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Best NBA 2K22 CURRENT GEN Small Forward Building- Hurry up and push this point forward DEMIGOD!
9/24/2021 11:22:09 AM

NBA2K22 building is a very important part. The build of the NBA 2K22 player in the game affects the player's game performance. There is no unified standard for building. It is necessary to find a good building form suitable for players. Today, bring the best small forward building in NBA 2K22 Next Gen!


Best NBA 2K22 CURRENT GEN Small Forward Building- Hurry up and push this point forward DEMIGOD!


Small Forward

Skill Breakdown

Choose the pie chart with the most playmaking, followed by shooting

Physical Profile

Choose the pie chart with the agility, followed by the vertical. 

Set Your Potential (Attributes)

- Finishing: Close Shot - 57, Driving Layup - 68, Driving Dunk - 65, Standing Dunk - 26, Post Hook - 30

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 81, Three-Point Shot - 81, Free Throw - 90, Post Fade - 50

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy - 85, Ball Handle - 76, Post Control - 67

- Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 52, Perimeter Defense - 73, Lateral Quickness -73, Steal - 72, Block - 61, Offensive Rebound - 56, Defensive Rebound - 70

Body Settings 

- Body Shape: Built

- Height: 6’5”

- Weight: 175lbs

- Wingspan: 86.0”


Lockdown Defender


-  Finishing badges: Limitless Takeoff (Bronze)

- Shooting badges: Blinders(HOF), Sniper (HOF), Hot Zone Hunter(Gold), Lucky #7(Gold), Green Machine(Silver), Catch &Shoot (Bronze), Deadeye(Bronze)

- Playmaking badges: Needle Threader(Bronze), Bail Out (Silver), Unpluckable (Silver), Handles for days(HOF), Hyperdrive(HOF), Quick chain(HOF), Quick first step(HOF), Space Creator(HOF)

- Defensive badges: Clamps(Silver), Chase Down Artist (Bronze)), Hustler(Bronze), Interceptor (Bronze), Intimidator(Bronze), Rim Protector(Bronze)


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