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Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide- 10 Most Underrated Unique Items in Diablo 2
11/24/2021 11:55:58 AM

Today going to be going over the 10 most underrated unique items in diablo 2, sharing the 10 Most Underrated Unique Items in Diablo 2.  


10 Most Underrated Unique Items in Diablo 2

1. Azurewrath

So starting here with the number one most underrated unique item in diablo 2 is Azurewrath, this is so underrated is because a lot of players just don't understand what it does the sanctuary aura, actually takes away physical resistances completely from undead monsters.

If you're doing something like chaos sanctuary, there's a ton of undead monsters in that area, you're just going to be doing a ton of damage, if you're a frenzy barbarian or something like a zealer paladin and it's also a cool weapon as far as the story goes is wall used to use this sword and he would walk around heaven material, but once he turned into a demon.

He doesn't have it anymore, it's a cool-looking sword as well, another nice thing is the enhanced damage is very high on this and the magic damage the 500 magic damage is really important.

This allows you to kill monsters that are immune to physical damage, use this weapon on the frenzy barbarian, to do uber tristrum.

It's also an overpowered and cheap item in the trading community no longer do you have to wait in games to see if anyone wants your item or scroll through all the endless games in diablo 2 to see if you can make some good trades or just find what you're looking for.

This is going to be the future of trading in Diablo 2, this is a free app that you can download and you can see all the online players that have diablo 2 items for sale, and trade-in real-time, there's no currency, there's no pay to win, it's just trading diablo 2 items for diablo 2 items, you can look for whatever item that you want to find.

Just going to search for Azurewrath and see what players that are online right now have it, there's someone online right now that wants an iss D2R rune for it, however, if you don't want to pay an iss rune for it or whatever item it is, you can go to their profile, you can see all the items that they're looking for also all the other items that they have for trade, you can message them on the app or you can go to their profile and you can see their battle, net tag and you can message them on battlenet.

2. The skin of the Flayed One

The next one is the skin of the flayed one now, this is a really good armor for mercenaries, it has seven percent life stolen per hit, and it has a repair mod which is good for your character if you don't want to use it on your mercenary, if you upgrade it, it can have up to 1853 defense no one ever picks up.

You don't need to go out of your way to try to get a fortitude, a lot of unique items that are like this that you can upgrade the defense is high compared to other runeworks now, because blizzard removed the e-bug recipe, start picking it up because it's amazing, you need to go and get a fortitude anymore, you could use something like this, and it's gonna be just as good, you're just gonna be lacking some enhanced damage, this is good because that seven percent lifestyle per hit combined with something with the reaper's toll will give your mercenary up to 39 life stolen per hit. Start picking this item up, because it's amazing.

3. Hotspur boots

The next item on the list is hotspur boots, no one ever picks this item up either, and you can probably get it for a few perfect gems. Decks earlier today for like five perfect gems and it's really good because if you're going up against diablo clone or uber diablo in uber Tristram is amazing. After all, it has 45 resistance on it and it has 15 to maximum fire resist no longer.

Do you need to worry about diablo's crazy firewall that will kill you in like two seconds?  just put these boots on and you don't need to worry about diablo.

4. Shaftstop 

The next item on the list is shaft stop, now a lot of people actually use this item, but it's used enough, and a lot of people will also just sell this item for almost nothing amazing if you're lucky, if you upgrade it you can get up to 2422 defense 60 the life, it's lacking resistances. So put the um ring in there, and it has damage reduced by 30 percent, it's just so overpowered. 

5. Lightsabre 

The next item on the list is the lightsaber, probably one of the most overpowered unique weapons in the game, and it's another weapon that people just throw away up to forty percent increased attack speed with a shale rune in there, up to 200 percent enhanced damage ignores targets defense, this works similar to sanctuary aura, and it completely removes defense from any monsters that you fight except for bosses.

It has magic damage as well which is good against physical immune monsters 200 lightning damage which is a good seven percent monostolen per hit, which is important, because when you're using skills like zeal or frenzy, you're still using mana you don't want to get hit by an elite pack that can monitor you, and this gives you a high chance to die because you need to make sure you're using your main skill.

You can get your life leech or life tap, and it has huge survivability here, lightning absorbs 25 you don't need to worry about whitening souls anymore. They're just one of the highest damage dealing monsters in the game, and everyone dies to them just put this item on, and you're never going to worry about them again.

6. Doombringer

The next item on the list is doom bringer up to 250 percent enhanced damage, then it has a chance to cast a level three weekend allows the monsters around you to do less damage, it increases your survivability a lot 30 to 100 damage 40 bonus to attack rating which is good seven percent life stolen per hit.

You're getting some life leach right there to increase your survivor survivability and another amazing thing about this weapon is it has increased maximum life by 20, and if you're a frenzy barbarian,  you can dual wield these, and then you'll get 40 maximum life, and it's just really a very underrated weapon no one ever keeps it, no one ever uses it.

7. Zakarum's Hand 

The next item is zacharum's hand, this has a six percent chance to cast a level five blizzard on striking, a lot of you probably don't know Blizzard doesn't show the real damage that it's doing and blizzard does a ton of damage.

So to have it on the melee weapon is just absolutely amazing up to 50 increased attack speed with the shale rune in there 216 enhanced damage, it also has ignored targets defense which is amazing for any melee character, eight percent mana stolen per hit,  the other stats you don't need to worry about, but this is super cheap, no one keeps this item at all if you are on a budget such as a frenzy barbarian, a zealer, this item is just absolutely amazing.

8. Alma Negra

The next item is alma now, this is a really good paladin shield because it has 75 enhanced damage, it's going to be hard for you to get a good one, because the stats are all over the place on this item, a lot of people throw this item away as well.

It's really good for a zealer paladin with that 75 enhanced damage overall, it's just an amazing item.

9. Sword guard

To have the next item on the list is sword guard. This is a really good item for hardcore characters especially barbarians, you can upgrade this to a colossus blade, and you can see that it has negative 50 percent requirements, so usually, colossus blades have a huge strength requirement and this makes it.

you can just wear the item easily, suggest you put a shale rune in there for 20 increased attack speed, but let's check out all the high survivability bonuses that it has 20 percent faster hit, recovery 20 increased chance of blocking on a weapon which is just unheard of 180, enhanced damage 475, a defense based on character level 200,  defense versus melee 100, defense versus missile and 20 to all resistances also 30 percent damage taken goes to mana and that negative 50 requirement is huge when upgrading this item. It's one of the best highest survivability weapons in the game for a barbarian.

10. Moser's Blessed Circle 

Then going on with the last item right here is the blessed circle, this is nice for hardcore characters or if you're just starting your character on a new season or a lighter reset, 30 block rate 25 increased chance of blocking, and it comes with two sockets on it, two perfect diamonds in there, and you can get a massive 63 to all resistances if you're just starting. It's an amazing shield to have and it increases your survivability, so there are the 10 most underrated unique items in diablo 2.


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