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FIFA 22 Skill Moves Tutorial – Top 5 Best Skill Moves To Beat Your Opponent & Get More Wins
9/26/2021 4:01:14 PM

It is one of the most important aspects of the game to be familiar with some of the best skill moves in FIFA 22. With the right skill move, you can create enough space to break your opponent’s defense and score. Today we're going to go over 5 most effective new skill moves that introduced in FIFA 22 that can help you give you advantage inside the box to score more goals and ultimately win more games. 

Top 5 Best FIFA 22 Skill Moves To Beat Your Opponent & Get More Wins

1. Super Knock On 

It's a very effective skill move, don't forget l1 triangles are really effective especially getting in behind, but sometimes there could be a defender just in front of you over there and because the benefit is of that most attackers have really good sprint speed with the ball, they are always slower moving than defender, so where you can avoid this is using a super knock-on. The direction you're running in, all you want to do is you double click or double move and your right hand lobster can flick into a direction. You just double, tap it and you can do the super knock on, now this is the most important thing. You can't be standing still and you can't be jogging, you have to run, so run and then you double tap it, you can see you knock the ball far in front of you. If you're running into space and you want to get the angle, you can literally double tap the right analog stick and you knock the ball going on. The best thing about this year is the longer you hold the double tap. Not only does it give you that speed boost, it also gives you that benefit of pushing the ball far forward and then reaching the maximum velocity, your player can reach, so it's a really good skill move in FIFA 22. 

2. Four Touch Turn 

It's a 4-star skill move, is a very simple one to do. All you do is the exact same thing is you hold the l2 button, as you can see and the right analog stick you want to hit it backwards relative to whichever way your player is facing, now because we are in the arena, we will be hearing the right analog stick down twice because we're facing forward, if we're playing a match, let's say we're shooting from the left to right hand side and Ronaldo is facing towards opponent's goal, then move the right analog stick back twice to the left, so because we're facing forward so you hold the l2 button, the right analog stick back twice and there you perform the four touch turnout, don't forget it's a bit of a slow skill move, but it is very effective especially when you get the ball inside the box and you get it and you want to create the angle. 

And then you want to shoot towards goal, it is quite effective especially with the finesse shot to use to trick your opponent. it's really effective. Don't forget you can cancel this if you're really good, so you can use a super cancel, so you pretend to do it and then go back one way do a little bit of the nil guide shimmy and hit the ball into the back of the net. So it is a very effective skill move. If you're moving from left to right, have a little guess which way to move the right analog stick, you move it to the left-hand side or hope you see the left-hand side backwards twice because that's the way you exit. So you exit into the way, you move the right analog stick same way, just remember always behind the player that you have selected, it is a 4-star skill move, so do bear that in mind and it can be cancelled. So do remember that skill move inside the game and you can also chain it with another skill move. 

3. Skilled Bridge

It's a very effective skill move and the way you do is you basically hold the l2 button and you double tap the r1 button. The most important thing is the situational awareness is the most important, this skill move always exits on the right hand side, so it always exits on the right hand side, so if you're running from the right hand side in theory and you're cutting inside, it's much more risky to do the skill move. Why is because the ball is exposed on the player's side, but in contrast if you're on the left-hand side and you cut inside and you use that skilled bridge. The goalkeeper can only either bring you down, consider penalties if that was in a game that would have been a penalty for you, it was outside the box so that's the benefit of the skilled bridge, it has that maneuverability and if the opponent's on the left hand side, your body naturally shields the ball. So, if you're going inside the box and use a skill bridge, you can also use it to create the angle and then trick opponent will go in opposite way to out smart goalkeeper movement. But don't forget you have to be moving the left analog stick to do it. So if you stand still you hold l2 button and you press the r1 button twice. The player just starts doing kick ups.

4. Scoop Turn Fake

This is actually a quite a complicated skill move. What you want to do is you want to do a scoop turn, so a scoop turn is basically a fake shot in a 45 degree angle relative to whichever way you're facing. So scoop it to the right hand side or scoop it to the left hand side. The running scoop turn is a 5-star skill move, so you do and theory need 5 star skill moves.  What you want to do is you actually want to exit as a scoop turn, but halfway through the scoop turn. scoop turn. When your player starts making the animation you then want to change direction with the left analog stick. For example, Ronaldo is facing forward, if you want to scoop into this angle after a left analog stick to like a 45 degree angle like, so do a scoop turn and then you have to exit. Now you can exit either behind you or exit to the left or to the right. That's a quick trick. If you try to scoop, you might scoop the wrong way, so try to make sure you get it otherwise you end up doing a regular fake shot. So the best advice is go into the arena just practice scooping to the top left and then change the direction .

5. First Time Spin

You hold the l1 r1 button but you have to only do it when the ball arrives to your feet. When the ball arrives to your feet, hold the l1 r1 button, it's a really good effective skill move because sometimes you don't know what to do, you're playing for time, you can just spin around and these people are using manual jockeying. Sometimes they might over predict or commit one way because they think you're turning into a direction. So you hold the l1 r1 button when the ball comes to your feet, the same thing with this unfortunately is a five star skill move as well, but do bear in mind when the ball comes to your feet, just hold the l1 r1 button, probably the simplest skill moves to do, it has the best effect because your opponent can never guess where you're going


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