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Best PG Build In NBA 2K22 - 93 3PT Rating 90 Ball Handling & Contact Dunks
11/22/2021 2:45:33 PM

In NBA 2K22, the point guard is very important, point guard often acts as a leader, the team's offensive set by the point guard to decide, point guard needs strong ability to control the game, need to master the game both sides of the offensive time and game time, control the pace of the game, the ball to the position of the best scorer on. That's why point guards are often referred to as the coach on the court. Today we will present a new build of a very high-scoring point guard. NBA 2K22 MT also will help you in the game. 


Best PG Build In NBA 2K22 - 93 3PT Rating 90 Ball Handling & Contact Dunks  

1. Body Settings

    Height: 1.88m

    Weight: 74kg

    Wingspan: 199cm

    Body Shape: Compact

2. Attributes


       Close shot: 60-85

       Driving layup: 51-77

       Driving dunk: 30-66

       Standing dunk: 25-45

       Post control: 28-29


        Mid-range shot: 61-80

        Three-point shot: 61-89

        Free throw: 62-71

        Post Fade: 52-52


        Pass accuracy: 52-85

        Ball handle: 52-85

        Post control: 38-56


        Interior defense: 34-34

        Perimeter defense: 48-74

        Lateral Quickness: 47-73

        Steal: 34-79

        Offensive rebound: 28-28

        Defensive rebound: 29-62


        Speed: 86

        Acceleration: 85

        Strength: 46

        Vertical: 64

3. Choose Your Takeover



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