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Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Sorceress Build Guide: Items, Skills, Locations and More
10/14/2021 3:48:40 PM

What is the best build for Magic Find farming in Diablo 2 Resurrected? The Sorceress is one of the most powerful classes and one of the fastest mobility classes in the game. Now, let’s get into a Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Sorceress build with weapons, items, locations, and more. 

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Sorceress Build Guide: Items, Skills, Locations and More  

We are going to show you a fairly budget magic find lightning orb sorceress build by Old School Game Snob, this character can clear out the pit very easily, the ancient tunnels, she can clear out Pindleskin and Eldritch, she can even clear the chaos sanctuary without too much trouble, this build has around 200 better chance of getting magic items. It doesn't take away from her survivability hardly at all or her damage output you can increase, this is a fairly budget version of Magic Find Sorceress build and you can even add to it and improve on it with something like Gheed's charm which this build does not actually include, but is a fairly easy addition.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Sorceress Items & Equipment

The first is also probably the most important Diablo 2 Resurrected item, Blade of Ali Baba, it increases your Magic Find by one percent per character level, it also comes with two open sockets, so the more expensive version of this would see two east D2 ladder runes for sale socketed in there for an additional 60 magic find. The Blade of Ali Baba can be found on Diablo most commonly, you can also find it in act five in the Frigid Highlands on Eldritch the Rectifier, also on Shenk and Pindleskin all in nightmare difficulty, that's probably the best place to farm it, because in nightmare difficulty it can drop, but also it has a better chance to drop than in hell difficulty. There are just more things they can drop in hell difficulty and fewer things that can drop in nightmare.

D2R Blade of Ali Baba

The next item to be listed here is Harlequin Crest, the legendary famous Shako socketed with a perfect Topaz, this is great for all skills, life, mana, and a 74% better chance of getting magic items. If you do not have a Shako, you could substitute Gemmed Death Mask for a three perfect topaz socketed helm, you'll suffer a little bit in terms of power level output, but it would still be feasible. These two items alone give us fairly good magic find out percentage, you can roll something like chance guards or some rare gloves with some additional magic find on them, you could also potentially find some boots with magic find, you could also find some rings and some there's just a lot of ways to improve upon, this already kind of base 200 percent magic find, you could potentially use gold wrap all of those things would factor into this build, and they would not affect your clear speed or your survivability hardly at all. So those are all good options to boost up your magic find even more.

d2r Harlequin Crest

As for the damage output, we have Skin of the Vipermagi, a plus three to lightning skills amulet, you could also do a plus two caster amulet or Tal Rasha's or Mara's, if you're lucky enough to find one for rings. The faster cast rate that you're aiming for is 78%.

Gear is a little bit swappable customizable, you can kind of change stuff around, Spirit Monarch shield is very helpful, and then some health and mana charms. You do have the option of a spirit sword with your monarch shield and then you can swap to your Blade of Ali Baba and use something like Milabrega's. Shield for an additional bonus to magic find, you have to get the timing right and kill the things in the right time, just keep it simple clear and not worry too much about the swap, but that is an option if you like to play that way. 

Magic Find Sorceress Skill Layout

One point in the energy shield helps you to stay alive, even if you're taking a ton of damage to your mana, one point in the energy shield if you don't like that you can leave that out. In addition, put one into the static field to help bring down bosses and one point into warmth just because of the extra value you get out of that, one point in the cold mastery and then 20 points into the frozen orb, and actually just one point in the frozen armor to help get that evasion rating up a bit, that defense rating up, so that's basically the skill layout.

Where to Farm Elite Loot?

The Outer Cloister will be the waypoint that leads you down to the pit, now the pit is easy to find because you can just follow the road, the road will at some point fork and one of the forks lead you to the pit. The other fork will lead you to the next area, so if you take the wrong fork, you just go back and you'll find the pit on the other fork. In the pit, there are lightning and cold Immunes, that's okay because we have lightning and we have cold damage, so between those two things, we're able to effectively deal with what comes at us and what's really nice about this area is that most of the creatures here actually do not have a lot of hit points, they're not very tanky at all, so this character with a chain lightning or regular lightning, if you prefer is able to quite quickly and effectively clear out the boss packs and the minion packs and the champion packs and all that sort of good stuff is also the classic route of eldritch the rectifier, this character takes out those cold Immune super easy with the lightning bolt, basically from off the screen or lightning or chain lightning rather eldritch, has a good champ chance rather of dropping things. This character can take out Pindleskin also with very little trouble, and then rare occasion that Pindleskin will spawn with some ridiculous mods, and you gotta watch out for those. 

This character can farm from chaos sanctuary to some degree, but she can also farm River of Flame reasonably well, the River of Flame is also a level 85 area, so the champion packs and the elite packs can drop any item in the game depending on the configuration of the River of Flame. This could be a fairly fast clear, also it could be a little bit slower, some of the creatures are a little bit more tanky and tough than others. Then the chaos sanctuary is also possible to farm with reasonable efficiency, the biggest trouble here is in keeping the poor mercenary alive and this character also does quite well with a Mephisto, she teleports around quickly enough and is able to survive well enough to actually get to her destination usually, you don't want to stop for any number of milliseconds in Mephisto's Durance of Hate, anyway, Mephisto is fairly easy to take out most the time, can even keep the mercenary alive, a little bit of static field to get that hp down, a little bit of healing potion to help that mercenary stay up.


Next is The Ancient Tunnels in the lost city, this is a good spot also a level 85 area where you can farm literally anything in the game, this character does reasonably well, you will encounter nothing which is immune to cold, for the most part, there might be the rare elite that spawns with the cold immunity.


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