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NBA 2K22 Best Animations (Next & Current Gen) - Best Dribble Moves, Shots, Dunks & Layups For Every Build
9/14/2021 8:22:46 PM

Start your brand new season with new builds in NBA 2K22 now, in order to help you create a perfect build in effective manner, here we sorted out the best NBA 2K22 Animations for every MyPlayer build on Current Gen and Next Gen, by dividing into the best dribble moves, shots and dunk animations for each position. 

NBA 2K22 Best Animations (Next & Current Gen) For Every Build

NBA 2K22 Best Dribble Moves & Animations (Current Gen)

Dribble Style: Kyrie Irving - Dribble style really just depends on how your player be moving, so put K. Irving is fire.

Signature Size-Ups: Zach Lavine - Standing up with this allows you speed glitch out of it at any time.

Signature Combo: James Harden - Really good to get a rhythm in.

Size-Up Escape Package: Kobe Bryant - The most overpowerd move and best Size-Up Escape right now, it is the easiest to do but so fast that you can crab anybody and speed glitch right out of it . 

Moving Crossover: Chris Paul - It is fire and really quick for any builds, you will not seen anything bad about it.

Behind The Back: Damien Lillard - The fastest one to use in NBA 2K22, the moving behind the back where you go is super fast downhill and you just throw it behind yourself to get a lot of momentum going forward.

Dribble Pull Ups: Stephen Curry - It is so easy to time and green, very overpowered. Stephen Curry has a very quick release with fade, it is very hard for defenders to get the contest on it. 

Hop Jumper: Stephen Curry - This is the best hop jumper for any build for a long time, you get the best space with it. 

Moving Spins: Basic - Basic moving spins is the greatest spin back of all time, you can do the between the legs and then the behind the back, the combination is always fire every year.

Moving Hesitations: J. Wall - You will get a lot of space and it’s very quick when you accelerate out of the hesitation.

Moving Stepbacks: K. Irving - By dribbling into the defender and using Irving’s step back as a springboard to create space. With his quick release, there aren’t many defenders who have the physical tools to block his pull-up.

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NBA 2K 22 Best Dribble Moves & Animations (Next Gen

Dribble Style: Shifty - Shifty is more for people that really like to do combos and really go out of speed boost.  

Signature Size-Up: Pro - These are the one that you can actually do the combo for.

Signature Combo: D. Lillard - The one can dribble in one place, similer to like how Kobe was instead of walking back and forward.

Size-Up Escape Package: J. Wall - Help you be able to speed boost in and out of effectively

Moving Crossover: M. Jordan - Has the best balance combo of being had the pro 2 crossover and between the legs.

Moving Behind The Back: Pro 3 D.Lillard - The new Pro 3 can do the fastest moves

Moving Spin: N. Jokic - The second spin in NBA 2K22, if you want to do spin back just go ahead and put on your basic, pro 4 is also goiod for spin backs too.

Moving Hesitations: J. Wall - You will get a lot of space and it’s very quick when you accelerate out of the hesitation.

Moving Stepbacks: K. Irving - Doing the best moving step back in NBA 2K22

Triple Threat Style: Normal 4 - A lot of different escape dribble moves, little one hand pump fake all different of stuff in this.

NBA 2K22 Best Shot Creator Animations For Every Build (Next Gen & Current Gen)

Dribble Pull-Up: Trae Young - He is the one mixed with Ben Mclemore and Trey Burke, the best dribble pull up in the game now.

Spin Jumpers: Trae Young - It is so smooth and easy to throw off your defender, has a versatile array of spin moves or spin jumper animations

Hop Jumper: Pro - This is a well-round hop jumper package similar to the normal 19 in NBA 2K21, has almost all of everything that you really want in one package such as double step back, sides steps, also the ones to be able to dribble with.

NBA 2K22 Best Dunk Animations For Every Build (Next Gen)

One Foot Moving Dunks

NBA Dunks: Long Athlete, Athletic One-Handers Off One, Quick Drop, Baseline Reverses Off One, Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One, Windmills Off One

Pack Dunks: Flashy Off Two, Flashy Hangs Off One, 360s Off Two, Under Leg Off Two, Jordan Southerland

Contact Dunks: Elite Contact Dunks Off One


Regular Alley-Opps: Elite Alley-Opp

Pack Alley-Opps: Park Alley-Opps 360s, Park Alley-Opps Mindmills, Jordan Kilganon Alley-Opps, Park Alley-Oop Flashy, Park Alley-Opps Under Leg

Contact Alley-Opps: Elite Contact Alleuy-Oop

Two Foot Moving Dunks

NBA Dunks: Windmill Reverses, Athletic Front Tomahawks / Unber Athletic Tomahawks Off Two, Contact Dunks: Pro Contact Dunks Off Two

Signature Dunk: Clyde Drexler

NBA 2K22 Best Dunks & Layups Animations For Every Build (Current Gen)

Layups: Long Athlete - The best overpowerd layup in this game

Dunks: Russell Westbrook - The most ferocious and lethal dunk package in NBA 2K22

Dunks: Two Hand Under Basket Regular - You can dunk without actually having momentum, means you can just get the ball like on the fast break, standing and not even running in. 

Dunks: Front Clutches - If somebody’s behind you and you do a front clutch, they don’t get blocked, that’s really important.

Dunks: Straight ARM Tomahawks - This is the best dunk package in the game, which are freaking lethal and these are just never get blocked, you can run on fast break and do a straight arm tomahawk but you’re just going to to all the way back.

Alley-Oop: Pro Alley-Oop, Elite Alley-Oop

Contact Dunks: Pro Contact Dunks Off Two & Pro Contact Dunks Off One - Get every single contact done animation that you can get.


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