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FIFA 22 Finishing Tutorial – 5 Finishing Tips To Beat Opponent & How To Finish Better In FUT 22
10/4/2021 9:47:04 PM

Finishing is the most difficult thing and the most frustrating thing that you will feel like starting out the playing this game, but not because finishing is actually that the horde but because keepers are really crazy. They are very powerful especially in the box and in this FIFA 22 finishing guide we're going to share 5 finishing tips and the best way simply to beat in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Finishing Tutorial & Guide – 5 Finishing Tips, How To Finish And Beat Opponent In FUT 22

1. Power Shot

That is still this year a good option, but what is different from FIFA 21 is that near post is not as good in general should try to finish across the goal towards the forepost, because near post keepers are just gonna be very crazy and time finishing this year has a big role, it has a big impact and it will improve the shot around the 15-20 which can be the key to beat the keeper, but also what is so important as well is look for the keeper movement, there is a big part sometimes hold the shot for half a second and wait and see simply how the keeper will move. Most times the keeper will move towards the four post and leave the near post completely open, but if the keeper doesn't move, then four posts is the best option around here. 

FIFA 22 finishing tutorial

Two boss of power is the sweet spot than just aim towards the four balls, you have assisted finishing and you will find this left side or right side. If you just aim properly with the left stick but near pull, sometimes works as well, but you must use here very high power around three balls defined as the top net. This is gonna be very risky because there's a big chance to hit the crossbar or shoot over and that is why it is overall better to use the low driven shots in the box.  

2. Finess Shot 

It is the best way to finish and always try to look for this finish and go for the four poles, and the key with this one is to find the right portion around the 45 to 90 degrees towards the goal and then you just press r1 or rbx box and find far pulse finish and the sweet spot is around the 2.5 bars of power and sometimes as well to find this the right posture towards the goal, you can use a ball roll simply to get perfect angle towards the goal for a nice threshold but also as well the first touch is the key to get this the right lay up and then straight into this finesse shot and green timing will improve the short unknown. The green timing this year is a key feature and should be practiced as a real, will improve your success rate wit these financials but they are the best in the game and just to spam them close range, long distance and keepers also get the really weird animations for these shots which makes them even more effective. So long distance splash shots is pretty the easiest and best way to score goals in this game, this might get patched.

3. Timed Finishing  

The best way to practice time finishing is to go into quick play modes and then go to skill games and you have to finish first of all all these and basic  exercises and then you will unlock here. The other ones and the best one is to go to shooting and then beat the goal. Shooting advanced beat the goalie and you can practice the time finishing for days, just practice and try to find this right timing. You have to press the shooting button  twice first time to power up a second time to time the shots and in this game you have to be quite quick. 

4. Low Driven 

You should learn time finishing and over to low driven shots, so they're back this year, that is the best way to finish in the box using a low german shot, holding down l1 over one at the same time and then you will get this low shot which is harder for the keepers. It is here to save because keepers save everything in mid range when the ball travels on the ground, they will have big issues and also as well you won't risk  shooting here over the target which is very common. If you try here just a power shot an angle here matters as well. 45 degree angle away from the goal is the best one and then shoot across the goal is the most consistent way to score low driven shots and the sweet spot. 

5. One- on-One

This year chip shots are not as good not as consistent as they were last year, but they still work out and they're the best use. If you have no options left, if you cannot dribble the keeper or anything, then the chip shots is still the best option. But you have to take this shot a bit earlier and use a bit more power around 2.5 to 3 bars of power and aim for this for pulsed. That's the best way to execute the chip shots. But if you can, if the ball is on the ground, the best possible way to beat the keeper is with a ball roll, just have a timing around 2-3 meters. Before collision with the keeper, just aim the right stick kill left or right to make this ball roll and enjoy this open. The most consistent way to beat a rushing keeper but before you do anything you look for a teammate to pass it try to sweat it, that is still 100 the safest way, one-on-one is to find a pass and open it.  


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