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FIFA 22 Passing Tutorial – How To Pass & 5 Best Passing Tips To Score More In FUT 22
9/28/2021 11:33:53 AM

Today we present a FIFA 22 guide for passing techniques. It is hard to create chances, defending is better than attacking and it can be plenty of games with very few goals, but with these 5 passing tricks you will be able to create more chances and attacking will become easier in FIFA 22. Read on and learn how to do passing & master your passing skills in FIFA 22!

5 Passing Tricks To Score More - FIFA 22 Passing Tutorial & How To Pass 

How to pass the ball in FIFA 22? Passing is in fact easy to perform at FIFA 22, all you need to do is pressing a pass button (X or ▢ or △ / A or X or Y) and choose your passing direction using the left stick (L). This is basically the fundamental of passing. Let's take a look at 5 unique passing techniques FUT 22. 

1. Improved Lobbed Pass 

This trick is so simple but yet so effective. So this is a low through ball but this one is way more effective than the regular through ball and all you have to do is just double tap triangle, so just hold down l1 and double tap triangle and nothing else. The ball is gonna get a different trajectory which is just the more accurate and more precise. So this one also takes some timing. When you have your attacker on a nice rung and just when he's about to pass the offside line, you just hold down l1 and double tap triangle, you're gonna see it is very effective and extremely accurate pass.

FIFA 22 passing guide

2. Driven Cross Pass 

This passing trick in FIFA 22 is extremely improved and this one will travel with this so high velocity and it's going to be as well so precise and so accurate. You hold down all one or all be on Xbox to get this very flat and very hard to pass which just travels with the speed of light. And you almost always nail the receiver, but the key with this one is to have a clear path. If you don't have it, you should not perform his pass. You should have an open way, open road and then just hold down R1, the cross pass and use around the three four bars of power. This should be almost max power, use high power and you're gonna get this very crazy pass which you can use from any distance. You can use this from like 60, 70 meters and switch sides extremely quickly which will open up some new space and hopefully as well create you some very nice chances.

3. Lofted Cross Pass

Then we have a very similar pass which is just opposite, it's the same thing but instead of all one. You hold down l1 instead that is LB on Xbox and this is a lofted cross pass. This one should be used when you have players in the way, when it's very tight, when it's crowded. You can use it as pass to get away and put the ball to teammate that is free and that is standing in some open space. And this is as well a great way to  switch sides, but also as well to use essentially in the pitch to find a target man up front you, just hold down again l1 cross pass, you can find this target man and from that to create some completely new opportunities.

4. Lofted Pass

This passing skill is extremely effective in FIFA 22. It should be used within the box area to find a teammate to win. There is well plenty of obstacles in the way and this one is easy as well, you just double tap the passing button instead of just pressing it, once you double tap it to get this thing on a bowl that can easier surpass here a blocking defender or a leg in the way and find your teammate that can hopefully score this chance as well.

5. Driven Pass + One Touch

This one takes a little bit of well quick fingers but it is the driven pass into one touch passing and overall driven pass. And this is extremely good and very accurate in this game as well. When there is very slow tempo, you need something to increase the tempo and create pace and then the different paths is just going to be perfect. So here just R1 plus X, there's RB+X box, so plus the a button to make this hard and different pass.

What is so good about this one as well this year is that it's great to use as well on one touch right away to surprise your opponent. And from this you can start as well and make some more touch passes. So from a driven pass you can make a one-touch pass and this is a fantastic way to open up space and create a good chance for a shot. But the key with this one is planning, because when you make this pass before you receive the  ball to the first guy, you must already have in your head this next pass, you must see the next receiver before the first player gets the ball and this takes planning in your attack around two meters. Before you get this ball you should already start aiming towards the next receiver to get the highest possible accuracy. 

But overall in FIFA 22, first time passes are amazing, one touch passing is going to be great and help you to create chances, so just dare to do it, have the courage and just try to create a tempo here in the game with one touch passing.


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