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Diablo 2 Resurrected New Level 85 Areas - New Best Spots To Farm In D2R (2022)
1/12/2022 2:46:27 PM

Blizzard did allude to adjusting some monster levels in a couple of specific areas so that means new locations that we can target farm for some really gg items in Diablo 2. In this guide, we are going to discuss potential areas that would make for great candidates to be introduced as 2022 new level 85 areas in Diablo 2 Resurrected. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected New Level 85 Areas (2022)

In Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.4, we are getting some new best pots to farm. Area Lvl 85 areas have historically been the "chase places" of the game, and players want these are their new targets. Below we explain some core principles to make an area viable to become a level 85 area and be a good candidate for magic finding, as well as list the top 5 areas that will be adjusted to becoming new level 85 areas in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

3 Core Principles

- It has to be somewhat easy to map find a battle net, so single player you have static maps so you can roll a specific map and that location will always spawn in the same spot. You don't have that luxury in battle net, so what are some of the most common magic finding locations of battle net? Currently, the pits. Act 1 you start in the outer cluster waypoint you follow the path to the pits. Chaos sanctuary you start in the river playing waypoint you teleport straight up, they're very simple and easy locations to find. That's the first thing has to be taken into consideration when you're nominating a specific location to be a new level 85 area in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

- It has to have really good monster density. So back to the first point, there's two temples in the bottom part of Travincol, just take the waypoint from trav, go to exit trav and then on the left and right of the passage, there's two temples in there that are level 85 locations, but they're typically never magic find because they suffer from poor monster density. The more monsters that you kill, more chance of drops, more chance for better loot.

- The locations have to be favorable to specific elemental characters because one of the biggest problems in Diablo 2 is hard immunities. In its current state specific locations like the ancient tunnels work really well for cold damage characters because hardly any cold immune spawn there, chaos sanctuary is great for Hammerdin because there's no magic means and the Cassandra is a great location for any lightning character once you have infinity, because you can consistently break lightning immunities in that spot. 

Top 5 Locations For New Level 85 Areas D2R 

Area 1 - Tristram

It's very easy to magic find, good monster density and with infinity you can break any fire immunity that's in that location. So it's good for fire sorceress, easy to find and it can also grab the worst leg and do a cow run after. It's also stylistic they think a really good location as well. Once you are in the stony tombs, you just need to find the path, then the carron stones will always spawn to the left right of the path. So you teleport, you find a path, you are in Tristram, and kill decent amount of champions for super unique will spawn, lost packs, good monster density, and not too long to clear the area level as well. 

Area 2 - Stony Tombs

This is an area that needs some love because currently, there's only really one viable target spot for magic finding and that is the ancient tunnels for a cold damage dealing character. People typically don't really focus on Durial and for good reason, he's a lot more challenging to locate compared to Dario or Mephisto. If you exit act 2 and teleport around the rocky waist, you will eventually find a location called Stony Tombs. So when you enter this location, there is no immunities. So it's similar to the ancient tunnels, you can farm it with a fire character but you don't need infinity to break immunities. So it's kind of like the fire version of ancient tunnels. The only thing is that compared to a couple other locations is that this one is probably a little better suited towards the teleporting character.

Area 3 - Tal Rasha's Tomb

It's kind of a progression from the stony tombs and that's because there is fire immunities in this location but you can break them with infinity. There are a lot of areas suggested for a fire sorceress or fire character, because fire doesn't get the love that it deserves. When you hit the canyon, imagine waypoint, teleport to the outer rim, and then there's numerous Tal Rasha's Tombs. Another kind of overlooked benefit of this location is that if you're farming the Pits, 2 to 3 minutes you recycle, you're making a lot of new games. But if you're clearing Tal Rasha's Tomb, it's going to take you quite a while to clear all of these. It adds the other small bonus incentive of you can kill Durial as well, because he's boss that's never farmed. 

Area 4 - Arachnid Lair

Act 3 needs a location that has some good density, so you currently have the temples, you have travingo which is a great location for facets high roots of jewelry, and you have mephisto, the common target end game boss, but it really does lack a level 85 area that has good monster density. So the Arachnid Lair comes. If you take the spider forced waypoint, the Arachnid Lair always spawns next to the waypoint. So if we teleport down here, it's decent monster density not quite like Chaos Sanctuary, but you can break all fire immunities in here as well. This definitely has way better density than any ruined temple. This fits all the builds for a viable spot and it's end game chase location as well that when you have infinity, you can break all mendies. Once you teleport through it, you can see that there's a lot of monsters there compared to the rune temple.

Area 5 - Icy Sellar 

The final location for new level 85 area is the icy sellar in act 5. So it's super easy to magic find. If you just teleport to the agent’s weight waypoint, this location is always to the right of the waypoint. Just teleport to the right, it's always going to spawn somewhere to the right, so you just go counterclockwise to the right of the waypoint. This spot does have all the other stuff, easy to find, good density there's no firing means in here as well.


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