you're going to continue to add more damage. As you move into things like tornado and hurricane later on, great damage, you have that physical and that cold, you have the aoe. They're looking at improving fire skills as well in 2.4 they already improved them some, maybe they'll improve them even more, so that fire damage might continue to add on even more later on and this could be a great character to go kill the cows with to go, run around in some of those areas, some act 4 and 5 areas, find places without immunes and really get some good killing. So that's definitely um having that damage early and late for ladder reset is extremely helpful and not all characters really have that. So that is one reason why Druid is the best character for Diablo 2 Ladder reset.

2. Protection from Summons

If you do become a Summoner, first off they're improving summoners, so summoners are now becoming a build that's actually playable. But being able to have that bear up, being able to have the spirit wolf or dire wolves, whichever one that you choose is very helpful, you can always resume them, you can always put them in the way of you in the way of your party members which is really nice and just super helpful to give that protection. 

3. Sage for Life

With summons comes, one of the biggest reasons why the Druid can be one of the best characters starting the ladder and that is sage. Oak sage is just such a big boost to life, it's truly amazing when you look at your life and then like a Barbarian kind of bows you and it's like that's nice and the oak stage comes in, and not only is it boosting you, it's boosting your summons, it's boosting your friend summons and it's boosting the entire party, just overall it's extremely solid. The worst part is the ai is really dumb, but you can always just recast it whenever it goes down. So whenever you are starting a ladder, always make sure have a Druid that has an oak sage and they're just casting it and keeping it up for the party because it really does just provide such a giant boost. Also buy D2R ladder items to have a better in-game experience.

4. Large Variety of Areas

Something that people like about the Druid is that because you have in this elemental tree physical damage from tornado and cold damage from hurricane, it really opens up the areas that you can go around and you can kill stuff. No matter where you're going, you have multiple damage sources and the only mobs that are really going to be an issue for you are those that are going to be cold and physical immune. You can do physical damage with tornadoes, so don't have to worry. You can go into so many of the different areas and for early characters, that's really a struggle for a lot of them is trying to figure out where they can go and farm because there's immunities and it makes it so difficult. But with that physical, cold damage, it really just opens up a lot. Aiming tornadoes is very annoying, but even apparitions which are immune to physical. You just have to avoid them a little bit and then just let hurricane do enough damage to kill them off on its own. There's rarely any physical immunes but even the ones that you do come across. You still have potential to kill, still does make it viable and still very nice.

5. Shockwave

This is not something that a lot of you are probably going to use. But shockwave has an insane stun length like 12, 13, 14 seconds something like that once you actually start to max it. So if you jump in with a party and just run wherebear with a mac shockwave and you can run summons as well, get your oak sage all of this stuff, people will love you because you can just go in anywhere and just shock wave everything and it's stunned for so long that everybody can just kill it before it becomes unstunned which is super helpful. So not for a damage or a solo build though you can use it with your summons if you just want to be a summon with shockwave right there. But for a party especially a party that's a little bit weaker, it is a perma crowd control that just takes a single shock wave to an area rather than having keep leaping over and over again like a leap Barbarian, which has its own benefits and can be nice as well, but this gives you a little bit more ease of just running around and casting it and the length on it is just insane.

So with those 5 reasons, is druid the best start class for D2R Ladder reset? Here are some answers we collected from Youtube:

Diablo 2 Resurrected Druid Tips

- Wind Druid is literally one of the starter classes that can solo hell difficulty the easiest because he doesn't have to care much about immunities and becomes very tanky through oak sage and cyclone armor.

- Wind druid is quite slow though, especially without gear. Quite viable but not what most people want in a ladder starter. Better left as a second character once you have decent gear to help him out a bit.

- Melee druids are incredibly gear dependent, summoner druids are objectively inferior to Ncro summoners and caster druids are second class sorcerors. Sure, Fissure is great until act IV Nightmare, but after that it's a lot of work to get past the million fire immunes.  Wind Druids were and are good but they are short range spellcasters and inferior to Sorceresses in a number of ways.

- Druid is the savest option if you want to go through the game as a solo player. The really difficult parts of the game are much easier when you have oak sage and cyclone armor (and maybe a bear). It might not be the fastest build but it has the least amount of struggle playing though the game.

- It all depends on what you want for your starter. Druid can solo and clear hell pretty well with minimal gear. However, everything he does another char does better. And once you've cleared hell, then what? He is a mediocre MFer at best without gg gear. And even then he still won't be the best. He is fun though, so for some, it's a yes.


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