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NBA 2K22 Guide: Fastest Ways To Hit 99 Overall & Max Badges (Next Gen & Current Gen)
9/16/2021 7:12:15 PM

In this guide, we break down the fastest ways to hit 99 overall and max out your build on NBA 2K22 Next Gen & Current Gen.

NBA 2K22 99 Overall Ways

How To Hit 99 Overall & Max Badge Quickly in NBA 2K22 Next Gen & Current Gen?

Want to hit 99 overall and get badges max for your build in NBA 2K22 MyPlayer as quickly as possible? Here we get into all the tips and tricks (working on both Next Gen & Current Gen) in order to help you get out in the Park to dominate everyone.  

Method 1 - Badge Setup

To get 99 overall, the fastest way possible your badges setup is going to: Neeldel Threader (HOF), Special Delivery (HOF), Floor General (HOF), Handel For Days (HOF), Quick First Step (HOF), Bullet Passer (Gold).

Get Needel Threader close to hall of fame if you can, but start off with Special Delivery which is going to increase alley oop throw success in shot chance for receivers after a flashy pass. What we're going to doing is throwing ally opps but there's a certain way you have to do it which is much more efficient than any other way. Whatever you want to do, make sure you have Floor General (HOF) and Bullet Passer (Gold) on, also you are needing a little bit of speed from Quick First Step (HOF). 

Make sure you're running pickpocket and a few defensive badges if  you can, because that's going to get you a little bit more points as well.

If you have playmaking and finishing badges in your build, it will make a lot easier to earn XP and hit 99 overall ASAP. 

Method 2 - MyPark (Play Lobs To Earn The Most XP)

Park is going to be one of the very simple methods, you're going to need to have a build that can catch lobs playing with you or a build that can throw lobs:

1. Now if you are a shooting center, honestly what you're going to need to do is literally just catch the ball and shoot it play good defense. 

2. You're just going to be playing part normally but if you are a build that has any type of finishing or playmaking, you need to either throw lobs or catch lobs. This is because basically every single year, lobs were good but that's been the rep method and also it's basically like the same thing for attributes, so that's the best way to get my points. 

3. If you're a guard, usually a guard without play making in their build, you're going to want to throw lobs to a center that can catch them and if you are let's say a finisher, you're going to want to get a guard that can throw you lobs and that way you're going to be getting the most XP possible each game. Play the Park games is a really good method to get all your attributes quickly.

4. If you are a defender or a shooter (center), Park is a better method for you, beacuse you are getting more games, and can't get that much XP in MyCareer. 

Method 3 - Lobs in MyCareer Game

For the MyCareer method, this is going to be a better method especially if you don't have a lot of teammates or if you want to get all your badges before you go to Park. So let's get into the my career method. Basically it's going to be very similar to playmaking badges method as well as finishing badge method - it's the actaually same concept: you're going to want to throw lobs but there's a couple specific ways in order to make it a lot easier for you:

1. Before you go into MyCareer is go all the way over to your options slash quick go to settings and make sure the Game Difficulty is on Pro, you do not get two times bages progression like you used to in the past for on hall of fame.  

2. Then, you're going to be putting the difficulty on Hall of Fame and set the quarter length (it doesn't matter, but if you are going for attribute XP or my points, put it on 12). Basically for playmaking, this is something we would suggest for more guards because obviously guards are going to have play making in their build. 

3. What you basically need to do is go to the wing, call for the ball, they're hoing to come set an on ball screen, you're going to hold LB and the center person on your team is going to come set you a screen. 

4. Once they set you with screen what you're going to do is you need do like a between the legs or a speed boost it took like the mid range, go into the screen and do a speed boost to the mid-range area. This is going to force the center's defender to switch onto you and usually the center will go in front of the guard that was just on you, so basically the defenders switch in MyCareer and it allows a wide open lob to be thrown. Basically this is very simple, if you have any problems with it, just keep trying it or maybe try like slight variations of it. Also we would recommend trying to throw lobs to a better lob catcher, such as pick the Lakers that are good at catching lobs.

5. If you're just a center in general, you're going to do: go off ball, pass the ball to your point guard right and then hold LB the same thing you did, but this time you're not going to have the ball when you hold LB. This will make the AI set you an off-ball screen, so there's going to be a point guard or the right wing in the right/left corner to block the center on your team, you need to be on the left wing when you do this. 

6. You're going to pass it to the right wing, then hold LB, and wait for one of your AIS to come set you up back like back screen to go to the basket. 

7. Go run around the screen and double tap Y and that's going to make the the point guard throw you a lob. They don't throw you a lob every single time that's just becausehow MyCareer works, so just keep trying it if it doesn't work one play, set it back up do the same thing over again. 

Method 4 - Wreck

This might not be the most popular method but we think by far it probably is one of the better methods just because you're getting so much XP and only take about 30 games and 30 minutes. If you donlt have teammates for it, it might be hard, but the wreck is extremely fast way to get your overall very quickly now. Basically what you want to do is the same thing as lobs:

1. You either need to throw lobs or catch lobs, and even not doing that you're still going to get a lot more XP than from a MyCareer game. 

2. If you are a shooting center honestly, this is the way we might recommend to go, because if you play really good defense the entire and  get a bunch of blocks a bunch of rebounds, you're going to get a lot of progression towards your overall when you when you go to the wreck.

These are the ways you can take a try to hit 99 overall fast in NBA 2K22,  we've went into depth about each of the methods you could possibly do and the premise is literally just catch and throw labs that's going to give you the most XP and you have to play the game. Hope our tips and tricks help you out in some way shape or form. If you are looking for buying NBA 2K22 MT at the cheapest prices, welcome to check out our offer!


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